The Luxury Store in North Korea

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Succulent Flo : So... the luxurious dept. store in NK literally just like common dept. store in my country 😐

lamenti : toy store. difficult mission.

R-Mon Damage : How can a store be so empty. It is a beautiful place to shop.

Anthony Villard : Your girls are precious, and they're getting big. I've been watching your videos for a long time. 👍

squiggofant : The normal mall in the rest of the world.

Joe Polchlopek : Wow! No shortage of electricity in that store. Shopping there you could 'almost' forget you were in North Korea. Thanks for another interesting video.

Red-Blooded America : The mirrors are also used to make the room larger and more grand with the lighting. Quite clever. Everything there is an illusion.

Richard Parker : I'm still wondering how you are able to upload to YouTube without getting caught.

saul martinez : Was anyone else getting anxiety from watching the kids knowing it's north Korea lol

MegaShanes1 : Looks like Walmart without Americans.

Kandi Sofia Dahlan : The sales persons seemed perplexed by this Indonesian family.

arvid gunardi : Hahaha ngibulin anak

Maaike / 마이크 : The fact that there are only a few products (just stalled over the whole shelf) and they don't use a bit more electricity to heat the store lol

Henrique SOBERANO : Very good your videos

Gregor388 : please enjoy the view of the inside of north korea. you don't get it somewhere else like this. i am always fascinated. thank you parker!

Utee 61 : dibuat gagal fokus sama Opening Song-nya😂😍 WANNA ONE - Beautiful😂👌

Eugene Vorojaykin : Your daughters are very cute! You’re a lucky man

Darnit Productions : 10:20 lol they still using windows xp 😂😂

Oliver Kalamata : Wow, the diapers have a photo of a white/caucasian baby on it. How odd 😕

Alex Picardo : 12:00 north korean officials keeping an eye lol

TYR1970 : so cold inside, the shop assistants are wearing thick clothes.

magno silva : Beautifull family! Congratulation!

sengin : Can u film the hospitals? İm curious about it

Vito vit : I dont know what dad was saying, but i worked a toys r us for 2 years and i laughed so much. I imagined him saying, put that down, dont touch that, wouldn't you rather have this? This ones cheaper which do you want? Are you sure you dont want this? That makes too much noise. XD

Kristen berer : Come on Jaka buy you kid the squeaky dog toy.

Gold91 : everything is so clean and shiny!!! you can eat from this floor :O

theother brownguy : Please add captions.

MediaWatchDawg : The fine art of getting kids interested in a cheaper toy knows NO border.

Gongfu Han : +Jaka, this time your wife paid China ¥Yuan in the store, interesting. so, what does the price tag show? Euro only? Can normal Korean do shopping there? Or that store is for foreigner only?

Christian Nixon : You hear about the soldier that escaped this week and was shot running over the boarder from his “comrades”...

King Cheese Burger : Only 2 of your links actually work....

Green Silver : Luxury? It’s a Dollar Tree /Poundland Store! Careful the kids don’t break anything, they’d be busted and the next time you see them, they’ll be 15 years old.


alam firdaus : Shopkeeper are pretty, without plastic surgery

Kuraudo Ōishi NL : How can so big shop hold it with few shopper's? The IKEA here in my place is busy every day.

denny music : "uangnya gak ada" tipikal ortu indonesia beli maenan, wkwkwk ampe sekarang gak ada

Repan Gaming : bang lu disitu sampe selamanya ato sampe kpn?

Bernard's Channel(SeaCucumberLover) : How can you do all this stuff?

Ossas Swagger : Sekolah dimana anaknya mas?

Jim Hughes : Can ordinary North Korean citizens shop in this store? Why is it almost empty except for you and your children?

Kandi Sofia Dahlan : The sales girls seemed to become more nervous by this Indonesian family's moves. It may be that their behaviour must be very different from the usual NK shoppers.

ElevationLowJJ : 99% Made In China.

Farendor : Love the way they make the shelves look full by spredding out the items

Alpha Centauri : CAPITALISM!!!

Arcésilas de Cyrène : thank you very much for sharing. I got married next year and you convinced me to do our honeymoon in the North Korean People's Republic! ;-). A Frenchman from the city of Verdun.

Heri Gallagher : Hahahaha, aslii kocak bang. Bapa nya bingung gitu

Kandi Sofia Dahlan : Pak Jaka, what are you doing in NK?

Allan JOm : your videos are very good!

warsztatelektronik : ludzi nie ma w sklepach bo wszyscy już sobie wszystko kupili

rich riddick : Ning po want jaka!