Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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Sharky Sharklops : That beginning is one of the only things on this channel that actually looked like it was shot with a RED

Kiyoshi Kirishima : You need permission to delete that file. You need permission to create that file. You need permission to copy that file. You need permission to view that file. You need permission to install that program. You need permission to uninstall that program. You need permission to download that file. You need permission to edit that file. You need permission to change that setting. You need permission to use your computer.

Hello Everyone : VISTA was awesome. Most computers just didnt have enough ram or never got correct drivers to work with it. When it came out I had 4 gigs of ram in my desktop where most had 1. It ran PERFECTLY! all the drivers installed automatically and I never had a single problem with it. However it did come pre-installed on a ton of computers that simply couldnt handle it.

FoodTechLife : Windows Vista ran great for me probably because I didn’t have a crappy PC.

SqawkyPig : I loved the Windows Vista UI :>

Lolled9991 : "Buggy, slow, bloated mess" Sounds just like Windows 10, lol

FoodTechLife : Windows Vista ran great for me probably because I didn’t have a crappy PC.

Alfie Moon : Windows XP was so good that Microsoft had a hard time improving on it.

Flanger : Nothing can compare to WinME. At some point, I'd had to reinstall it every week. Great intro by the way =)

Nathan Blaser : Vista was never bad. The problem is people tried to run it on compatible hardware, not capable hardware. There is a very huge difference. Just because the hardware could run Vista never meant it would run it well. Vista was a bit ahead of its time. By the time 7 came out people have capable hardware for the most part and often tried to use that as an example of 7 being better, and, while it was better it was not due to the OS per se but the hardware the OS ran on. Sure 7 was a better experience by UI standards but other than that it really wasn't much if at all better than Vista. People just didn't understand, and still try to ignore these facts and push their opinion as the only factor involved.

My Instant Search : That intro - ad transition was smooth AF 10/10

Robin Redbreast : I really liked windows XP .

OmegaGamingNetwork : I dunno, I think Win 8 gave Vista a good run for the money on completely botched launches. I know more people who liked Vista than I ever knew who liked 8. Every single person I knew It professional or regular user reviled win 8. To this day I utterly hate its influence that continues to exist in win 10. Win 8, 8.1 and 10 are bar none the worst looking and least functional UI's ever produced by MS.

Ben Shandrow : Linus do a video on 144hz monitors clocking down to 60hz when any video or animation on your 60hz secondary monitor is active...please nvidia and microsoft keep blaming it on each other and we need to bring this situation to the light

Horny Fruit Flies : Them bubbles made me shed Manly Tears of Nostalgia.

MS Paint Daily : It had MS Paint, so not in my opinion

Michel 14 : my pc is still running windows 7 and yea it's great

crazycomicsinc : Windows vista and windows 7 aren't that bad actually, even if XP was the superior back in the day, now windows 10 took over and turned itself into an ugly operating system rather than being an beautiful OS like vista and 7.

The_Awesome_Drum : But the question is Who's still on Windows Vista?

Andrew : I didn't mind running vista back in the day. I had a high end gaming pc and wanted dx10 gaming which wasn't available for xp. I didn't experience crashes and my hardware was compatible plus I loved the aero theme. I had a system running 4gb ram and windows xp 64bit was terrible so vista 64 was the best option

ZachAtk1 : Vista never gave me problems. Although I would never want to go back... Windows 10 has been good to me.

Mekronid : I read on some Microsoft archive that Vista had major IO prioritization bugs because they pushed it out too early. They blamed OEMs for everything but the slowness was in fact a kernel bug. To this very day on any modern Windows OS, NTFS will lose random file fragments if you allow a drive to become too fragmented. FAT32's implementation did not suffer from this problem. Also, installing Windows updates will often corrupt filesystem permissions on files which have nothing to do with the update in question. You usually don't notice until a corrupt permission appears on a critical file. Chances are your system has files with permissions like "Unknown SID {random clsid}" and that is because it is assigned an invalid group permission. This wreaks havoc in the COM+ Subsystem and is most often visible on a file called RuntimeBroker. I reported this to Microsoft and they proceeded to do nothing about it. So, I don't think they ever completely fixed the IO.

Mao Zedong : lol translucent ui was on linux a decade before vista wtf is this cat saying.

Bogs Zadronski : Windows ME mention genuinely gave me chills. Now that OS was something

RvI2106 : Vista was good, professional was good, even windows 98 was good. but the NSA forced them to load their crap to spy on people and develop(under-develop) ultimately the weirdo Windows 10. You gotta break the OS and make it a clunker needing updates in order to install NSA updates. Also that Jackass Steve Balmer mismanaged Microsoft working for apple.

Bingocat : Windows 7 is Windows Vista with all the problems fixed.

Achilleas Labrou : From my humble experience the windows 95 were incredibly slower than windows 3.11. Windows 98 wasn't much slower than windows 95. But windows XP were significantly slower than Windows 98. In the case of Windows Vista as long you upgraded the RAM they were not much slower than Windows XP. Windows Vista demanded much more memory. I remember well that the demand for RAM was enormous and after six much of the Windows Vista release in 2006 the price of RAM was dropped enormously. I didn't have problems with Windows Vista. Nearly all of my hardware was automatically detected by the Windows Vista. So there weren't issues with bad drivers. Also I hadn't installed many programs in my PC. Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Encarta (Wikipedia wasn't so rich then), Microsoft flight simulator. Adobe dreamweaver and some more utilities. The problem with Windows Vista was the memory. With less that 1 Gigabyte RAM there were problems. The ideal amount of memory was 2 GByte but it was too expensive. There was a gap of five years between Windows XP and Windows Vista and unavoidably more RAM was needed. That RAM was expensive and not everyone wanted to upgrade.

Zogatn : no question is "was Vista THAT bad", only where this system was installed. I remember, when Vista out, alot new laptops got it, on to low hardware configuration and system work extremy slow on poor Laps

dudewtf1776 : windows vista was rebranded/badged as Win10

Tofuu Squad : Oh man. When you said vista was the worst I was about to say “WHAT ABOUT M.E..?!?? Thank you for mentioning that worthless POS. Windows Millennium edition is the literal software incarnation of garbage. Vista was not so good at first but grew into a decent OS. Good video!

Mayank Singh : Crysis of operating systems, little too ahead of its time

NuikopeaDemon : Get an ISO please... I have two sealed copies of Windows Visa Ultimate Edition in my closest.

rebelyell1983x : Windows ME was a mess! Win 8 was terrible as well.

Serty Fox : 7:14 Time 20/5/2560 He in future

Blue Dog : Win 8

Coalition Gaming : Personally Vista was fine in my experience, although I had built a system strong enough to run it right. As LTT touched on, part of the problem was Vista was indeed resource heavy, but that PC manufacturers were selling crappy spec'd systems with not enough RAM or CPU power to properly run it right. So it further got a bad rap because that's all your average consumer bought, cheap prebuilts.

MkChronicle HD : oh yeah and me i am still rockin that win7 :)


QT-PC Tech Channel : At 11:35 ...because Windows Vista *"ARE"* no longer supported???

rorumets : Yes + No = Yo :)

MusicForHours : I still like the windows 7 and even vista menu better than windows 10 After years of having windows 10...

Rev Jonathan Wint : 32bit vista could only use up to 4 GB of RAM but uses 2 gigs ram.... Your testing 64 bit... And it had to much bungled software that was all crippled shareware.

Audio Nexus : If you had an intermediate/advanced knowledge of Windows OSs Vista was a great OS. It did need to be run on a fast computer and driver issues for the average person were a nightmare. I still use it in Parallels on my mac.I absolutely love the GUI and the ability to use a video for your desktop background (yeah a bit of CPU GPU power needed). There were too many whiners out there and a lot of them were power users who had nothing better to do than put Vista down. UAC did need some taming though.

M D : vista is still better than any version of windows 8

timing_snow : I actually thought the beginning was an ad...

Melody -Mellybyte- : watching this video on a Vista Connected to a Projector

S0L4RE : anyone else gonna say anything about macOS having a Mojave too?

Danilo Muniz : The beginning of this video is just awesome!

eenayeah : I miss Windows 7.

qngqqq : I use Vista since release date until earlier this year. It is fine for office work and gaming, later many unsupported game and apps that I use so I switch to 10.