Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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Sharky Sharklops : That beginning is one of the only things on this channel that actually looked like it was shot with a RED

Car Washes of Georgia : Windows ME (Mistake Edition) was a nightmare.

Robert Timsah : Windows 8 was worse than Vista, I mean, at least Vista had a start button.

Brian Baratheon : I skipped Vista entirely and stayed with XP. That worked well enough for me until 7 came out.

nacho martin : 0:39 thanks for the free windows 98 license!

Lolled9991 : "Buggy, slow, bloated mess" Sounds just like Windows 10, lol

Flanger : Nothing can compare to WinME. At some point, I'd had to reinstall it every week. Great intro by the way =)

Tim0lmazan 1 : Windows Vista is like Windows 7 Beta

Duncan : Unpopular opinion: Vista SP2 was a great OS

Kyle Clements : Windows Vista is what finally convinced me to make the jump to Linux. I haven't looked back since.

MS Paint Daily : It had MS Paint, so not in my opinion

Eddiev8 : Never had a problem with Windows Vista. My brother and I got a brand new HP Media Center PC from our parents as a gift and it came with Vista home. We played games on it and watched TV due to the TV card. It was an awesome PC and got it in 2009 and lasted until somewhere in 2014 when the electricity in our house kept shutting it off. Loved that PC and Vista. Never had any issues, ever! We would do so much homework on it and it was always fast! We never ever complained about it's speed. Oh and also all my friends got newer PC's that same year so we all played online together and we all had vista and none of us ever complained about our pc..it was a good time

The Nonchalant Shallot : I don't get it. I had never had any problems whatsoever with Vista. Not one. Absolutely zero. How can everyone else have so many issues with Vista when it never caused any for me.?

Any Bag : You dont know hell until you tried Windows Millinium The very short lived forgoten Windows Operating system

Rock'on : Windows Longhorn was suppose to be the greatest because of the Indexing Service. They finally decided to remove it, so it was the end for Longhorn, since it was not significantly different from XP

Deathmetalmaniac96 : Service pack 2 Vista I had absolutely no problems with, ran everything I needed to fine underrated if you ask me, 7 is pretty much just vista but better it's pretty identical for the most part.

MontyPythonChap : I never had problems with Vitsa and seeing this os takes me back to the good ol days

StormTehSinner : I actually liked Vista to some extent... Back then I build myself a highend gaming PC (AMD Phenom 9950 4x 2.6GHZ, 8GB DDR2 RAM 1066MHz and a nVidia GeForce GTX 280) and therefore I had no problem with running Vista. The major problem was for the old PCs and the "Office-PCs" of that time. Every PC with 2 GB of RAM (or less) had a hard time with Vista because of how demanding it was. But if you have a good enough machine Vista is almost as good as 7. In my opinion it's far better than Win10, but so is every Windows except for Win8/8.1. I really REALLY hate Win10. It's a spyware with OS-features. And of course it doesn't provide as much freedom as older versions. It's my PC so why shouldn't I be able to decide EVERYTHING? And why should MY OWN PC send data to MS when I don't want to? Other than that, I also can't stand the design, but that's more of a subjective term.

Zerri : i'm watching this on a Windows Vista

My Instant Search : That intro - ad transition was smooth AF 10/10

Tobasco Sauce : Vista was bad at the beginning. However they have fixed it with updates. Just like any other windows

onee : YESSSS!! Even Bill Gates regretted Windows Vista. He said it in a video himself.

American Tadpole : I'm using my vista laptop to type this. Online still works great for me! I use pale moon for my browser

Torlek Jpec : Vista is good compared with Windows 10 but Windows XP is better.

Sander Buurma : Kudos on the new and different intro guys!

AndreasH900 : Windows vista so slow on my dads old computer it took hours to do simple things pff

Mao Zedong : lol translucent ui was on linux a decade before vista wtf is this cat saying.

Dave Hyler : Windows ME?

elektron2kim : They should have kept Windows and the internet simple. We also waste our lives with meaningless changes and especially updates of operating systems. Windows 10 is still on a level of an update monster where Vista doesn't update and it's possible to do something each time. Windows 7 is also quite perfect and updates are rare. XP sucks for the modern reasons, but not the older.

Bingocat : Windows 7 is Windows Vista with all the problems fixed.

maxie fuqua : Vista was a trainwreck. Plain and simple. Linus is absolutely right when he said by the time Vista was fixed enough to be worth using, 7 was already out and running better than Vista ever did. I actually still use Windows 7. It just works. Microsoft got basically everything right with 7. (And cuz fuck 8 and 10. Can't stand them.)

Ilkka T. : Windows Vista: Yo!

prismstudios001 : One of my laptops is still running Vista, and runs perfectly. My NEW Windows 10 one boots up slower. I ended up running Chrome through the Vista laptop because it is unsupported, and I can't do some things in vista ( like YouTube).... I really do not like 10 at all. If I find a Win 7 disc with a license that isn't looney expensive I will update the Vista unit, but so far so good. Watching and responding to this on my iPad.....Don't judge me.

doug rabbit : Not sure about Vista,but....I have a HP stream 13 (2g/32g...n3050) that came with windows 10 home. It was painfully slow. I decided to try windows 8.1. After lot's of work...drivers drivers drivers...batches from ms to get ms update working. Activation key (ebay). I now have a nice little laptop for basic browsing ect. btw: after using 8.1 again for a month or so...it's really a nicer experience then 10! Faster,less settings to set to have microsoft spying/bugging me. Can decide when I wanna update batches,and NO os auto upgrades!!! Moral to my story...8.1 is wayyyyy better for me then 10.

ZachAtk1 : Vista never gave me problems. Although I would never want to go back... Windows 10 has been good to me.

newstarcadefan : I can say that ME was *worse* than vista. I had an old inspiron Vista system that really wasn't a bad system.

Arcbat : My first build ran Vista Ultimate 64 bit and I never knew what the fuss was about. I tried it and loved it. It felt like it was the last Windows OS I had full control over without extensive modification or third party programs. I experienced driver issues with my motherboard that I was never able to fully resolve but I didn’t blame the OS for it.

Newezreal : it just works

PatriArk : Thought the beginning was an ad

Melody -Mellybyte- : watching this video on a Vista Connected to a Projector

Björn Erlendur : that UAC, actually was better on Vista. Because there, you could disable it completely. That means, no crashing remote control apps, because something needs an update.

omeganik : yes

Imr : Yes.

chris numnuts : i refused to vista if it was left to me i be still on windows xp

MusicForHours : I still like the windows 7 and even vista menu better than windows 10 After years of having windows 10...

Blue Dog : Win 8

Kilur Mods : I have a vista monitor still.......

Heikki Ketoharju : Great video, and I agree: many technologies behind XP were becoming old, so Microsoft really needed to revamp its operating system. Vista was actually a big update under the hood. One remark, however: some features Vista (and then 7) sported, did not arrive to OS X later on, but actually before Windows. For example, Widgets, instant search and GPU-based UI rendering was in production 2005 when OS X 10.4 Tiger launched. This of course makes the whole Vista story even more tempting: Microsoft was trying to implement some features its rival already had, and then the lauch was just catastrophical. It was surely a good moment for Apple to market their computers and OS. Many of my friends switched away from Windows that time. Later on, when I occasionally used Windows 7, it was actually a really stable and good experience.

Outlaws for life : Is apple maps bad

Imperfect Hits : 0:53 It killed me LOL