Tool- Forty Six & 2 (REACTION!!!)

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Shiba : One does not simply "understand" Tool

Britton Thompson : The "shadow" refers to Carl Jung's assertion that the human mind is shaped by the subconscious & the ego; what he calls the shadow. The "46 & 2" is a reference to an upcoming evolution for humanity. Humanity's current chromosome makeup is 44 & 2, with a 46 & 2 composition meaning a more advanced consciousness has been achieved. Researchers have speculated that Jesus Christ had a 46 & 2 makeup, thus leading some to label the 46 & 2 the "God consciousness". (No, that doesn't mean we'll become equal with God; just that we'll finally be able to perceive his presence in nature) In it's simplest form, the song is about understanding what drives us—our subconscious & our ego—in order to truly advance ourselves. We all have to confront our shadows which naturally elude us before we can triumph over them and evolve to something greater.

DIGITAL MEAT : The Shadow is a concept that was formulated by the psychologist Carl Jung, it is the unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the "Dark Side" of a persons personality which they choose to reject. Jung believed to truly know ones self, the shadow should be explored.

BoilerBloodline : Danny Carey is one of the greatest rock drummers of all time in my opinion.

Xaivier M. Sinclaire : Hey guys here is the Explanation of the song:Tool 46+2 The major underlying principles here relate to chromosomes and Jungian theory. Some of the ideas behind this song are based on the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizadek. Here's a snip of an interview with him (Leading Edge, 12/95): "There are three totally different kinds of humans on the Earth, meaning that they perceive the One reality in three different ways, interpreted differently. The first kind of human has a chromosome composition of 42+2. They comprise a unity consciousness that does not see anything outside themselves as being separate from themselves. To them, there is only one energy - one life, one beingness that moves everywhere. Anything happening anywhere is within them, as well. They are like cells in the body. They are all connected to a single consciousness that moves through all of them. These are the aboriginals in Australia. There might be a few African tribes left like this. Then, there is our level, comprising 44+2 chromosomes. We are a disharmonic level of consciousness that is used as a steppingstone from the 42+2 level to the next level, 46+2...These two additional chromosomes change everything." According to Melchezedek, our planet is covered with geometrically constructed 'morpho genetic grids'. These grids extend from about 60 feet under the Earth's surface to about 60 miles above the Earth, arranged in geometric patterns (see 'Sacred Geometry'). Each species has its own grid, which supports life, and connects the consciousness of its particular species. Before any species can come into existence or make an evolutionary step, a new grid must be completed. When a species becomes extinct, that particular species' grid dissolves. A new grid was completed in 1989 - the 'christ-consciousness' grid. This grid will allow humans to evolve into our next version. We'll develop two additional chromosomes (which are really 'geometrical images' designed to resonate with our specific grid) for a total or 46 + 2. The main change will be a shift to the "unity consciousness". Every cell in your body has its own consciousness and memory. You, the higher being that occupies your body, make the millions of different consciousnesses in your body work together as one being. How does this relate to this grid? Think of yourself as a cell and the grid as the higher being. We will still have individual consciousness, but will be united in the form of a higher being in order to work as one entity

grizzlednutz : Normally dislike reactors pausing a lot but you guys do this due justice and actually spend time in true analysis rather than dumb commentary. Awesome job. Respect.

Jason Duke : Check out "Sober" by Tool. It has that exact break that George was looking for. Haha!

Mark Still : Don't feel bad I have been trying to figure out Tool lyrics for 30 years now.

evan hasner : You don't need the lyrics to enjoy tool. The drums are enough as is. Guy is a madman.

Dylstergo : New drinking game; take a shot whenever they say fire.

Garden Fever : I would also like to point out to you guys. This may be a coincidence, but with tool I highly doubt it. There is also only one book in the Bible that has 46 chapters with two verses and it’s Psalms 46 two. In that it talks about large quantities of land falling into the ocean. The whole album if you look at the album cover has parts of California falling into the ocean and look at Aenema. I don’t think it’s a coincidence just wanted to point that out to everyone psalms is the only part of the Bible that is songs to God LOL not trying to get religious just saying it’s an interesting thing.

Steven Hernandez : Guys, this song is about Jungian psychology. The “shadow” is the repressed part of the psyche that is undeveloped and responsible for unstable behavior when stressed. When triggered, we are said to be “in the grip” of the shadow. So Maynard (the singer of Tool) is essentially saying that we grow and develop by dealing with the shadow. By processing our negative, weak side, we become stronger as people. By going through stress and turmoil, our personality becomes more developed and healthy. “Furthermore, it is believed the song references a wish to experience change through the "shadow"; an idea which represents the parts of one's identity that one hates, fears, and represses, this exists as a recurring theme in the work of Carl Jung.” (Wikipedia) “The shadow is our dark side, containing those things that we have repressed or ignored for one reason or another. It usually manifests to us in dreams as an archetypal figure who is dark and ominous. Just as the persona is that part of us that we want to present to the world, so the shadow contains those things that we want to hide from the world, and from ourselves. This dark side of ourselves must be confronted and accepted, at least in part, as the first step in the individuation process.” So, let’s just say that this song is “psychologically deep”. Because it is! Maynard is a genius, and this is probably the best psychologically insightful song I’ve ever heard. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 (Also, “46 and 2” has to do with an odd theory regarding our 46 chromosomes. But that theory is weird. It’s best to focus on the Jungian shadow concept!)

Liam D Turner : I love that you ACTUALLY analyzed this!...nice work sirs...thumbs and subbed

Judge Dredd : In Soviet Russia, Tool listens to you.

DeanKnight333 : A second channel called ( Lost In Tool ) where once a week, you react to a Tool track. It would be insane. You're welcome : )

Karen Mcteer : React to Eulogy by Tool

stephanie lucas : Please do another Tool song! Jambi!

Michael Cox : I give you props for sitting down, 2 black dudes, and reviewing Tool (and picking hardest to understand). Also you liked it, I'm sure 90 percennt had no idea. Great job.

LiveAction Link : The first half of this was very disappointing but then they eventually began to understand the song... in its simplest form anyways. It's a song that really needs to be listened to with headphones and no interruptions (like all Tool songs lol) Good job guys

circle VIII : Lateralus is their best song by far. The time signatures of the chorus switch from 9/8 to 8/8 to 7/8 (the song was originally titled 987) which happens to be the 16th number of the Fibonacci sequence. The syllables from which Maynard sings the chorus are also corresponding to the Fibonacci sequence; black (1) then (1) white are (2) all I see (3) in my infancy (5) red and yellow then came to be (8) reaching out to me, (5) let's me see (3) One of the greatest pieces of music composed in our modern era :) Loudwire lists it as the number 1 best metal song of the 21st century. You guys really have to check it out!

greeenpro : I don't remember seeing this reaction when it was uploaded, but this is why I love this channel. It's not just "that was a sweet song...loved it" kinda talk. You guys peel back the onion whenever possible. Good shit and congratulations on your success. It's good to see a great channel with substance get popular...well deserved!

randy t : Hooker With a Penis

Braeden Gray : You guys were on point with "The Shadow" If anyone is interested, I've heard it explained using the philosophy of Carl Jung (Shadow theory) in which he writes, "Everyone carries a shadow... and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." It may be (in part) one's link to more primitive animal instincts, which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind." Just an interesting read for anyone that's into that kinda stuff. Jungian psychology proposes that the deepest layers of self are the Id, anima/animus, shadow and in part the ego/superego. This is considered the unconscious mind, around which we build our exterior persona. Additionally, any gamers in the crowd may recognize the concept of the shadow from the Persona Series.

Adrian Loina : Please if you ever return to Tool do Schism, first Tool song I ever heard and still my favorite.

DeadEndKing : “I like it, I’m just trying to process it.” Every person listening to TOOL for the first time.

Elle Martineau : Oh boy, I haven’t watched this yet but I am looking forward to your jaws dropping. You will never hear anything as good as this. ❤️🎶👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Dan Milinkovich : You should here o’keefe music foundation of this song the kids hit it out of the park

Robert Johnson : You are so appreciated, because you call it how you see it no nonsense. Well done. Thanks, fun to watch Sincerely

fabio saccoccia : Gardenia by Kyuss could be another cool reactions video. Kyuss are heavy but trippy too guys. Cheers

King Mango : You don’t analyze Tool, Tool analyzes you.

Al Grabar : The pot! React to the pot!! Tool

Evan Ravely : Best Tool song ever!

zipngo1 : Hey guys, I love the show. For an old fat white guy.... The rappin is pretty cool when you break it down. The Rock is my thing. Fun seeing younger reactions. you might be to you young but would love to see guys do a spoof ( just for fun). Check out the old " In Living color" "Men's on Books" Skits. It is worth a laugh. LoL

adjess25 : Honest question? As newbies to Tool, would it have been better if they had done/introduced to APC before hand?

Aurthur Fuddyduddy : That's Tool. songs like this are why fans patiently wait 8 years between albums.

Kent Bersvendsen : Hi guys! I love your channel and you guys are a true inspiration! You are the nr. 1 reason that I'm now a huge fan of Tool, besides the genious of the band itself of course:-) I have one mission now and that is to get you to do a reaction video on one of the best "most underrated" bands in rock history: King's X! Check out the killer track "Dogman" and I gurantee you'll be blown away by their heaviness, groove, creativity, their ear for melody and their exeptional muscianship.

Amanda Burkhart : I've just heard of you, and I've only seen a couple of your videos, but damn, you two are actually pretty good at analyzing song lyrics! MAD respect for also breaking down barriers of multiple types with your videos! I LOVE this!!! Please continue doing these types of videos! It gives me hope for humanity.

William Hash : If you guys are interested, forty six and two, and lateralus by tool, as well as a ton of other songs by them, not too mention the lead singer Maynard, (also lead singer for "puscifer and a perfect circle) are INSANELY deep and complex. I know you only are giving your 1st take on it so I understand why you've only scratched the surface. But if any or both of you are interested in diving a little bit into what these lyrics are, and the amazingly complex and beautiful way the music is written....Hit me up. I'd be glad to shed some light. Tool, in my opinion, could just be a modern day composer up there with the likes of Bach and Beethoven. Hit me up guys

Jam : try "right in two" its a really really cool ass song and one of their more simpler to understand, but still awesome meaning behind it

joolat : Human has 46 chromosomes with 2 of them beeing gender specific. So 44 and 2. He is singing about a next level of human beeing 46 and 2. 46 and 2 ahead of me...

Jeremy Brooks : NOBODY knows how to classify Tool. But EVERYTHING is to service the song. Their shit's amazing.

Alan James : check out the remake by a bunch of kids, Kids Cover 46 and 2 by Tool / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Jesse Lemons : I would so so so so love to see you dudes reaction to KORN- DADDY

Richard Wilson : 46&2 is a chromesome count.every human has 46 chro/ 46&2 is a super human.

J.T. Alford : Psychiatrist Carl Jung postulated the next step in human evolution could transform our disharmonious 44 + 2 chromosomal bodies into a more spiritual 46 +2 being. As an example, perhaps Jesus walked the earth as a man with formed consciousness, but was also an evolved 46 + 2 spiritual being with formless consciousness. Also, the 'Shadow' represents what we hate, fear, are ashamed about ourselves. TOOL's lyrics are deep and my interpretation may differ from others.

erick tibbs : Manard is a bread of his own. You will never understand him!! Lol.

Quantum Squatch : Dance club, vampire... that's where I had to hit pause... some positive feedback... why so many like this song, hhhhmmmmmmm ... well let's see .... read the lyrics and free your mind, do your research, then ponder a bit, then some more... then you'll know how to properly catch the attention of those who are listening to your review, it's like this guys... someone composes scores for ballet performances and is randomly given a song to listen to and give an opinion on.. and that song is Snoop Dogs "You Thought", which btw is just as great as 46 and 2 but for completely different reasons. think about what I'm trying to convey here, which i hope I convey something positive after reading this... free your mind boys. free your minds! This, on the fly, song reviews, i don't know guys, what is your channel all about anyways, there's nothing describing what it is you do etc. i probably won't be back but who knows, but thought i'd give you some honest feedback , not hating here, just use my feedback constructively and grow grow grow... good luck guys, oh and that was funny btw .. dark vampire music at a club etc. funny indeed... but just didn't fit , Do some serious listening to all of Maynard's projects... he has many ... will blow your mind , more of a consciousness thing but also in my opinion the music is tight as all #$%# Peace out!

кузьма черновалюк : if briefly this song about suffering from the consciousness of its inferiority But to create such an amazing music can only those who already have 46 + 2 chromosomes and it's monstrous and scary

Eddie Quinn : You really need to read up on the process of 46 too if you're interested in this song it's a process of evolution of mankind from 44 and 2

Aaron A. Foster : RAMMSTEIN "Engel" live from Madison Square Garden will AMAZE you. You might need a Translation of the lyrics with you. But the lyrics are well done and the band is amazing live!