Ouija Board Circuit Breaker Meme (ORIGINAL)

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s a m p l e t e x t : Quality!

[marbardan] : It sounds like the demons are already in the house.

StormWolf01 : That's what being a brother is all about.

HazMatt : This is amazing

Chen Boi : If this doesn't get on trending I will be very angery

Benoit FLEURY : You're a genius

irlrp : Not the hero we needed, but the one we deserved

Greg H : I've been cackling at this video now for 5 minutes straight, holy shit this is genius

Ostiole : The ouija session worked, you're the demon they called :)

Jasyn Taylor : You win. Good one

AtenRa : It's all fun and games, until he goes up to an empty room and suddenly remembers everyone's over at another friend's house...

Johnny Gonzalez : The devil is a choir boy compared to you! A CHOIR BOY !!!

:Error 404: : Some villians dont need capes (Villian in a good way)

Original Mac : Good my young apprentice... Never tell her. Let her think she is being haunted by spirits

MurderMike41370 : Hahaha Good one! Also, funny how people think the Ouija board is real! It's called the Ideomotor effect, look up, peasants.

denimadept : Too funny!

Kellz Lefontae : Lol. good one

Saltyboi Productions : Hey, it's me the guy from iFunny :) if you don't believe this is the original, check @Segouya_Hamata on iFunny. I credited this video as the original. (Also if you need some music I got the plug 👀)

moontiabyss : deberian estar prohibido subir estas payasadas

John Cena : If y'all could subscribe that'd be awesome

John Cena : The original

Razgriz198 : so beautiful...

Scared noodle : I need to know the aftermath of this

Rebecca Sireech : Hello Jake! Happy I finally found you :) I posted your video on Reddit and it made front page news. Your friend contacted me and told me where to find you. I gave you credit for the video and got some messages from people who would like to post it. I showed them where find you.

EmRuHire Inc. : That is genius on so many levels.

Koolan Hernaandeez : straight up savage dude xD

Toze : I gotta try this someday

DigitalAddiction : HaHaHaHa!! Soooo mean! I would have done the same though. XD

aqryllis : Ifunny

Expose Ninja : Haha u have 1m IQ

ANDREWJB_ 13 : Dude what’s ur Instagram let’s be best friends

Shitty Username. : Calm down, Satan.

Seraphina Violeta : Hey, I'm a a video editor at HERB, and I would love to reupload this video on our Facebook page, please let me know if this is okay with you, we will attribute full credit to you!

PupsEmmi : how does your friend post it somewhere else when it was on your story?

Andy Sowar : Hey Jake, this is Andy from Literally Media/Ebaum's World. Can we get permission to use this video on our Facebook pages? Let me know what you think, and if so, let me know how you want to be credited. Thanks and have a great day!

Hannah Goodman : Hi Jake. This is too funny. I just sent you a message about it!

Derek Waggoner : Too fun.

Laura Shepherd : Hey there! Laura here from UNILAD! Could you fire me an email over to laura.shepherd@unilad.co.uk Thanks so much!

Joseph Flinders : Hi Jamie, what's the best way of me getting in touch with you? - We'd like to share your video and rightfully credit you! - Thanks

Steve Crown : Now why would they do something stupid like that. You know that those demons won’t help you they will destroy you why you may ask ?? Because God created us in his own image. God threw Satan and his angels out of heaven.. think about it

Ghosthawks : What’s your snapchat 😂

Sergeant Rocky : "meme" oh god you're killing me...

joy santod : What happened after?

Michael Varnavas : android user

Grim393 : EPIC WIN

Zoddhand : This is perfect lol

I.P. : Lol subscriber #20!