The "Gamer's Choice Awards" are a JOKE.
The Gamers Choice Awards are a JOKE Not Mine

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Today CBS announced the Gamer's Choice Awards, which came out of nowhere, has the strangest categories you've ever seen, and nobody seems to have been invited. Including (for the most part) Red Dead Redemption 2. FIND ME HERE: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: MERCH:


Ghost Ben Kenobi : If they aren’t even going for games released this year, why isn’t Lego Star Wars: the complete saga nominated for best game?

Meme_Lord 27 : That’s why people under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to vote

Hans : I have a plan, all we need is money

Papa Pumphrey : Finally I have found a woman of culture

soggywaffleman9 : Don’t worry Dutch has a plan we just need more money one last train robbery

F.B. I : How is fortnut even on there its still in early access

My mom loves me : Ninja is a nominee, but Pewds isn't. Fortnite is a nominee, but Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't. *_WHY?_*

Golden Gibus : Is this woman American, Aussie or a New Zealander? I can’t tell her voice changes every Mississippi second.

Usksu - : “Fan voted” Pretty much explains why

Tuberculosis Man : Fortnite is cancer. It's like the Teen Titans Go! of gaming.

Mr matt : If its not God of war or red dead 2 this whole thing is a joke

Vexitus : As much as I hate it, Battle Royale games are the MOST popular trend in the gaming world at the moment. I wanted RDR2 to win, but of course Fartnite is going win because the immense popularity of the Battle Royale genre at the moment.

KTJ Duke : Everyone vote rdr2 for the real game of the year award

DISCO-INFERNO-70 : Award shows of any kind are a joke. There's no such thing as fairness or impartiality in any award show. It doesn't matter if it's the Oscars, or the Grammys, or any other award show, there's always some ulterior motives involved. Rdr2 is the greatest video game ever made, and I don't need some phony award show to say so.

Christian Todorov : Red Dead 2 - like the comment Fortnite - commit not alive

Jesper_117 : They did not like the fact the feminists in the game could be blown up and fed to alligators, so that made them angry and they then did not want it to be glorified.

yozalo 2121 : What the hell, 9 year olds!!! We needed not the fort, But the RED, YOU DAMN KIDS 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

young-monk philosophy : I think it's talking about numbers, as in number of players per day or something like that. And if that's the case, fortnite would definitely be top and I'd be surprised to see rd2 on the list. Yes it had amazing sales but it's too early to tell if it's. Gonna stick. next year guys. Next year.

Malik Walters : No offense but Fortnite is in beta. Is literally says this EVERY TIME you enter the game 5:51 also pubg is there is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Alif Danial : "Fan Favorite Male Gamer/Streamer" and Pewdiepie isn't listed? This whole thing is sponsored by T-Series.

Leon Kan : 5:56 but pubg is there, just the extended name

Skarlet : Honestly hate it or not, can’t deny fortnite was widely popular and deserves to be a nominated game. Now for red dead, it literally just came out, I think it’ll get a really huge game award for next year because online is HUGE. I think this because red dead almost came out the end of the year. And I think games that come late might as well get one 2019, since online is still in its early development

CommanderCyclone : favorite single-layered 2-dimensional skybox texture

Daniel Dib : 8:30 She: im gonna cut out my email adress Me: uses her glasses as mirrors to get the right adress Me again: wakes up

tallpudding : Fortnite is a joke. Squeakers galore. Rdr2 is a masterpiece. That's all I know.

Yuriorclan : I find it interesting and hilarious that some people are using Red Dead Redemption 2 online component and its less than friendly micro-transaction as an argument to why Fortnite would win a game of the year nomination and why Red Dead is not nominated in that category. Ignoring the fact that Red Dead had an extensive and impressive (in my opinion) single-player experience which I can confidently say, the reason why most people bought the game in the first place.

Banan9898 : Im surprised XqC isnt on The streamer list Also blizzcon was A joke i shouldnt be nominated

SirSawtooth : 7:13 "Gaming Moment of the year" "SovietWomble attempts a *TACTICAL STRATEGY *" MOTHER OF MARY the level of SHADE thrown

Irregular Gamer : 'Fanboi's Choice' seems a better name for that award.

TheDORIANGRAE : I can see into the future... "Ninja, Fortnite, Fortnite, Ninja, Drake, Ninja, Fortnite..."

Gravity Gas : _NO MARIO ODYSSEY FOR SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE?_ That's the true snub there. Or BOTW for that matter. Huh? Edit: Then saw favorite e-sports moment, where's ZeRo's surprise win at the E3 Invitational? >:c

Memed up Gamer : Best gaming moment: Reggie jumps off the battle bus to meet us on the battlefield in fortnite

Black The Supreme Kai : Fucc fortnite. But vote for Fighterz. The game is amazing

Games Station : I have always stood by what i said Girls are not video games

Boatie Jr : Bruh Lotta stuff happening on Dec 9th most importantly my birthday 🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫

mayo inajar : 7:17 : “Best gaming moment of the year” - Soviet Womble attempts a tactical strategy Isn’t he known for messing around in ARMA, a tactical strategy game?

drew hood : How is Zero not in the list of Smash players lol

Tide Pods Loverr. : We need Muneh M-U-N-E-H

Vsauce Puppet : So Nintendo has a killer year this year, and they get into ‘best retro game character’ This is a joke

Satoshi2Yahiko : I LOVE YOU, the moment you talked about Guild Wars 2 in the MMO section I simply fell in love with you Alanah <3 Now honestly that is why it doesn't matter how much people with common sense complain, the mass of people is not always the most inteligent one to make choices, and you can see it in this nominations =/

Hernando Rodriques : Must admit I'm an Alanah Pearce convert these days. Credit where credit is due.

Tibo Smolders : "Its weird not to have PUBG" Do you mean Players Unknown BattleGround? XD

JeannieLuv : Legend of Dragoon should be made a franchise and revived. Where is Onimusha?

MrSpooky Spare : Fortnite is a joke

Re _Turtle : 5:56 PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ????? M8 its right there watchu mean b

Nathan Aris : But Alana, I'm sure no on would use your email address for anything weird, rude, or illegal. Can you taste the sarcasm?

WolfOfSolace : Coat-tail rider (the game) nominated over one of the greatest video game sequels ever made... Seems legit.

discoendymion9 : Gaming Moments of the Year SOVIET WOMBLE ATTEMPTS A TACTICAL STRATEGY

Your Neighbour : Guess Rockstar didn't pony up the mandatory bribe like the listed companies there.