Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil

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Replicator Fifth : Leave it to greenpeace to make me cry :’(

Philippe Corthout : Great message. Beautiful animation.

MrTatts64 : Petitions? I have little faith in them. Only thing that speaks in this world we created for ourselves is money! If our govts around the world would contribute a fraction of their spending on armaments, we could save the worlds forests (the lungs of the world) and still have plenty of weapons to carry on killing each other in ever more imaginative ways. remember this when you vote and also if you get to ask an MP a question etc.

Minty Barrett : this is such a good film - so heart wrenching

Jarvins Jun : I cried. Thank you.

Chloe Marie Stuart-Monteith : So sad 😞 😭

Sindy K : ooh made me tear up..

Cute Cookie : This is heartbreaking! How could people do such a thing to beautiful and amazing wildlife #SaveTheWildlife

Loven Dra : Stop spreading violence and hatred,Start spreading love and peace...Save forest and home!!!

Pam Candas : Cashdashian sister wears different expensive shoes video --- 24M views, 24M likes Orangutan habitat action video -- 24K views, 300 likes

Swapiti : Wow beautifull

geezful : Is palm sugar ok? Is it related to palm oil harvesting?

Carmelle Ryan-Sammon : Signed & shared far & wide

Kruger Hall : Awesome video against palm oil industry! Very sad truly story, it's me crying for nature & angry for that who destroys rainforest!!!

Gwilym Lewis : Humans are so cruel

#life of IZ! : This is our ancestors!!! We need to save them! This is humanity and our FLIPPING SHAMPOO is the reason... I'm signing that petition... Guys you should do the same! 🐒🌴 📢

Isabella M. : Honestly I could care less about palm oil but this animation is beautifully made

Iksan Haris : I know that feels, in the past I see forest near my garden, and know everything becomes Palm oil garden 😰

Duck : Palm Oil Deforestation vs Animal Agriculture deforestation doesn't even come close. Why isn't greenpeace Vegan? Half-assed lip service...

ABananaJensonmart : 😭 😢

White Angel : Absurd Greenpeace video, manipulated with disgust. Soya oil and rapesoil also have long destroyed the forest. Aren't human as precious too? Developing countries need assistance to develop their economy too but instead trade barriers were created to further suppress them. Hypocrites Greepeace!!!

mohamad hazmi : this is just a ploy to keep other Players of vegetable oil produced locally in Europe and America alive.Using environment as a facade.

viperstrike0 : this is why i dont shower

A B : But I need oil for my shampoo.

Verity Smart : Thank you Greenpeace, for not only raising awareness but being persistent against even a tide of vegans trying to claim Palm Oil is vegan when it painfully is not. Against a tide of naysayers and apologists. Thank you for the work you do in creating change for a better world for ALL life on the planet.

Avi Becker : God dammit why do humans who have the capability and awareness to do anything decide to destroy the most beautiful nature that has been coexisting peacefully for millions of years!!!!!

JulzsStuff : Well Greenpeace should stand against human trafficking which is the source of the problem.

Mari Smetan : Well made -- let's rally the world -- all the humans -- to help these animals, to help keep their habitats, to help keep our rain-forests & natural environments, and to help us humans and our planet.

Nikisha _ : The documentary "cowspiracy" is on Netflix and tells you how much truth environmental groups are actually telling you. Sure palm oil is an issue that we need to address but it makes no sense to consume animal products and be careful to not consume palm oil because the biggest problem is not the palm oil, it is the meat and dairy and eggs we are eating.

jtanuwijaya : https://globalforestatlas.yale.edu/amazon/land-use/cattle-ranching

God Of Games : sapulu here

Kazuhira Miller : I keep getting adverts for this

Chris Peare : That's amazing. My wife and I had floods of tears watching it with our 4 year old. Would be a great kids book. I would buy it.

Sachin Koparde : Heart touching

Amelia York : OMG poor orangutans I saw this at the movies If you see this search rang-tang and sign the petition

Tinsel :D : Signed the petition.

Dude : For sure. x

jtanuwijaya : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation_by_region

Kathy Skubik : This is great!

Ava Walker : Jeez that got dark quick...

Fabulous Choo Choo Train FCCT : Yep, emotional animation, Just prevent someone from destroying it. (or prevent anyone to treat animals by using animal cruelty) :3

Valerie Viscardi : BRAVI for this video, so impactful.

Layla Husain : Beautiful!

Tara Gragg : And he walked the earth looking for one good man. But he couldn't find one. The Bible

Minion Moss : Well done lads

Charlie's blayt hub And more : I liked digger bits

I need 50 Subs for no reason please help : sad, but do u mean orangutan because there you go

Jiwon Kim : If no use of palm oil, how are we supposed to wash our hair and body? Should we go back to the primitive age with no shower then? I doubt that Greenpeace has a perfect solution to human’s global palm oil consumption… Palm oil is the most cost-effective source of personal care ingredients which means that we need to use extra amounts of other sources to generate the same impact as coconut oil and palm oil make. It will eventually cause another deforestation anyway.

Sergio Danieldiego : 👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

Phong Le : I cried. So sad :(