Tool- Forty Six & 2 (REACTION!!!)

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Ben Skelly : This is late, but congrats on 100,00 subscribers!

H&R Gamers : 46 & 2 ahead of me means he's gonna evolve because we are 44 & 2 (chromosomes wise) and before that we were 42 & 2 (before the evolving), which means he's aiming to evolve into a new race advanced from us the 46 & 2

Jason Shimmell : You don’t analyze Tool, Tool analyzes you.

757reaper : I am absolutely blown that you picked up on the HELLA vague and convoluted psychology concept of the song in the first go.

SicklessHell : React to Code Orange - "FOREVER"

DeanKnight333 : A second channel called ( Lost In Tool ) where once a week, you react to a Tool track. It would be insane. You're welcome : )

Diana Minas : was listening to 46&2 and stumbled upon your video and you guys are so dope!!!!!!

clintcastle : Their drummer is probably the greatest ever and the fill in this song is unmatched.

A Pattern of Chaos : Here's a clue... 46&2= Carl Jung... have a nice day!


circle VIII : Lateralus is their best song by far. The time signatures of the chorus switch from 9/8 to 8/8 to 7/8 (the song was originally titled 987) which happens to be the 16th number of the Fibonacci sequence. The syllables from which Maynard sings the chorus are also corresponding to the Fibonacci sequence; black (1) then (1) white are (2) all I see (3) in my infancy (5) red and yellow then came to be (8) reaching out to me, (5) let's me see (3) One of the greatest pieces of music composed in our modern era :) Loudwire lists it as the number 1 best metal song of the 21st century. You guys really have to check it out!

Fabio Duque Degani : You guys made me enjoy the classics again!

web1187 : PARABOLA NEXT PLEASE ! ! ! ! ****

packetcreeper : You guys actually nailed it! The 46 & 2 title refers to 46 chromosomes (normal human amount) + 2 (evolution) pointing to a higher state of being. The whole "shedding skin" references reveal this. Musically, this tune is simply most Tool songs. Tool is one of the most under-rated bands of all time.

Pitbull14218 : Now do, Tool - Stinkfist , that shit has crazy levels, just beautiful guitar playing. I must say, I also like Tool - Sober

Jeff Parker : Tool is a band that you need to just binge listen to. If you listen to all their records on a good system, it will literally download into your brain. The vampire scenario was hilarious 😂 you guys are awesome!

# Guiltless : Reaction to Seven Mary Three-Cumbersome

woodruffba : RIGHT IN TWO!!!

Kyle Strid : Tool - The Pot

Poorojsgone 4ever : Hey guys! Try Chevelle - The Clincher. Thanks

James Rodolfo : Alter Bridge-Blackbird!!! Also still no mention about the Bass intro I see I'm a guitar player but Tools bass line are amazing. The meaning is that  humans have 46 chromosomes. It is estimated and presumed that the next stage of evolution will add 2 chromosomes to our DNA, hence the title Forty Six & 2.

Yam Candelario : The pot by tool please!!

Matthew Benoit : a Perfect Circle, Weak and Powerless !! Same singer from Tool ! MJK !!

Al Grabar : The pot! React to the pot!! Tool

121jigawatts2015 : Okay guys, how about "Head Like a Hole" from Nine Inch Nails? I think you will dig it.

LoonaticX : Amon Amarth - The Hero

Donald McCombs : Tool is an amazing band, I feel like their entire goal is to make you question reality.

Britton Thompson : The "shadow" refers to Carl Jung's assertion that the human mind is shaped by the subconscious; what he calls the shadow. The "46 & 2" is a reference to an upcoming evolution for humanity. The current human chromosome makeup is 44 & 2, with a 46 & 2 makeup meaning a more advanced form has been achieved. In it's simplest form, the song is about analyzing what truly drives us—the shadows of our subconscious—in order to advance our consciousness. We all have to confront the shadows trying to elude us before we can triumph over them.

Vforven Detta : Clutch guys ! CLUTCH !

Brent Estvander : i just subscribed to your channel,,because of your non biased reactions to tool ,,there my fav band,,it was amazing for me too see your take on their music,,thx for viewing the world with open eyes..

Shiba : One does not simply "understand" Tool

daniel green : Tool - Eulogy

Kathy Pierce : 46 and 2 refers to human evolution. It has to do with human chromosome counts.

Steven Steele : You guys gotta check out The Pot by Tool!

stephanie lucas : Please do another Tool song! Jambi!

Slowlikehoney Too : Try A Perfect Circle and see where it takes you!

Ryan Auten : you should do Tool - H. my favorite song.

matt karl : tool composes using golden ratio

randy & cathy quintanilla : Listen to the drums!! Danny Carey is a beast!!!!

Pedro Bacelar : About time you got yourselves eye balls deep in muddy waters.. The Pot mah duudes

Stebbi LV : Another great pick. Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name ANIMALS AS LEADERS - CAFO

NoBLeDiGgLeR : Hey man yall are the some of the realist reaction vids ive seen do u read your comments still? If so plz msg me back i can explain 46 n 2 for u or any other tool song if u got any ?'s jus ask you guys ROCK! lol keep it up love the channel!

Steven Hernandez : Guys, this song is about Jungian psychology. The “shadow” is the repressed part of the psyche that is undeveloped and responsible for unstable behavior when stressed. When triggered, we are said to be “in the grip” of the shadow. So Maynard (the singer of Tool) is essentially saying that we grow and develop by dealing with the shadow. By processing our negative, weak side, we become stronger as people. By going through stress and turmoil, our personality becomes more developed and healthy. “Furthermore, it is believed the song references a wish to experience change through the "shadow"; an idea which represents the parts of one's identity that one hates, fears, and represses, this exists as a recurring theme in the work of Carl Jung.” (Wikipedia) “The shadow is our dark side, containing those things that we have repressed or ignored for one reason or another. It usually manifests to us in dreams as an archetypal figure who is dark and ominous. Just as the persona is that part of us that we want to present to the world, so the shadow contains those things that we want to hide from the world, and from ourselves. This dark side of ourselves must be confronted and accepted, at least in part, as the first step in the individuation process.” So, let’s just say that this song is “psychologically deep”. Because it is! Maynard is a genius, and this is probably the best psychologically insightful song I’ve ever heard. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 (Also, “46 and 2” has to do with an odd theory regarding our 46 chromosomes. But that theory is weird. It’s best to focus on the Jungian shadow concept!)

web1187 : Or ( RIGHT IN TWO )

Shawn Sutcliffe : but speaking of system of a down, Aerials is much more pleasing to the ear initially.

Beau Garrison : Thank you for the video. Very awesome. I love it. I love all three of Maynard's bands, and I can honestly say that Tool and A Perfect Circle changed my life for the better.

Kenny McGowan : tool parabol parabola react to this the video is great to wstch with it.

Edward Hudlow : Please please please please react to "right in two" by tool

Braeden Gray : You guys were on point with "The Shadow" If anyone is interested, I've heard it explained using the philosophy of Carl Jung (Shadow theory) in which he writes, "Everyone carries a shadow... and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." It may be (in part) one's link to more primitive animal instincts, which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind." Just an interesting read for anyone that's into that kinda stuff. Jungian psychology proposes that the deepest layers of self are the Id, anima/animus, shadow and in part the ego/superego. This is considered the unconscious mind, around which we build our exterior persona. Additionally, any gamers in the crowd may recognize the concept of the shadow from the Persona Series.

Jordan Thomas : React to right in two