Why gamers use WASD to move

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Vox : For more check out our episode of Explained on the history of gaming and the rise of esports, now available to stream on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/explained

Lunatic Lunala : the same reason we press F to pay respect

Ricez : Video mentions fortnite. 'First person shooters'

Alican Tulan : Well I use a steering wheel playing Roblox it's more comfortable Oofdate: 661likes omg guys thanks

Ian Murphy : im a gamer myself and i use my limbs to move. y’all are weird

DecimusYna : WASD is kind of a cool word tbh.

Mlg pro player 291 : All you need to know: WASD - Move Space - Jump R - Reload 1;2;3;4... - Guns F - Respect G - Taunt X - Doubt E - MEDIC!

mangoman : who else here is a GAMER? -meme made by Gangweed

Lanceランス : The reason why we press X for doubt.

Pac Lenny : When I was a Flash Gamer I use Arrow keys!

Holiday Pup : _My F key goes to you_

Josuto Rudupra : imagine using wsad and mouse in a tournament where people only used keyboard xD

SuicideBunny6 : As a kid with an AZERTY keyboard, I never understood why games used these WASD keys

trash. Acierto : Epic gamer moment: Your dad tells you that he and your mom are getting a divorce and you dab on the hater and cover your face so not to show him your epic gamer tears. N O W T H A T S W H A T I C A L L A V I C T O R Y R O Y A L E

DogE ThE MaSteR : Am I the only one who still uses a typewriter for my keyboard?

YAMMAS : Thought it was because the guy who created Fortnite had ASD...

O O F : Let's give WASD a meaning, maybe Widely Applied System of Direction?

Mei Misaki : But my default control became WSAD when I first started playing Vice City.... Without anyone's influence it was just pretty obvious the shift Key as sprint and Space as jump no other keys will work other then WSAD.... Three fingers on AWD the little finger on shift and thumb at space that's how most games go for me..

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : it’s simple, WASD are the default movement controls

Ironic User : oNlY EpiC GameRS uSE WaSD

Ali GAY : We do it cause in World War Two some guys was like yo let’s use wasd then everyone called him gay and he killed himself

Salokin : "GAMERS RISE UP"

Ape Mayor : I'ts because it is comfortable and easy to use due to the placement of them in relation to the mouse.

XHybridX 123 : Imagine how many old gamers look at the keyboard to see what's happening

RANDOMROBLOXMAN : the W in wasd is for wumbo.

Galaxy : When I started gaming I used RAFD instead of WASD. Slowly started to use what everyone used but it just felt better to me at first.

adarsh sirsat : Thank you Thresh, we love you😍

SanPvP : living legend

Faktor F : 1:13 AUGUST TWENTYFI.. oh nevermind that’s a dead meme

Proatheris : I mean that’s true. It’s not really him that invented it. As someone else could have already found it out but didn’t voice it out to everyone. It’s because he was popular that other people knew the controls from him.

Miiranga : Because they don’t? You walk forward with the left mouse button, back with the right mouse button, left with Z, right with X and fire with C

SsparnniF : Actually its because each letter stands for its movement Worward AIght Sback Dleft

soulwynd : Don't mock muds. I played and programmed them for over a decade.

Anshul Singh : i m still comfortable with arrow keys

Crazyfr0g 6923 : I used to play on a pc as a kid but grown up and seeing this video made me see beyond the point of controls, so thanks Dennis, thank you all a lot for making games better.

GD Derpfish : When I got my first pc and first time playing, I instantly got adapted to *WASD*

MisterM2402 : Dennis "Thresh" Fong 1996: He looks about 20 years old. 2018: He looks about 28 years old.

Care for Environment : Even I used the same since I was 4. I first used it in GTA San Andreas. It gives high improvement.

papa mito : Because they used fortnite to describe the best of the best I'm going to leave a dislike

solid - vape 5 : What is this? A Gamers Guide for single parents that can't connect with their kids?

Allen Kennedy : real gamers use ESDF or TFGH, unfortunately I use neither.

dethswurl117 : _Just use two mouses_

dann_ : *I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Filthy Frank*

minecraft cool redstone : Some left handed people use the arrow keys

Ethribin : I use ESDF. Not WASD. It makes many keys to the right of your hand easyer to reach and none of the left keys suffer. Except Shift a little. It is less easy to reach with your pinky. But only slightly. Just need to streatch your pinky a little more. (Maybe its cause i play the piano that this doesnt bother me? Idk) Most important of all, I dont have to move my left hand to type out text!! Just my right hand, from mouse to keyboard.

imeverywhere. : I pronounce wasd as *WASP*

Steve Gitundu : He still looks the same as in 1996

DogE ThE MaSteR : Am I the only one who uses my left thumb for shift?

Mr Orange : Why you breathe oxygen to live?

EVILBUNNY28 : F For respect