Why Won't it Melt? How NASA's Solar Probe will Survive the Sun

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Steven Baumann : Excellent! So it won’t be using the Ferengi invented forcefield?

Chaitanya Singh : What about the solar bursts that happen at the corona? Can it survive one of that?

dazhibernian : Without watching the video im going with massive sunglasses smeared in factor 50 sun cream to protect it amma right???

Piemasteratron : Please at least include Celsius as a footnote.

An Account : Just fly there at night... duh...

I don't deserve subs : Please make sure it is wearing 6,000,000SPF suncream. It will be like an oven there. Maybe even like a gas chamber since its a star.

Android Kenobi : finally! bringing us one step closer to walking on the sun

Kurtis Engle : That's a pretty cool spacecraft. I'm sorry.

Dean Churchman : They should send an old Toyota up with some Mexican beers. Then they can see a Corona from a Corona while drinking Corona.

Sytchie : Nice! Quick question: How do radiators work in space? I always thought they transfer their heat into the environment (in most cases air), but if there is no environment (vacuum), where does the heat go?

Upcycle Electronics : Parker has a mullet! All business outfront, party in the back [÷)


Nick Danaluk : They could save a lot of effort shielding the spacecraft by simply going at night.

Ervi Ari : The information is good but the presentation with the voice over and hokey music makes it difficult to take seriously for the casual viewer

b1aflatoxin : Surely the "water" is mixed with something a bit more high performance? I'm intrigued! Thanks. :)

Marcos Paulino : I can't wait to see the James Webb Telescope to be deployed


Adam Thimmig : Would love to see a video showing what the flight path of a solar probe looks like and the shape of its ultimate orbit.

I am not here : My name is on its memory card. Just saying.

Paul Gracey : Very Interesting. would be that the small fold mirrors "Peeking" out from the edges of the sunshield are also "cold mirrors" The type that allow the heat to pass through into space, while reflecting some visible light to the protected sensors? This is similar to the old Hollywood trick of hiding the expensive camera behind a rock or other blast shield, while photographing an explosion scene through a 45 degree mirror that might get destroyed during the explosion, but will save the camera.

Watanab.e : c a r b o n c a r b o n

nictimus : The Macbook Pro is still hotter


Eric Fartman : Just wrap the god'dam thing with a 9.99$ flex tape.

Vedant Pandya : Hit like if you relate this to The Sunshine (2007)

ScarCaskt : How does the sun burn if there is zero oxygen in space?

Kittsuera : alright stupid questions 1) Why not cover the whole probe in the heat shield? 2) when it gets close enough to the sun wouldn't Light be hitting all sides of the probe and thus throw the sensors off (blinding it) 3) what is keeping the radiators cool? Might the water behind the solar cells heat up faster than it has time to cool and become ineffective? 4) IF the water in the system was to get too hot and become steam, can the cooling system take the extra pressure or is it going to blow itself up? 5) as a counter measure wouldn't it be wise to make sure the electronics are water proofed? and that's all the stupid questions I could think of atm. Edit: 6) Did they make sure that all the components used in the probe don't have a low melting point.

bestamerica : ' come on america... american JPL / NASA can making the best spacecraft with heatproof and sending to the venus landing then take alot of pictures / videos... same idea spacecraft on the mars land... also mercury landing plus pictures / videos

LameMonster82 ' : *Who would win* A literally burning ball of fire *Or* White paint

Timothy Parsons : We need those funds back.

Rogy Mahmoud : What about solar wind?

Brenden Carr : Remember that movies that the people reignite the sun and their ship uses this same concept?

Zach Cox : I wonder if there is any concern for CMEs ... I imagine they could increase the local energy density of the corona quite a bit ... Is there good data on the energy density of a typical CME that close to the sun and how close to the maximum that the Parker Solar Probe can withstand are they?

Anne Castro : Oh dont forget to apply sunscreen and wear glasses when you visit the sun😊

Hari Sankar : The water won't get evaporated eventually??!

shagadelic3000 : At this point NASA is just laughing at the people who think this is actually possible.

7s29 : Because it's CGI.

Andy Adams : I still find it hard to believe that that thing wouldn't melt to a pile of goo

Free Thinker : What kind of processor does that liquid cooled beast run?

Tletna : I'm confused. If it can run tests and sense things without interference from the heat shield and if the heat shield actually works, why not shield it on all sides? Why would you only shield it on one side? It makes zero sense to me.

Palatisan : I have seen it in person. It is majestic, gigantic, and has really cool panels. Navigation is neat too.

Blu Wizard : 1950: Our cars will fly 2018: we did something better, we sent a satellite to the sun!

Neppoliyan Dakshin : So if sun acts like Owen, the water inside radiator will get boiled.🤔

Ryan Steele : Nasa are nothing but liars and frauds. Nasa has defrauded the United States trillions of dollars and it will be one of the greatest days in the history of human beings when they have to pay all of that money back. It’s game over nasa

Celeste Burgess : I ❤️ curiosity the rover

Lloyd Christmas : Pretty awesome. Keep up the great curiosity.

r y z : Will they faking a sun landing later?😂

LeMar : let chuck norris fly to the sun. He'll make the sun melt

Shane Euston : NASA please teach Apple how to keep their new laptops cool as well. Thank you.

Aljuno August : This is all animation. Just like decovery and natgeo