Please Stop Making Life Hacks
Please Stop Making Life Hacks Drew Gooden

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Big L : was gonna paint badden, but instead I drew gooden

misskatpierce : drew, where are you. come back, i haven't been called a lil stinker in weeks, i don't know who i am anymore.

Real Donald Trump : Will you please shorten your name to Dr Gooden? Don't need the 'ew', leave that for Daniew Gonzalew

Gizzy Gazza Animations : can you add me on runescape

slavic lad : Making bad life hack videos? *STOP THAT*


Blue M&Ms : Am I the only one who laughed when he said "tired of trying to put your cutting board down but your other cutting board is in the way"

Dragonboat Nation : 6:08 when drew thinks farming didn’t exist 800 years ago

Drew Gooden : okay YEAH so maybe farming wasn't invented 800 years ago...... maybe it was closer to 900.

Chris Kogos : HowToBasic makes all the life hacks

lizi : Drew bro you ok? Haven't heard from you for a while now.... did the life hack people take you out??

Audie H : 5:53 that’s also not how you plant strawberries.

casiana E : Why does ur gf sound like dannys gf?😂

Jarvis Johnson : thank you for coming out of retirement

Abbey Fred : 8:35 was the secret project a hit list??

William Shakespeare : Drew forgetting to film an outro before getting a haircut is a mood

xena rodriguez : Is drew dead

TinySpidey : If you put your valuables in a poopy diaper, true they won't take it, but instead throw it away

Richard Pickman's Paintbrush : The epic conclusion to the Gooden Life Hack trilogy

623 : Heyyy its been 3 weeks where are you

Cydney : The music at 8:05 SENDS

birdcreature : _why is the "secret project" just a list of names of which they are crossing one off_ _what are they doing to these people_

Adara Nicholls : Drew! We miss you... Please come back!

Handz 0n Trigger : Life hack: Can't get to sleep? Hot glue your eyes shut!

Finn Hollowbread : Ngl one of the best bits was just the ‘green screen’ in the background

David Seip : There is a disturbing lack of kick-flips in this video.

Jombo56 : drew come back i miss you

Olivia : You look like Fred or George from HP.

Cody Ko : I love this so much! I love it!

Thumbs Up : Nobody: Thumbnail: *_NOBODY FOR ASKED THIS_*

Hotlips Turtlehead : 1:53 Drew Gooden has fully transformed into John Mulaney.

Kawaii Ghost : Is this the Craig army

Anthony Fabel : Where are you? It's been 3 weeks.

Jesus Christ : Life really isn't worth "hacking"... mortality is over rated.

Aaris Howton : In the segment where you’re wondering how the ring got so dirty... did you forget people sometimes pass down rings in their family

Nom du Clavier : Finally, the agricultural revolution can begin

cr3sslov3abl3 : When 1/5 of your commentary is a skit.

Vanessa O'Brien : Drew! The eggshells are fertilizer! Good life hack not bad!

Leon Lush : Your skits are the life force that flows through me.

10,000,000 : Girl comes out in ripped jeans Drew:yea im not even gonna watch that one Me: deceased

Logan Kordinak : Drew do you think that people started planting things in soil... 800 years ago? That's uh... A low ball guess

Briveeee : These two life hack videos are the best videos I've seen in a long while. I laughed a lot. Thank you.

savannah : Drew...come back...

Bernardo Marques : The sequel everyone wanted but forgot to ask

Kianna Staniforth : *This channel just discovered plants*

Smarmy Slayer : 1990: This life hack is to clean your shoes easier! 2019: Glue your phone to a glove and watch the magic!

Max Hughes : That egg one I would actually do if it was a little simpler. Edit: the one early on that cracks the egg cleanly and easily.

Layne S. : React to YouTube rewind 2018

Tito Cristobal : You are the most best comedy.