Getting Recognized

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..............maybe I'm still kinda new to this fame and publicity thing, (and I hope I don't regret saying this) but don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm a p chill dude,. I take my shirt off whenever I eat pasta so I don't spill anything on my shirt. It's smart if you think about it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter ➤ Website ➤


Sweety Reem : J=just A=another M=man E=eating S=sprinkles

Y.S Games : “Hey James!you left your house!good job!” Me: “WOW JAMES!YOU HAVE 11M SUBS AND I DOUBT ILL EVER REACH THAT :D”

The cat In a scarf : I was like: one day I might meet James!!! Wait... I live in Europe........

Scratch cat Travers family : 1:07 when he said “I’m about to ruin whatever this pen touches.” ... me: ITS A PENCIL edit: SIX LIKES IS THE MOST I EVER HAD THANK UUUUU

LIL GAWD : Maybe 1:32 1:50 3:50 4:12 Costs 1 like...maybe

r.eagan : anyone else triggered about how many "its a pencil not a pen" comments there are

ItzJoelAnimationsY.T : At the time 1:05 he said "What ever the pen touches" but he is holding a pencil Just saying🤔🤔🤔🤔

Flower Girl Butterfly : Me: that’s fine James: No it’s not I’m about to ruin whatever this pen touches. Me: That’s a pencil

tOxiCDragon : 3:25 does any see that an app is called 420 at the bottom right. 420 what ya smokin

EXM : To think how often bigger YouTubers get noticed, when James already has this many encounters...*without even showing his face that often.*

Ha Tran : My home screen is.....your card game. :T Aaaaaand my home screen has you on it. :P

Vivi Squiggle : 4:49 Is that Maaz in the background? I KNOW I’M LATE I’M SORRY

Jamless Brat : James: i’m gonna ruin whatever this pen touches It’s a pencil Me : *triggered*

LOLing Me Up : At 5:03 you said target but in the pic there is a cvs sign HMMMMMMMM

shöbe the dog : "I'm a pretty chill guy" *****L I V E S I N A R I Z O N A*****

Nikki Lynne : Even if you have bad handwriting it’s still YOU. It’s okay

alanah156 : XD this vid relatable to anyone else? Great and drawing but fails at writing :/

Suzie Leveque : anTOMAtions great art work and james i liked this video you earned my like

jualyn aguilar : Im also not good at writing letters.....Please like ⬇😆

Shay DaSavage : Me-*Slaps James's phone* James-Hey what the heck!? Me-TheOdd1sOut? James-Maaaaayyyyyybbbbbbbeeeeeeee

Deleted Youtuber : I ain't in USA but I wanna meet you so bad!

HoOdIe Pugz : 5:06 James: I got recognized at Target Me: Is that Cvs?

Alyssa TV : 3:18 Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up Hmmmm..... what is James favorite music...? 😂😂😂 Edit : OMG 6 LIKES THATS THE MOST I EVER!

Cute pikachu : 0:58 I would just be like “you aren’t alone man”

Moon Milk : Boycott chipotle Me: I've never gone to chipotle I'm doing my job Edit: 1k likes how even Edit 2: 2k likes thank you so much

akitty cat : I saw u at vid on! U singed my slushies. Edits;: plushies

darudebird 321 : James: "i am a pretty chill guy Also James: *Lives in Arizona* Me:B-But you live in Arizona! Also me: NOTICE ME JAMES-PIE

Coco Studio : I don’t ever get recognized! Because I never show my face 🙂 Edit: and I don’t get out of my home town much.

Karrthekeyan Varadarajan : Me: One day I can meet James Also me: Oh I live in India... Love from India

TimTom : Woooooowwww, I did you the HUGE favor of making a cameo in the video and you didn't. even. put. me. in. the. description. How rude. :P

Sun Pelt : “I’m going to ruin anything this pen touches.” Me: Isn’t that a pencil? Also, who’s here from 2019? =P

OfficalMiner : James: " IM ABOUT TO RUIN WHATEVER THIS PEN TOUCHED! " Me: " Thats... A pencil " 0:59 ^ | | For Clip

Emerson Jarrett : James? If you wanna write better, imagine that you're drawing letters!

ItsColdInside : 1:06 It’s a *PEN* Definitely not a pencil..

darkfalcon28HCR - Gaming : 1:06 Says “I’m going to ruin whatever this pen touches” holds a pencil

Kristina Deltareap : Hey James You have them million subscribers good job!

Abdullahthepro Mobile : J- just A- another M- man E- eating S- sprinkles

Roy Hughes : Just A Man Eating Sooubway

Galaxy wolf Games : Video name: ergo Video about: getting recognised

Nmgreendragon 7 : 1:05 "I'm going to ruin whatever this pen touches." *is a pencil*

yvonne grot : end card: im a pretty normal person. start of video: i don't go out alot (also the fact that you're a youtuber)

Diego Costa : ‘I’m about to ruin whatever this pen touches’ *Holds up pencil’

TwistedAnimationz : Me: Autograph plz James: I'm gonna ruin anything this PEN touches! HOLDING A PENCIL Me: Nevermind

ObliviousNInjaYT : *EHEHEHHHEHE* *MaYb333 :3* James: DADDY? baymax: Baby? :O

FreshFromTheOven : Woah James can I have your autograph *Slap phones out of hand* theodd1Sout?

Infinite Ghostz : When james was laying on that girl The mom was unfazed

Cocoa Panther : Y are u drawing in the “closet”

Gamin's On : James: Ok so it’s the end card where I just talk. Me: Don’t u do that the whole video?

The cute Yoshi : Please recognize me I am the cute Yoshi I never get Weckonized.👌🏻👥