Was Windows Vista THAT bad?
Was Windows Vista really this bad as we remembered it

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John Smith : Vista itself isn't bad, the transition from XP to Vista is what was.

nacho martin : 0:39 thanks for the free windows 98 license!

Evelene Maye : MSDOS: I'm a computer, I'm pretty difficult to get along with. goodluck Windows 3: Hey see that thing next to the keyboard, try moving it... MIND BLOWN!!! Windows 95: Hey look, i got a shiny START button Windows 98: Puberty. things changed man, things changed. Look, it looks different now. see my new start menu? Windows ME: USBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss FLASH DRIVES KEYBOARDS MICE ANYTHING AAAAAAAA IT"S SO MUCH STUFFF!!!!! Windows XP: Hey you want a puppy, you got it. Tired of gray, now theres color. Want internet, just plug me in. I'm the friendliest OS ever and will always be known as the only one that gives you a puppy to help you look for stuff. ALSO there's pinball, good luck getting any work done. also i can do that too, but you're not even listening, i can see you're too busy shaking the life out of space cadet Windows Vista: Alright, people know where and what the start button is. let's just replace it with a shiny orb. I've put on some weight so you know, i need more space. also i'm new. Windows 7: Quick launch? never heard of it, do you mean the pinned programs on the task bar? OOOh check this out (opens 2 windows, moves one to the left edge, other to the right) Huh! HUH! Cool, right? Windows 8: Alright, people have gotten pretty used to the start button, let's just scrap the whole idea. also that desktop look is so yesterday, let's just throw everything out the window and start over as a brand new OS but let's keep the Windows name just so people are confused. Windows 8.1: (back from being shredded alive by angry zombies) Oh dear god what have we done. Alright, let's take everything we did when we made windows 8 and reverse it. Apparently people actually like the start button but let's just make it useless for now, we know they hated the start menu. Windows 10: Jesus! I can't ever win with you guys, FINE! Here's a fu**ing Start MENU, HAPPY!?!, fuck*rs. Also since we clearly don't know what people like, let's just spy on everyone.

Julian Paul : not as bad as Windows 8, the operating system that couldn't decide if it was mobile or desktop urrrggghhh

OneTwoMark : I remember back in the day on my Windows XP machine downloading skins to make it look like Vista and thinking I was the shit.

Jacob Boyko : Watching on Windows Vista :)

iRoXaR : Windows Vista.. I always loved it because of its name!

akirasattari : I think Windows vista is a solid os made my Microsoft 😉

Luis Galnares : In fact win7 is windows 6.1 (type "ver" on a command line to check it)

Niroop Karera : It doesn't matter cause the human ear can only smell 4mb of software.

kms6002 : what is see different from windows 7 and vista windows 7 : bigger taskbar different wallpaper

D N : Vista Ultimate ran flawless for me after updates, it was stable, smooth, intuitive and the way I had it setup you almost couldn't tell it apart from 7 at a glance. In fact when I swapped to 7, I lost features that I have missed ever since.

Mohamed Ameri : Vista was amazingly looking with that deep reflective black taskbar, very neat especially that it came after Win XP.

PR124 Wannabe : If you have a good computer vista isn’t bad and it looks stunning

My Instant Search : That intro - ad transition was smooth AF 10/10

Deathmetalmaniac96 : Service pack 2 Vista I had absolutely no problems with, ran everything I needed to fine underrated if you ask me, 7 is pretty much just vista but better it's pretty identical for the most part.

American Tadpole : I'm using my vista laptop to type this. Online still works great for me! I use pale moon for my browser

Glenn Smith : I loved windows Vista....lol it was like XP but with more customization on the consumer end.

Greatest Squrriel : I like the Vista User interface. The Win10 Ui ar borring and simple...

Roda : Hasta la Vista, baby

Motor Miljø : I ran Vista just fine, to be honest I never regretted making the move. As mentioned in the video, it was pretty much up to hardware.

Ranger Roe : I think I'm in the minority who's had an amazing experience with Vista and Win 8.1, while a really bad experience with Win 10. For Win 8.1, get the Start is Back function and you are good to go. Typing this from my Win 8.1

Piseth Seak : I used to install it, because I love interface design. I think that Windows Vista is for business users. Because it has many securities than Win 7, but too many drivers wont work with it like XP.

Solid Oki : I loved windows vista i never had any problems with it as long as i kept up maintenance

Amin Cherfoune : The intros are getting better and better lol

AeroRed YT : Lol, if you ask me, Windows 7 is just a copy of Windows Vista but with bug fixes and a new desktop.

Alessandro Tagliafierro : - Was Windows Vista that bad? - Well, yes but actually no

Jedediasz Zimmerman : Simple, single core cpu + 512mb ram + vista, or weak cheap laptop + preinstaled vista.

Patrik Čech : Vista was great. I have it on 3rd place of best windows after widows 8.1 and 7. I don’t know why people hate it. I much hate windows 10 and ME than Vista

MS Paint Daily : It had MS Paint, so not in my opinion

Scorch428 : Windows 7 wasnt right around the corner....they fixed all the bugs in Vista and just called it Windows 7...

andywolan : Was that a flat panel modified to look like an old IBM CRT, or was that just a screen saver?

Ethan LaHood : Was Windows 8 that bad? Yes, yes it was

Windows Tutorials : One of my fav YouTubers had macOS High Sierra and it has so much lag and he said this "This is now macOS High Vista"

lolskigaming : next up: was windows 8 THAT bad?

Raptor : It was a beautiful OS, maybee the most stylish one to date.

Jason Edwards : I think Windows Vista is a released beta version of Windows 7.

Jake Smith : 0:01 I thought it was an advertisement 😂

David Williams : Did Linus actually push that dvd drive tray closed?

Techbird 64 : 2007: Aero is beautiful but my computer is too weak 2018: Computers are incredibly powerful but there is no Aero today

Adryzz : I had a very good gpu and vista runs today (with that hw) very smoothly and i think that oem pc werent enough powerful to load vista. If you think on netbooks with win10 they runs smoothly because there isnt Windows Aero. PEOPLE WANTS LOW COST PC RUNNING VERY HEAVY SOFTWARE. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE

Jonnytrickz : Because yo lol. I always enjoy these videos. I never had performance issues with any Microsoft os unless I was working too fast.

Twig : When speaking of being bloated, windows 8 and 10 are far worse on that. Coming with non-removable software many people dont want or need.

Edin Omeragic : I had vista on laptop for about 10 years and it was really stable OS, never had to reinstall or fix anything.

The Dark Side of Nature : - Was Windows Vista THAT bad? - *YO*

ZephrOli : Windows Vista on an Inspiron is great, Windows Vista is literally my favourite OS

FannyPackMan100 : Windows “Mojave” MacOS Mojave Hmmm …..

Smackerlacker : Sure, that's all fine, but try FIXING a PC running Vista. I've never pushed the format/reinstall option harder in my life.

Jarrod Adams : I LOVED this video! The only problem I think I ever had with Vista was not having a suitable driver for my ancient printer at the time. I can't remember any other problems at all. I couldn't figure out why people hated it so much. And I actually preferred it's interface more than Windows 7. I LOVED the Aero UI! It's really a bummer it got such a bad reputation.