John Bercow demands 'order' after Labour MP shouts 'ahoy there!'

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The unpopular Transport Secretary faced a grilling from MPs five days after the Government did a Β£33 million deal with Eurotunnel to settle a legal case over contracts for cross-channel service. But his appearance at the Dispatch Box came after he had refused to resign over the seven-figure use of taxpayers money and tried to pin the blame on other Cabinet ministers. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:


francis bk : After watching Bercow I have a new favourite activity: chuntering from a sedentary position

DaveL : I love the fact that a lot of the house probably didn't hear the comment, so the speaker just repeats it at full volume despite implying he's not condoning it πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

James Bender : This guy should have his own show.

NeroNemion : Ahoy there General Kenobi

Moonatik : I want to get elected to the HoC and shout AHOY THERE Oh and serve my constituents or something

Char Lotte : 0:18 that is so strange

Antony D'Andrea : Watching previous speakers, nobody says Order quite like he does and I doubt they will again. Will miss him.

keyani 3 : "Very eccentric behaviour"

Naughtystimpy : 99.9% of parliament time is actually spent saying 'honourable', ordaaaar and repeating condolences.

The Left Panel : Alright John? I quite fancy some pizza for dinner, shall I nip down the shops and get one or shall we order? John: 0:18

rockodromo89 : John Bercow best speaker ever!!!

Asd fghjkl : LMFAO I LOVE IT! His smile after her "ahoy there" is as if he found it effin hilarious, then he catches himself smiling so he has to give them his ODDDAAAAAR and tell her off! XD

Backup Account : Thou shalt not chunter from a sedentary position

Mel Meller : He cracks me up each time.

DonaId Trump : 0:18 John Bercow, Tibetan throat singer extraordinaire.

Ant Parsons : Imagine being this guy and being knighted by the Queen she asks what do you do you say orderrrrrr

Gandhi's Flip flops : Not sure if I should laugh at the state of British politics or him saying AWWDAHHH.

Agaba Zabu : For those not aware of the context, it's very roughly something along the lines of: an MP (Member of Parliament) supported a bill that would transfer channel ferry services to a British company that didn't own any boats, had no experience in transport, and had taken its terms & conditions from a Pizza Hut website. That MP is the one being heckled with the 'very eccentric' "'ahoy there".

Reg Munday : one of the funniest moments on YouTube. Labour MP Paula Sheriff shouting 'ahoy there' to the govt MP chris grayling, after his ludicrous attempt to give a ferry contract to a company which didn't actually have an ferries.

john paul porrelli : It’s interesting how he finds new ways to say a simple word every single time.

Marius Periwinkle : How on earth does Bercow remember all 650 constituencies and who is from where? Is their seats labeled?

Evan Nesbitt : This man just growled "oyrdaihhhh" and had the nerve to call someone else eccentric

PussPuss McKitten : I guess he rather be a pirate πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

Peter Green : He took it well. Shiver me timbers! 😁

daedra40 : That ahoy there is turning me on πŸ˜‚

Twiglet : Hilariously random

fimbles101 : This is a nice analogy if you replace the labour MP with the british people.


Gabby Duga : I think the labour MP said ahoy there in a seductive manner

The real fat kid from shrek : Captain Brexit- Ahoy there Uk - walk the plank

bradpara : In a past life, John Bercow was a Short order cook in a greasy spoon diner in North America.

Nikolai Leerskov : I love this clip so much, i've repeatedly returned to it and watched it again πŸ˜„

No Likey Gs Omnipresence : Ahoyda AWDAAAAAAAA

Clarissa McPigeon : If she shouldn't be doing it from a "sedentary position", would he let it slide if she'd stood up?

DraculFury Gaming : When are we getting Bercow on The Last Leg?

anonUK : Chris "I see no ships" Grayling.

staaky : You can’t do anything from a sedentary position these days

Treeson : Friend: "what should we have for dinner?" John Bercow: ^

Ehsan Ahmed : Watching order in Γ—0.25 speed

Burton Pierre : This speak is much more relaxed than Canada's speaker lol much more approachable

chandrakanth chandu : I understand their custom but am sorry I can’t go away without a blast laugh!!

kokamoa : The MP for Dewsbury is lovely.

SALZOPYRIN : John Bercow, spruce up the announcing of Brexit votes by asking Jim from the Vicar of Dibley to read them out!

S L : Glad MPs are all having a laugh, while the rest of the nation is waiting on tender hooks for them to sort their crap out! Hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk and they're cracking jokes. πŸ‘ Nice one!

Totalavulsion : I have a shot every time Bercow says order. I’ve never loved politics so much.

PRELVIS _27 : Someone should definitely do a John Bercow sound board!

Abu Khries : LOL sounded like a sheep when calling for order at 0:19 πŸ˜‚ Ordaaaaa""'' πŸ‘πŸ‘

Nova N : I love how the elite rich have so much fun at work when the country is in crisis.

ShiroiKage009 : Best ordeeeeeeeh so far