Please Stop Making Life Hacks

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Cody Ko : I love this so much! I love it!

Leon Lush : Your skits are the life force that flows through me.

BKRsport : Why does everyone in Drew's videos look like Drew? Even Drew looks like Drew? This seems a bit fishy...

misskatpierce : drew, where are you. come back, i haven't been called a lil stinker in weeks, i don't know who i am anymore.

Stasys Čhepulis : Life hack: if you got a haircut before filming all the scenes, use hat. A M A Z I N G 😱

Lithunium Snow : glad your wife hasnt actually left you yet

Reid Fowler : "Just use it as an egg" - Drew Gooden 2018

HashtagArtastic : Ok, with the diaper one, my worry would be that someone would see the poopy diaper and try to be a good person and throw out he diaper. Then all of my valuables would be in the trash.

Juli : Sometimes I wonder if Drew and John Mulaney are in some way related to each other

Big L : was gonna paint badden, but instead I drew gooden

Handz 0n Trigger : Life hack: Can't get to sleep? Hot glue your eyes shut!

lizi surguladze : Drew bro you ok? Haven't heard from you for a while now.... did the life hack people take you out??


623 : Heyyy its been 3 weeks where are you

Adara Nicholls : Drew! We miss you... Please come back!

StAr Man : Drew!! I looked away like you told me to but you never told me to look back! I missed the whoooole video and had to listen to the rest =(

Real Donald Trump : Will you please shorten your name to Dr Gooden? Don't need the 'ew', leave that for Daniew Gonzalew

xena rodriguez : Is drew dead

Jombo56 : drew come back i miss you

Drew Gooden : okay YEAH so maybe farming wasn't invented 800 years ago...... maybe it was closer to 900.

teanna Jean : Drew: hey guys welcome back to... NO

Bryn Jackson : The ring could be really old, grandma's old wedding ring that's been given to him as family heirloom or something. He definitely should've cleaned it first though. Also he should probably just dump the girl if she's gonna recoil in disgust while he's proposing because the ring is dirty. You can do better than her bro! Take that beer, put your feet up, and drink it!

Blue M&Ms : Am I the only one who laughed when he said "tired of trying to put your cutting board down but your other cutting board is in the way"

Nutty Nutsworth : 5:57 excuse me but does drew think agriculture only began 800 fucking years ago

Jarvis Johnson : thank you for coming out of retirement

savannah : Drew...come back...

Will : Do not let your wife Runscape-shame you, Drew.

buibuich : why did u go back into retirement drew bby;^((

Lilly Gallagher : Drew where art thou

Bernardo Marques : The sequel everyone wanted but forgot to ask

William Shakespeare : Drew forgetting to film an outro before getting a haircut is a mood

Shaq WithTheCombo : Is it just me or do your eyebrows change every other video?

Aerin .b : ok drew, don't post for 3 weeks


Jesus Christ : Life really isn't worth "hacking"... mortality is over rated.

Anthony Fabel : Where are you? It's been 3 weeks.

HealthilyInsane : You know what’s sad? That lifehack in the beginning about repairing a broken plate with milk is actually legit, the only thing they fail to mention is that it ONLY works with authentic fine china. That’s it. So unless youre constantly rummaging carelessly around in your grandmas china cabinet that hack is absolutely useless. Unbelievable, true, but totally useless

blairco : Drew, you're uploading at the same pace iDubbbz does. Come on!

Layne S. : React to YouTube rewind 2018

ItsJohnnyRD 123 : Drew, the life hacks u review in the video may be pretty dumb, but the electricity toggle is next level

David Seip : There is a disturbing lack of kick-flips in this video.

Nina Villalon : omg post soon :( getting bored

Kawaii Ghost : Is this the Craig army

Cydney : The music at 8:05 SENDS

Dean C : “What is it with lifehack channels and eggs?” *dramatically points to how to basic*

Dragonboat Nation : 6:08 when drew thinks farming didn’t exist 800 years ago

Bantersauruswag MLG : Luxury pranks made a diss track on you

Pastel_ Demon : Where are you???

Matthew Sawczyn : cheese hacks = adult hacks

Spicy Puffin : But if life hacks go away then who will buy all that hot glue?