Computer. Load up Celery Man please.

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[marbardan] : Footage of Mark Zuckerberg learning about human culture.

DizzyDenver : This is a perfect Celery Man edit, well done

S Rapini : He must have gotten a pirated version or something

warmachine021 : The moment when data crossed the line between human and machine.

ネオンPsychedelic. : *intriguing*

Erick Richtofen : Intriguing....

14 0 : *Adding sequence:OYSTER...*

Marionettetc : Comedy gold. Thank you for this

Brigid Madden : I want a version with Data as Tayne and thats it.

fleur : LMAO

Test : Bravo!

theswegone : kekery man

BJbobjr : Can I get a printout of oyster smiling?

D E A D W 6 R L D : This is very good LOL his reactions r priceless he looks so lost then please continue

Mondo Prime : Sensational!

celeryman1 : never even heard of this until today lmao

Richard Morrison : Great Job!