Making Triple Pepper Jack Cheese

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Shirokröte : It's 6 am in the morning I haven't slept in 26 hours Why am I watching how to make cheese

Intelkek : Its the middle of the night, i have work in the morning but first I must watch a man make cheese

SEEMBAH TORE : Did this dude just call me a curd nerd?

眩暈夢 : I've watched so much YouTube that now I'm part of a "curd nerd" family, watching 17 minute videos about making cheese.

Tye Ten : Im watching someone making cheese at 6:34 am instead of sleeping about 8 hours ago

thyartissabrina : You had me at "Curd Nerds"

Mikee Tan : Pls help the french guy make his mozza cheese. I will sub to you

Koz : Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the world and watch a man with a nice accent make some good looking cheese.

Czech M8 : This video was made 6 Months ago... *WHY ARE WE ALL HERE!??*

Liberty Prime : It is 3 AM. I am suppose to be writing a paper. Instead I learned how cheese is made.

Brett Sitte : Did he just call me a Curd Nerd?

Philip Knight : Why am I here

Andrew : If you charged 100 dollars on patreon for a different slice of the cheese you make in the videos monthly I know I would sign up. I'm sure many others would as well. Please consider this

flaco0213able : Idk how i ended up here, but that was really interesting good job!!

JoelRichardson : The things that come up on my recommend videos never surprise me.

Mackenzie Mayor : The Bob Ross of cheese making

Joren Perez : Did i just get called a curd nerd??

Hanamaru : Why am I watching this and how did I get here But that cheese is beautiful tbh

Candy Rage : It’s 3 am and no regrets

Rick Sanchez : You lost me at stirring for 40 min

Jeoffry Geff : i like it when he calls me a curd nerd

C Collins : Okay... I'll bite... how much do you want for the cheese, man?

Lowgun Bropez : Your cheese skills probably get you laid all the time

Michael Tilly : chipoltlay chili payowduh

Tronald Dump : I dub thee "Cheese Daddy"

jack graham : DUDE CUT IT OPEN

Abe Coulter : Why is milk the fastest thing on earth? It's pasteurized before you see it. 😂

Melody : Cheese is literally milk tofu.

Curtis John : There really are videos of everything on youtube.

That Guy Ent. : Hardest part of making the cheese: waiting 3 months to eat it.

EasYY : This is peak human evolution 2 am and watching a guy make cheese 😂😂

Flamez Kush : Kept staring at that thumbnail till i had to click it.........

Creamy Austin : Basically every single bit of this video was so satisfying

Michael Perkins : This is... hands down... the most interesting cheese I've ever seen made on your channel. And I am quite sure I've seen every video you've made... twice! :-) I have a question for you, if you have a space few moments.After watching your videos for over a year, I finally pulled the trigger and have bought some things for making cheese at home. I bought the book, "Artisan Cheese Making at Home" by Mary Karlin. I've seen a copy of it over your shoulder on your book shelf during your sit down episodes. It looks like you have quite a collection of cheese making books. Most books on cheese making... in fact, almost all books on cheese making, approach it from a, "Introduction to..." This makes perfect sense, considering 99.9% of anyone buying a book on cheese, will be a total beginner at it. However, your cheeses definitely go beyond beginner book status. Where do you get your fabulous ideas/recipes/knowledge from? Do you have an "Advanced Cheesemaking" book suggestion?

Eduardo Jorge Costa : The Bob Ross of Cheese

ProSurviver : Subway, Potbelly's and all sandwich shops need this succulent cheese. I can only imagine the orgasmic heat mixed with all the other ingredients while the bread calms my mouth down from the 3 pepper attack..... damn I want a sandwich

ashley cotsman : I'm really pissed because the main reason I clicked on this video was to see how it turned out and I watched the whole thing and got to the end to realize HE HAS TO MATURE IT FOR 3 MONTHS ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Ben Masi : Never would I thought this video would have started with "g'day curd nerds" but I lived this video, it was very relaxing. Thank you for sharing!

clydesmith : thinking about your pepper jack cheese makes my bung hole pucker!

Eric Bertler : im upset u didnt eat it when it was done

Greg's Ecstasy : *Curd nerds* Love it already

Cole Mendoza : :-( my dumbass really thought he deep fried it but it’s chipotle chili powder I am so sad

grnman86 : This guys like the Australian Bob Ross of cheese making.

Dukenmanson : He’s like cheese bob ross

10 dasd : ngl boss that intro is fire

julian hernandez : Curd nerds.. I really like that.

Gebraheel : It's an Aussie Bob Rossie with a happy little cheese block.

DjjC13 : 11 minutes in... y am i watching a video about how to hand make cheese.... I dont know how i got here.....

Josh tacos : I'd like to make this, but use ghost peppers. I'd call it Devil's Cheese. Lol

Blaise : YouTube recommends some random stuff, that’s for sure. Not complaining though.