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TheAmazingTwist : Who is this Phil everyone is talking about?

Nubia gerdzen : Phil WTF

Travis Rhodes : I don't know why I laughed so hard at this but thanks Phil.

Dan Traverse : Phil, you need to stop venting your frustrations into toothbrush holders...

booplouisetx : Lol. Thanks Phill.

Lincoln Hawk : DeFranco

t r a s h : PHIL ARE YOU OKAY?

x_x x_x : Thanks for the link philly. Worth it for sure.

iwannadielol : I didn’t know I needed this, thanks phil

Matty Matt : This is so f**king great!!!! Hahahhahahah The Sh!t Phil links us to...

NECarabina : Phil, (slow clap) Well done!

Call Me Jai : is this pumkin from baman piderman

Michael Caruth : Aaaaaaaah-mazing

optimistically cynical . : Secret link 💪💪

CaptAssassin : Great, now I’ll never look at my toothbrush holder thingy the same way again.

Milchael - : okaaayyy....?

The Ominous One : AWESOME xD

Adrian Blom : shut your noise holes 🙋


ᄋ ᄋ : ????

BPoe07 : Well, if I can ever afford a mobile phone? That might end up being my ring-tone, maybe? It's about what my mood is like when people (usually scammers and telemarketers) call me. :p

MissLilyputt : Better than M. Night Shyamalan’s twist. LoL

Mongoose Garcia : Sounds like Goku is going crazy

Mentirosienta IDC : Quality content Phil 😂😂

FancyPocketWatch : Fucking creepy.

Guardians Creed : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....Choooo

George Weilenmann : so Random, loved it.

Petra_Kalbrain : Phil... I love you... never change.

Vaarel : Oh man this had me busting out!

Peter Beck : I agree!

BastianAndTheBear : I'm Baman, I'm Piderman, I come ober da house! We're best friiieeeeeends!!

manu m : Meh

대너리스 대너리스 : What the *uck?

Derrick Hill : Phil sent me here!

Redstone Dragon : You are alive!

Alexanderdelval : Por qué soy el único aquí que habla español?

nikhl saul : Thank god you are alive

Crash BandiWoah : aaaa