Abandoned Mothman TNT Area (Collab with MichaelScot)

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The Strangest : Welcome Back, Strangers! Would you investigate the TNT area? Do you believe in the Mothman? Let us know in the comments below!

MichaelScot : I’m so jealous!! I wanna go visit the bunkers!! Looks awesome! The hayride got me even more into the Halloween spirit! 🙌🏼 Great video as always guys!! 🙌🏼🤗

PSPR Paranormal Pursuit : Great channel came over from Michael Scot's channel. Looking forward to checking out more videos of yours.

Kevin Johnson : Nice video, came from Michael's video.

The Ghost Watch : Awesome video. Mothman is one of my favorite cryptids!

AmysCrypt : Awesome video. Very informative. The Mothman is something that has interested me for a while, so it's cool to watch this video.

Gary Jordan : Michael sent me...

SogySeal : Awesome!

Kenneth Wilkinson : great video. it looks fun. I wish I could go. yes I do believe in the mothman.

Lisa Bunnie : Hey! The Mothman is my BF. I Love him..leave him alone.

Teresa Jones : I would love to check out creepy abandoned places! Thank you for all you do to keep us all entertained

THE HOUSE OF GAITHER : Glad you guys made it safe and sound out of those bunkers...it would worry me with the chemicals and explosives still lingering around

Jen Penn : I would love to visit point pleasant! Great video love stuff on the mothman

After Dark Paranormal : Awesome video! One day I'd love to go there, try to hear more about the curse the native American chief put on the town!!!

Elizabeth Springer : I came from MichaelScot's channel. I enjoyed this video.

Ephaynasis Owleyes : I would want to go there because I love paranormal stuff.👻👻👻👻👻👻

Nihongo Johnny : This was great! I really want to check this place out now! I especially want to ride the Hay Ride! I can't believe all the cars neart the bunkers! Great job guys! I can't wait to see more!🤗

WakeParanormal.TV : I want to go so bad this weekend to the festival but this damn hurricane!!! Great video, very well done!

Amyonly84 : Michael Scot sent me 😀

BM : No. No i'm not.

This guy : This is so good!

Gregory Johnson : I’d investigate.. wow could you imagine the ariel view and shots!! Yes I’d do it!!

Jean MRI : Hey The Strangest! i think you guys were very brave, to do that! i wouldn't! lol. Very interesting video as always.Thank you both.

The Sisterswood : Hi! subbed here from Michael Scot youtube channel.. check out ours :) great vid!!!