Article 13 - Burning Questions #SaveYourInternet
Article 13 Burning Questions SaveYourInternet

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How well do you understand Article 13? Your future could depend on it. In this video, Matt from YouTube explains what is Article 13 and its unintended consequences. Be sure to watch, and learn more at Make your voice heard by creating a video about Article 13, sharing on social using the hashtag #SaveYourInternet and joining the movement at Article 13 – There’s a better way Article 13 is part of European copyright legislation created with the intent to better protect creativity and find effective ways for copyright holders to protect their content online. We support the goals of Article 13, but the version written by the European Parliament could have large unintended consequences that would change the web as we know it. There’s a better way. Learn more and join the conversation at Subscribe and hit the bell to see a new video each Tuesday: ► Level up your YouTube skills with Creator Academy lessons: ► See index of all lessons: ► Get step-by-step instructions:


Franc Andre Agtonong Dimatatac : lets make article 13 a meme so that they have to ban it

mogie54 : What is Article 13 Article 13 is a law that try’s to protect creativity but instead destroys it

little hoshi : Youtube is my childhood.... I grew up with it and i learn from it.. I learn how to read thanks to youtube I learn how to talk thanks to youtube I learn how to draw and inspire thanks to youtube.... and IF youtube was banned and everything is gone... I might fall depression Life sucks. Youtube make me calm from my depression Youtube make me laugh because of the funny vids. Youtube help me with math And article 13 doesnt understand.... How can we comumicate with other familys from other countries? How can we teach/learn math or any other subjects?? How can we find creativity? How can we heal our darkness thoughts? If article 13 banned everything.... We all turn black and white... Seeing the clouds so gray People with fake smiles on the streets Gray,black,and boring white colors... Birds arent singing anymore Flowers died Sun turns bit dark... Anger and depression and every dark emotions only exist No happiness.... And the 1 person who is different.... Will TAKE THERE SWORD AND FIGHT! WE NEED TO FIGHT AS ONE! #SaveYourInternet

KAWAiiMara : No wonder why it's called article 13 because 13 is a evil number

Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 : We need to stop this! Those Europe people need to know that this isn't right, if they sign it the internet is screwed.

Quicksilvur : I grew up watching YouTube. I have learned so much from YouTube. YouTube is my only hobby that I can use to get me through tough situations. Take my hobby away and others will die with it. Four years of my life, eight years of PewDiePie's life and twelve years of many other lives will be gone forever if Article 13 passes into finality and becomes a law. #SaveYourInternet We will win. We will not stand down. This truly is the final battle. Make your presence known.

Anurag Plays : Guyszz *Article 13* is passed😖, this is the end. Who is here after article 13 which has just passed?

Resonate : so that's why england wants to leave EU

Efe kagan Kaya : This Video Not available in your country.

PC YARDIM : #saveyourinternet 🇹🇷I’m From Turkey 🇹🇷 👍😎

Suspicious0bservers : What if a country leaves the EU? will videos be blocked there? I'm thinking Brexit...

Jenna Hughes : Vote for the favorite VPN : - Or you can also find the VPN that everyone likes the best. Its the best way to choose a VPN, at least after this Article 13 thing went through....

Tustutorialesdelmaestro : Article 13 destroys memes Europe is a meme Checkmate

Chloe Potato : When we all felt down, when we were upset, who helped us up? YouTube did! When we were bored, when we felt like giving up, who gave us a hand? YouTube did! YouTube helped us win our battles, now it’s time for us to help YouTube in this battle. I loved and still love YouTube to this day, and we aren’t letting go of it. We can’t. If you make friends with someone in the right mind and they get you past your troubles do you feel grateful? Of course! If they’re in trouble, what should you do? Help them! Forget PewDiePie VS T-Series, forget every battle behind us. We shall become one, one union and take them down! We aren’t the kind to give up, nor are we the kind to let something we’ve treasured for a long time now go! We are the generation to fight. They won’t take YouTube away from us, we will not be divided by the EU. We will not stand down, we will charge into battle and fight! This isn’t a battle to watch, this is the battle to fight. But most importantly, this is the battle to be won. No memes, no gaming videos, no reaction videos, no nothing. We can’t let them disappear now, can we? NO! It’s now or never, it’s fight or lose something we’ve treasured for over decades now, I’m not talking about YouTube in particular anymore, but the internet as a whole. We can’t lose this. This is our one and only chance. It’s now or never, comrades. #SaveYourInternet

UK BTS ARMY : I’ve learnt so much from YouTube that I couldn’t learn from school or my parents becuz there was a stigma of teaching it. I’ve used it to revise for my GCSEs and now my A levels on official exams channels on YouTube. I’ve learnt to love myself through watching BTS and discovering the world of kpop and korean language, culture and food on here as well as many other cultures and learning to cook new food recipes > YouTube even made me turn vegan 3 years ago when I was 15 and it has taught me so many important things about nutrition by actual leading dieticians from the British dietetic society and more. I’ve discovered the lgbtqia+ community on here as well, being queer is not easy in a world where everyone offline is lgbtqia+ phobic and won’t teach you in schools within the U.K. growing up that there are more things than being cis, straight or gay. I’m Asexual demipanromantic and have they/them pronouns (and I’m non binary gendered). Is there a petition I can find that everyone seems to be signing to stop Article 13 happening ? Pls let me know if there is one becuz I would love to sign the petition ! Thank you and goodnight all !~. #saveyourinternet

3toisyou : So 13 is actually an unlucky number. Hmm!

MineCookie : One great reason for the UK to leave the EU

Henezz : Why cant the coverment just stay out of the internet and keep drinking their coffee?

Sibolga Nauli_YT : Is article 13 going to affect people all around the world? Edit: How about Pewdiepie?

Ashley R : Whos with me? #SaveTheInternet

Unstoppable Entertainer : *If article 13 becomes a law, the internet would never be the same. Those proposing this article should reconsider such a stupid demand... Now, who is with me?* #SaveTheInternet

Mythical Galaxy : This might be everyone's last moments on youtube. Pray that Article 13 doesn't pass. #saveyourinternet I love you all.

Barni : Brexit made even more sense to me now

Barry MacDonald : Article 13 = Stops influencers from letting people learn the truth. You can't have your own opinion if it is against the globalist agenda.

THE UNICORN : BREXIT quickly please

Niklas Vilhelm : Yes! I live in Norway and we're not a part of EU, i'm saved!😰 But Rip EU, i feel bad for you guys 😭

wARcAPES : *suddenly happy BREXIT is happening*

Sparsh Garg : RIP European Youtubers..we are with you

Raz0r : Article 13 approved. Goodbye internet...

MaximumChannel : Article 13 is taking away freedom. The freedom that we all fight for! #SaveYourInternet

Congratulations : It’s approved now, future beings who wants the answer

Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids Full episodes : Were totally screwed now thanks YouTube goodbye I know my channel will be gone I can't provide visions or sound and licenses are expensive so bang goes all my content

Pelger : well, they finally aproved it now, it's over. bye europe. and I'm afraid this insanity will spread to the whole world not just europe.

some normal guy : Guy who created article 13's mind : people are creating good things... LETS BLOCK EVERYTHING

Spysaur : This is so sad, alexa play despacito In a few months this coment will be blocked for the article 13 :v

Est Zero : *3 months later* News:Millions of people from Europe are now moving to a different country because of the article called "Article 13" Creators of Article 13: *oh*

midnight 776 : Wait what if a music producer say that there music is copyright free isn't still copyright? For example @Neffex

Ghost Ghost : Praise our lord and saviour VPN

yunotastic : Some people told me to stop watching tv cause it supports article 13?


coconut gangg : #saveyourinternet I don't get the idea of Article 13?? Why? Why?

Shane TGP : Who wins The Algorithm killing channels ARTICLE 13

IsKo Games : Não Sei Se me Entende eu Sou Brasileiro Quero ter Um Milhão de Inscrito


Just Boosterz : People need to be speaking up about this. Pewdiepie mentioned it in a video and spoke about it for a bit which probably helped a lot. Game theory did the same. We need BIG creators and influencers, not just on YouTube, to speak up about this. People who have large audiences. Maybe then people will see how devastating this will be to our lives.

I_Love_Wolves_2005 : NUUUUU! I can’t live with music! And memes! And YOUTUBERS! 😭😭😭 AND MORE

This Player is GLITCHED! : Alright. Let's get a video made [insert -crackingKnuckles-meme here]

Strypurr Faux : Demonetized The video was blocked in your country

LezzyLol : Lucky for me the UK is leaving the EU 😂