4 Groups that Gotta Go George Carlin

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pavan vamsi : and that's how death race movie was made

Neekimu Jardim : Isn't it funny that Colorado legalized weed and he's saying all the drugs should go there

ArcKing01 : "The one who live out where the buses don't run" "THAT'S ME!" This audience

TitanicNeoTyphlosion : I think he just created the criminal hunger games.

TwhDrummer13 : "...I think we have to go with Utah!" Some guy in the audience yells "Delaware!"

ShortFingeredShreder : 5:49 Did some dipshit just yell "Delaware!"?

Gilles Tremblay : "You could outlaw religion and most of these sex crimes would disappear in a couple of generations, but we don't have time for rationnal solutions!" The true face of America indeed...

Kira1Lawliet : Screw reality TV. This shit needs to be a book!

Sam Geuvenen : Can we add stupid people to the list? Maybe put them in Iowa?

Transmetalidealist : This literally sounds like something Trump would do. lol

wargasm74 : I'm from Kansas....so gimme that couple hundred I will move back to Denver!!!!!!!

Steven Fletcher : i am so glad i recently discovered george. where has he been all my life. shit he's on the money with everything he says. my life is more complete now.

Graham Kristensen : Isn't this how Australia was formed?

Jdabomb93 : "Just like now."

Vaudesir : 4:34 'That's me!' hahaha

Atlas : 5:01 Did George Carlin just predict Alex Jones?

Justin bustin : more liberal thinking then a conservative

good cheer and blitheringness : Has anyone done the math on whether this actually could balance the budget?

Rai Alvis : beating a guy with steel dildo... Saints Row anyone?

Bork The Builder : When George is talking about where to put all the crazies at 5:49/5:50, someone in the audience yells "Delaware"😂😂 I'm from Delaware😂

jazzy zebra : @5:03=Alex Jones

Emma Cat : Use Nebraska instead of Colorado. :) Don't forget a state for serial domestic abusers, too!

BayareaGuy06 : 10 people are apart of these 4 groups that's why they disliked this. IJS

Ray Robinson : I say we put all four groups in California when it breaks off into the ocean we don't have to put up with them anymore.

Guy who is too paranoid to use real name : Using Nebraska for the crazy people actually makes a lot more sense. That way, the violent offenders won't have to pass through Colorado to get to Utah, and it saves hundreds of miles in fencing.

inspector_melvin : Guess George saw Escape From New York then.

Der Stabilator : 5:00 Alex Jones anyone?

David W. Cooke : The first one sounds like the movie "The Condemned".

Noah Hancock : could outlaw religion and all the sexual predators would go away lol

Matthew Eubanks : this is actually a good idea.

Thomas Payton : So democrats would all go to Kansas or Wyoming? they have been stealing us blind and molesting the tax payer.

Brittany S : 4:37 Lol I totally pictured Bugs Bunny saying "Did I do that?" in his usual sarcastic way 😂

Mimi P : Utah the crazy farm state Lol!! Got that one right Mr Carlin.

Handrias : George Carlin is like Nirvana- pure true in your face.

Isak Dahl : 5:15 he predicted Alex Jones

cameron soo : ironically weed is legal in Colorado

Monem Tariq : Someone please tag this video to Trump's twitter account. I believe he'll consider it seriously.

oliver o sullivan : I want to go to colorado

Bryce Bruder : This might always be my favorite routine he's done haha

Joe Black : Funny CO is where weed is legal first.

Reza Ali : seriously this concept of his gotta be on HBO or netflix

Kantstenchon themel : why not feed people with junk food and gallons of sugary beverages brainwash them with stupid tv shows and dark ages beliefs, entertain them with amounts of sports and low grade movies, tell them they are the acme of civilisation in this world, let their news channels and education system enforce this agenda. Now, there's quite a country...but, you'll need someone to run it!

Flint McFreely : Carlin wasn't very funny. There, I said it.

Avenged Fate : Carlin should've been president.

Meriem El : better than the hunger games

Mystavis : So it turns out PUBG was based off of George Carlin, eh?

dusty dick : moving to colorado

Patrick Baj : the real rocky mountain high lmfao

Edward Medina : LOL - "We don't have time for rational decisions"

Dan : "A guy like that you wanna give him his own radio show" Did George Carlin predict Alex Jones?