Why Won't it Melt? How NASA's Solar Probe will Survive the Sun

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Piemasteratron : Please at least include Celsius as a footnote.

Theneedlelift : Watch that thing melt

Eric Fartman : Just wrap the god'dam thing with a 9.99$ flex tape.

LameMonster82 ' : *Who would win* A literally burning ball of fire *Or* White paint

Konnies Egg : It only operates at night. Duh

Blu Wizard : 1950: Our cars will fly 2018: we did something better, we sent a satellite to the sun!

r y z : Will they faking a sun landing later?😂

Adrian : If you leave your hand in the oven it will eventually reach the temperature of the oven...

El Payazo13 ww2 : Flat earth people be like this is fake

An Account : Just fly there at night... duh...

7s29 : Because it's CGI.

NuGG3Tz _ : Theres Even more Dangerous than The Flat Earth Society... *The Flat Sun Society*

Red Vanderbilt : Easy, let's just visit the Sun at night and winter when it's turned off

Aaron Lira : Just put the AC at max

Broose Waiyn : Let’s attach the Paul brothers on it

Yohan Lobo : I bet my MI phone can melt that probe

MK Uis : reminds me of the movie Sunshine (2007)...

Dieng Khadim Mbacke : Mission impossible

Shane Euston : NASA please teach Apple how to keep their new laptops cool as well. Thank you.

Mostachio Nut : Now the real question is, how do they know the density of the Corona if this is the first probe to go there 🤔🤔

cellphone bwahahaha : The sun is white tho not yellow

Subbura 1988 : Wow & we cannot solve world hunger

OFFICIALBOOKERFORTE : in just taking a wild guess but I think Sun wins...

Radek Fura : They should send it in night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gaming With BlendzZ. : Can't Wait to walk on Sun

Sir Spike : The Sun goes away at night , just go then

1k Flash : Watch the probe change direction by itself somewhere in deep space😂

Nick Danaluk : They could save a lot of effort shielding the spacecraft by simply going at night.


DIY-Chris : I build Houses for 20 years. They use in modern times 25 cm diameter insolstion to manage temperatures in -20° to 30° ..... Thats Why i like NASA space Programm..... in a couple of years, i Imagine a House Insolation with maybe 2 mm Material!

Justin Ngeny : *And I still cant use YouTube while it's closed*

Keil Cas : ... Because CGI won't melt.

jeeshadow : Great video, fascinating stuff! But about that music....

Adrian : The sun radiates in the form of photons via electromagnetic waves. When photons collide with another surface the energy gets transferred and agitates the host's particles which creates heat. The white shield will repel the photons instead of absorbing them. If the photons hit anything else in the probe, it's toast, literally. It gets more complicated from there with relation to convection and conduction, but a solar flare up that encompasses the probe will destroy it. But, I imagine they calculated the average distance at which flares occur. So ingenious.

ElangGentan : Nasa not hot

Ryan Steele : Nasa are nothing but liars and frauds. Nasa has defrauded the United States trillions of dollars and it will be one of the greatest days in the history of human beings when they have to pay all of that money back. It’s game over nasa

nictimus : The Macbook Pro is still hotter

Ko Lo : They can going in night

Edo : *Can someone send this video to Flat Earthers please?*

Steves Channel : I see you guys specialize in cgi 👍

EthIN : Doesn't sound convincing at all if you ask me. I have no idea how they can use water to carry out heat transfer at temperatures that, for all practical purposes, are millions of degrees. But I know these people are damn smart. There must be something that I don't understand lol

dazhibernian : Without watching the video im going with massive sunglasses smeared in factor 50 sun cream to protect it amma right???

Jhumar Cuzon : A scientist: Now that sounds good. Now drop it on Venus!

Arvind Bamhi : Great work NASA....But India will send that thing to the sun at 10% the cost...

Abhishek Mishra : At 01:45 Learned it in thermal expansion last year and even in thermodynamics this year😍😎

VICKING : NASA is the smartest sending that probe at night when the sun is at its coolest

Steven Baumann : Excellent! So it won’t be using the Ferengi invented forcefield?

White Thunder : Multiple solar flare burst will take care of the probe....

Anvesh Dubey : Who will win superhero battle Fireman vs iceman

big niBBa : 1:35 hoe does it flow with no gravity?!?!