Acroholics I

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greeo : why are you flying over active roadways in direct violation with the faa's rules for drone pilots? you are the types of people that will get this hobby banned with one mistake.

Jigah : the drone following the car was dope. I would be scared to that with an expensive toy like that.

Hylo : Liked it :)

Ogion : 2:39 is the sickest part

Alice Bonnet : Pretty great stuff I need to get into this hobby looks so rewarding.

caleb young : You worked damn too hard for these clips and get zero likes. Let me be the first ;)

james Barrie : God I hate drone users who break the rules. You make it worse for legit users.

duckfield : Music ruins it.

Ryz : this is some amazing stuff 👍

Jeremy Gilbert : nice gap! lol the ending...

i-man FPV : This is SUPER SICK, should definitely be more noticed

TheJnexus : Sweet flying & nice edit bro

PropStew : So good man. The end is funny haha

prebb : Just read the description and have some questions: Are there strict laws agains flying drones in public, around cars, etc in America? ..and, since you have to "clarify" your flying, could posting a video on youtube, of a drone flying close to cars cause any problems to the pilot somehow (hypothetically speaking)? Anyways - great video. I don't own, or have ever piloted a drone, but I would love to try. :) - Inquisitive fellow from Norway

Sascha Mark : Did you realize that even the inputs for the acro stunts are in sync with the music and its beat? Really nice stuff!

Damian Williams : What type of drone & goggles do you have?

Fareel Jalit : This is really some irresponsible flying