Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil

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Niina Xann : I want to share this in my community tab, people needs to open them eyes and see the reality of palm oil. I discovered what happened with that oil thanks to a friend of mine some years ago and broke my heart what is happening to the forests!

c4rv3e 007 : Banned from TV? These people need to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror! Nothing political here. Just factual!

fan_of_the_pals : They banned this ad on TV wtf

Ibeatmykidswithmemes : Damn this video doesn't deserve dislikes

Red : Palm-oil free products aren't even expensive or hard to find. There's no reason to keep consuming it other than laziness and because Nutella tastes good

Philippe Corthout : Great message. Beautiful animation.

Matthew Martinez : Great video but change the video title. Have to bring people in thinking it is not a story of palm oil. Bring them in with the cuteness than hit with the reality.

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : Curious George took a dark turn

Mr Potato Peeler : Cattle is the biggest cause of deforestation (80% of cut down trees because of cows) The message is fantastic tho

Aidan Ward : This has me in absolute tears. I don't understand why this was banned.

Rayman & Gacha Gamer : Me and my friends did a cupcake cake sale to gain money to save the orangutans.

Scottishcarly : Petition signed, video shared and research done 🙋🏻 I've sourced and bought vegan, palm oil free toothpaste, soap and shampoo online. Laundry and cleaning items next. Thanks Greenpeace ❤️

Replicator Fifth : Leave it to greenpeace to make me cry :’(

Karen Roche : How can a socially conscious advertising be banned for being too political? Something is very wrong with the UK broadcasting rules. We need to STOP destroying our planet!!

Pam Candas : Cashdashian sister wears different expensive shoes video --- 24M views, 24M likes Orangutan habitat action video -- 24K views, 300 likes

bob f : Blood thirsty corporates pulling the strings got it banned. Nutella use to be a treat for breakfast. For the last 5 years when they changed to palm oil for saving pennies, its been struck off my shopping list.

Minty Barrett : this is such a good film - so heart wrenching

George Films : Hopefully the banning of this advert will help it to gain even more publicity than it would do anyway. This is the power to the people

Loven Dra : Stop spreading violence and hatred,Start spreading love and peace...Save forest and home!!!

MrTatts64 : Petitions? I have little faith in them. Only thing that speaks in this world we created for ourselves is money! If our govts around the world would contribute a fraction of their spending on armaments, we could save the worlds forests (the lungs of the world) and still have plenty of weapons to carry on killing each other in ever more imaginative ways. remember this when you vote and also if you get to ask an MP a question etc.

Jarvins Jun : I cried. Thank you.

Gwilym Lewis : Humans are so cruel

Nikisha _ : The documentary "cowspiracy" is on Netflix and tells you how much truth environmental groups are actually telling you. Sure palm oil is an issue that we need to address but it makes no sense to consume animal products and be careful to not consume palm oil because the biggest problem is not the palm oil, it is the meat and dairy and eggs we are eating.

Sindy K : ooh made me tear up..

Bethany - may : why did they ban this politics sucks

David White : Came here to watch the original version following the banning of the Iceland Christmas advert which was to feature this film as a way to highlight their ban of palm oil in their own brand products. Totally effective. I'll be thinking about this when I watch the other supermarket Christmas ads this year and reinforcing a mental note not to use them.

Cute Cookie : This is heartbreaking! How could people do such a thing to beautiful and amazing wildlife #SaveTheWildlife

_ryanjs_ : Even though I absolutely HATE this organisation, this video is amazing. If it'd be published by a normal environmental organisation that isn't insane, then it may reach a lot of people.

MAX INFINIT : i cry but this .............movie make me sad i love rang-tans save the rang-tans dedicated to the 25 orangutans we lose every day

Chloe Marie Stuart-Monteith : So sad 😞 😭

Swapiti : Wow beautifull

Bente de Wijs : Beautiful. They showed it on a talkshow in my country and i almost cried. We really need to stop talking about the issue; get up and do something about it!

Willie Murray : Every like for this advert is one less cruel human in the world

brightgeistmovies : and even more importantly: GO VEGAN! cattle ranching and soy farming for animal agriculture destroys about 5 times as much rain forest per year as palm oil production does. i wish Greenpeace would finally start focusing more on that! animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, ocean dead zones, deforestation, top soil erosion, water pollution, and of course the worst cause of animal suffering in the world. please stop ignoring the elephant in the room (or the cow and the pig and the chicken in the slaughterhouse)! people need to be told the truth now, even if it's an inconvenient one! we have to get cereal!

Serenity Cove : A brilliant work of art. So important. This should be required viewing for every human on this planet!!

PRECIOUS ESTHER : At school me and my class watched this advertisement and my friend realy cares about animals sooooo much and then my friend at school then started crying so our class is now working together to help all those animals out there so if you think about cutting a tree think about you actions and do the right thing and if you live in Thornton heath or Norbury you should see posters about them. Listen, Think, Act. 1 like = £20 to help all the animals in need. Imagine you were an animal and the humans killed your mums and dad's and you became lonely how would you feel, how would you act. Don't you feel sorry for them all. One more thing don't use shampoos that include palm oil or eat Oreos no more because they also include palm oil even though you love them and I do and I'm struggling to stop but trying my best not to eat them. If you subscribe to me I'll subscribe to you too. Thanks for listening. I LOVE YOU!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜(Also thx to my friends that is helping me Zofia, Blanka, Ava, Judith, Aaron, Dominique, Gabija, Emily and Wendy sos if I missed out one of your names)

Jay Readings : I cannot mentally comprehend how you could dislike this video Press the like button, spread the message

delgirl jackson : Does anyone find there is a prob with this Iceland advert as it was on this morning saying this advert should be banned. I love this advert

TheBudgie29 : This Video was going to used by Iceland Food Stores for their Christmas Campaign but because People will loose Money It has Been Banded. Maybe If they had a Cashdashian In It It would have been the Hit of Christmas.

Simon Eastland : Can’t believe this ad for Christmas has been banned!!!!

Kruger Hall : Awesome video against palm oil industry! Very sad truly story, it's me crying for nature & angry for that who destroys rainforest!!!

Calico Vlogs : who saw this from iceland food's channel?

Druma : Great advert. Its been banned for political reasons. We should be able to show the opposing side of these products freely. Consumerism with a conscience.

geezful : Is palm sugar ok? Is it related to palm oil harvesting?

#life of IZ! : This is our ancestors!!! We need to save them! This is humanity and our FLIPPING SHAMPOO is the reason... I'm signing that petition... Guys you should do the same! 🐒🌴 📢

Steffins : All across our Earth, we must support leaders who embrace ecological stewardship.

Charlene Lutge : Reminds me of a poem I wrote about Orangutans and palm oil.

Carmelle Ryan-Sammon : Signed & shared far & wide

Theres a snek in me boot : Solution- let's burn the humans.

guerdeval : AND a big "well done" to Iceland