Article 13 - Burning Questions #SaveYourInternet

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YouTube Creators [Creator Academy] : Hey everyone, translated captions are now available. Note also the website link needs to be in lowercase to access it:

ProtoMario : Quite amazing how the EU are suppose to be this bastion of Freedom, yet their internet will be censored more than china.

Unstoppable Entertainer : *If article 13 becomes a law, the internet would never be the same. Those proposing this article should reconsider such a stupid demand... Now, who is with me?* #SaveTheInternet

Santhali Gujju : #saveyourinternet

iiRoNey GaMes : #saveyourinternet

Абдумалик Узаков : Article 13 is good for one thing. Stopping Tik Tok memes.

Ninepix : This happens when outdated human beings who were born 300 years ago are in the position to rule and/or vote for something they dont understand.


merka original : Animations? Gone. Editing? Gone... YouTube? GONE. THIS SHEESH WILL AFFECT MANY PEOPLE'S LIFES, INCLUDING MINE! :( Just think about all those other youtubers too. PewDiePie? GONE! :(

average .kiana : #saveyourinternet From the USA💗

Suspicious0bservers : What if a country leaves the EU? will videos be blocked there? I'm thinking Brexit...

Arek darek : Soo now we start migrating to USA and other non European countries?

Noontide : I'm guessing this includes gaming too since you don't own the game visuals or the sounds that the game makes.

Indian Kaizoku : Please save us

Sylvia _Fox : #Saveyourinternet i love youtube!! It's my life!!❤❤😭

Episode Lover : #saveyourinternet

jenaya's world! : I don't understand why article 13 has to do makes life more difficult for others and there really isn't a problem with videos to me

iAwareNow : thank God the EU is going to be history next year.. get away from the EU evil empire..

NSmodelertim : YouTube wants help with revoking article 13 after they made things extremely hard for small exciting channels to be monetized? That's about the same as if someone punch's you in the face and then ask's for your help!!!!! I don't suport the idea of Article 13 but I'm not going to Suport Youtube either. I'm sorry I just can't. Perhaps YouTube can use this as a lesson in humility. YouTube should of grandfathered existing small YouTube channels when they implemented the new requirement to be monetized. When the smaller channels like my self spoke up they ignored us. Now they want us to speak up for them? Yes I understand that this is not just about them but about everyone, but its not right for them to ask for help after they burnt so many channels. "help me after I burnt you!!!" As I said I will not, I can not Suport either parties, in my option they are both in the wrong.

Joshua Nathan : the internet will never be the same without youtube

MaximumChannel : Article 13 is taking away freedom. The freedom that we all fight for! #SaveYourInternet

Quicksilvur : I grew up watching YouTube. I have learned so much from YouTube. YouTube is my only hobby that I can use to get me through tough situations. Take my hobby away and others will die with it. Four years of my life, eight years of PewDiePie's life and twelve years of many other lives will be gone forever if Article 13 passes into finality and becomes a law. #SaveYourInternet We will win. We will not stand down. This truly is the final battle. Make your presence known.

Purpple Tara : #SAVEYOURINTERNET we don't want article 13!!!!!

Elliot Games : Article13 is rubbish. My friend was streaming and then he got a strike. He can't even stream anymore. This happened because of Article13. 1 like = 1 supporter. R.I.P YouTube

thedanoi : is that means it won't be possible to watch dancing, for example hip hop dancing battles, competitions, performances because of the music in them?

Shadøw Künツ : #saveyourinternet #stoparticle13 Plsss don't take away our happines of making video.. We love our channel..

Republic Of Lumvia : Boycott the EU #SaveYourInternet

Boomarang 30 : Oh man 😰 I might as well move to America Eeeeeek how can I stop this I wannna watch and upload stuff!

JDMLUST : Britain is leaving the EU though...? We (sadly) don't need to be part of your target market in this video.

JustSlaiman : I'm just saying. Goodbye😐

twominutetips : This is a much bigger issue than most people know. Fascism is on the horizon.

Gwen von Blottnitz : I'm from South Africa so this theoretically doesn't affect me, but still, think of all the YouTubers who'll not be able to post their content anymore... There will be no more gaming YouTubers, no more song covers, no more meme or vine compilations, no more reaction videos... AAAAAARGH #SaveTheInternet

MotoZest : Why not simply use a non-EU VPN...?

LerenLevenMetEileen : this cant be real

Kill3rCat : The EU is a cancer and deserves to die.

Adam's Eats : I find it reall REALLY dumb that the EU didn't think it would be wise to create a committee made up of all the major platforms like Youtube, facebook etc to actually work with the EU commission to come up with viable solutions that satisfy all sides. Instead, you've got some bloke that probably has no idea what youtube is making decisions that could destroy peoples livelihoods, stupid beyond all reason. I guess my content would be safe, as everything I record is my own, and the only thing I use externally is music, which comes from a licensed subscription source anyway, so i'm hoping i'll be OK! But who knows?!? I am really worried for the talented creators across Europe that are not only going to have their livelihoods ruined, but also their dreams by a bunch of old, out of touch bureaucratic tossers! #saveyourinternet

Olivia’s Life : * leaves eu *

Le SpoderMan : i like that europe is focusing on this instead of other problems. Thanks you EU very "cool"

COLOTIN : #saveyourinternet Русские помогут!!!

xGacha MoonTXuki : #saveyourinternet from Philippines

Jack ManleyTV : First they went after the memes. Now they're going after my creators in the EU? I'll do everything I can to oppose this.

Adnan Ariyan : can i use youtube music library music ??


IrvanSan : #saveyourinternet

Topher : Actually art 13 will make youtube responsible for its content. Who would've thought? Forcing it to offer human service instead of algorythms or bots

Elisabeth Mackay : Article 13 sucks

Zehax : #saveyourinternet

eenterf1 , : GUYS TELL NO IN ARTICLE 13

SelenaGR : #saveyourinternet

ツR3KTツ ABYSM : #saveyourinternet