Microtransactions and DLC - How did we get here?

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Indeimaus : Thanks for the history lesson papa boogie

But then I get a little sugar in me and I start to go coocoo. A little you know! Loopy! Woo-oo! : talk about net neutrality we're one month from losing our freedom

Dan TheMan : Buy-to-Own is a relic of the past. Nowadays it's more like Pay-to-Rent

Groot Loops : I think Sims is a perfect example of rip off DLCs

Chris D : Video game industry is about to crash.

Dat 1 Black guy You Know : Here is my timeline of events as i remember 2004: Xbox live gets more popular 2007: Cod 4 comes out and takes the world by storm, and activision decides they need more money so they release DLC map packs. Some people argued that this was content cut from the main game but most people saw it as more content so they let it ride. 2008-2013: other companies start copying activision and some where actually cutting content from games in order to make dlc (cough..capcom..cough) while some like valve start adding loot roullete like things to their games csgo and tf2 season pass also gets created. 2013-2015: mobile gaming and f2p games get a strong foothold in the market and are seen as the next big thing and publishers notice. Gta V launches and adds shark cards to the online mode and everyone once again just rolls with it. 2014: destiny launches and gets caught for cutting entire sections of planets off to make dlc but players just brush it off 2016: Overwatch comes out and has an extensive loot box system which is really the only way to progress however everything is cosmetic so some people argue that this is a bad idea made to get people with predisposed gambling tendencies to pay more money after paying either $60 on console or $40 on pc however most people make the argument that its cosmetic so who cares, and they let overwatch slide. 2017: Ea releases battlefront 2 and we already know what happened with that shit lol

Will Shellman : Goddamn whales, eating this bulls hit up. Loot boxes are gambling.

Jacob : The first time I was introduced to DLC was with the Call of Duty games, specifically World at War and Modern Warfare 2. Then I started to see DLCs appear in other games. Before I knew it I saw DLCs everywhere...... EVERYWHERE.

Menthols : While it's true we will never stop the whales, that doesn't mean we can't make changes. The issue here is the word hasn't been spread enough. These companies rarely make money off of "hardcore" gamers. Someone who is very passionate about video games, they watch reviews and follow games before purchase, they generally have higher standards. The type of people watching Boogie, or Jimquisition, or Angryjoe, they generally aren't the type that whale on loot boxes. But a lot of them still think "well I can buy the game as long as I don't buy loot boxes. This is wrong, when you buy the game you are making these companies think it's fine, that they can get away with it. The game and the micro transactions need to be boycotted. These companies make money off children and casual gamers. These people aren't as informed, they don't realize how scummy it is because they just think it's the norm. They are our goal. Just like what has happened with BF2, we have to continue what we do to reach the normie. Once we reach a mom, a casual, once they realize these companies are manipulating their children and turning them into gambling addicts, that's when we win. Whales will always support this horrible crap no matter what, but if you prevent hardcore gamers and casuals from buying these games you win. Whales alone are not enough to make a profit just from loot boxes. They also need really high sales and they need the casual to occasionally buy them, all of that combined is where they make huge profits. If you are passionate about gaming then never give up. Continue to take a stand, continue to outrage over these scummy practices, continue to spread the word. We have now proven it can work, but we cannot become apathetic, we have to keep pushing back.

William Mo : Everyone skirts around the elephant in the room. Multiplayer emphasized games and the effect it has had on the gaming industry.No one wants to just come out and say it,but i will. It's where a lot of this microtransactioned shit emerged

Hairy Dino : I hate dlc... Just release a full game

Paul Middleton : it is killing games. do you remember playing games on ps2 and ps3. the games where very long. took days and months to complete them. then when we got to xbox360 and ps4 and xbox 1 games went from days to hours. story's vanished and the games are now designed around dlc and micro-transactions. it is creating games i really dont enjoy anymore. boogie do you remember the days of amiga. they where great days.

Starbuck : Pong Arcade was the original Pay-to-Win game model!

RETRONEXT : The sad thing is, there's a generation of gamers growing up that will perceive exploitive DLC and microtransactions as normal. They might never know what it's like to 'own' a full game, and this ignorance will only allow developers to do more and more of this.

Kerry Cronic : I love your point of view on this. Microtransactions are getting out of hand for sure.

thed00ffarmer : Because we as gamers had no back bone and allowed it to get here.

David McDaneil : You forgot the ultimate snub of all with the Prince of Persia DLC that actually made you pay for the last chapter of the game where they deliberately left you with a cliff hanger and then you had to pay to finish the game.

Obese pope : I remember when DLC was a nice surprise. "Oh cool the devs are still thinking about the people who are still enjoying this game, what a nice little treat" now it's just pre order our game for day one exclusive DLC, buy the season pass, how about some microtransactions and repeat the following year. Gaming has become a joke...

CCKillbilly : Call of Duty did not get enough attention it should have in this.

Marc Andrei : omfg youre so slim now

bob smith : One early example of a micro transaction was in the arcade version of Double Dragon 3. The game had shops where you had to put in a quarter to purchase more health, extra lives or weapons. The game was heavily criticized for it.

Mike Ranger : Gaming has become less fun and i dont think i will get the passion back. Gaming companies have no respect for the customer anymore.

Fez Multiplex : Back then: I'm gonna get that. Now: I'm gonna buy that.

Rei K. : I remember playing Hyperdimension Neptunia on PS3, where I got a character to join my roster, but couldn't actually put her in my active party. I messed around in the menu thinking I was doing something wrong until I went on google to find how to. You have to buy the character. It's only two bucks but seriously why do I have to pay to use a character I worked in-game to unlock?!

M grimble : Microsoft had a large part in this that should not go unsaid, DLC(outside of expansions) used to be free, when xboxlive came out they literally told developers that they could not put anything free on xboxlive, they wanted their cut obviously. Season passes another Microsoft concept. Multiplayer used to be free. Secondly, this cancerous phrase that I think came from the mobile games industry, "Leaving money on the table" As if to say you are not making enough already, we can make all this extra money if we do a,b,c its worst kind of greed. Just because you can make more money does not always mean that you should. There is an assumption I feel comes more from America than Europe that says if you're not milking every single possible dime from something as a business your not doing your job. Ethics and business can and do mix across the world. Lastly we consumers do bear some responsibility, if noone buys something they wont do it again. Sadly people are easy to manipulate.

Hendrik Kotze : Boogie I so agree with you. Ive also been a gamer since the 90's and went through all the stages you mentioned. I share your frustration on this. What also gets me is the popular "early access" nonsense. Thanks for the video!! This was a long time coming hehe

Basic Joe : Sadly the blame really falls on the consumer, for supporting these business practices.

Fred Wilson : you tube slightly to blame for these loot boxes with making these loot boxes popular I mean they spend 100s on these loot boxes just for views so they can put food on their table

The Appletard : It wasn't really my impression that the last console generation (Xbox360 and PS3) tossed out lots of half completed games. I have a lot of fond memories of full single player games that felt full fledged. I don't see selling top hats for 2$ as holding back from the full game, just adding small stuff. I feel the micro transactions were more trivial at that time. It's more in this generation I feel like publishers have really begun to take advantage of that system and releasing half finished games and selling the rest. It really pisses me off!..

wmpratt2010 : MIcrotransactions are here due to the $60 retail cap. I'd be fine with them raising it to $80 or $90 and have a good solid game with everything available in game and no loot boxes or RNG.

TheApolloOG : I'm soooooo glad this is getting the buzz it needed to get, games shouldn't be turned to services, we spend hard earned money on games that should come complete with content that ALL players should be able to progressively unlock, locking critical gameplay features behind paywalls has turned me off from triple A titles for the last 4 years and my hope is they get phased out sooner rather then later.

Matthew Morris : The first expansion I bought for a game was The Shivering Isles for Oblivion. But the thing is it was actually an expansion of the original game. It's just sad how many times people say "the game is unfinished" here's to Nintendo for giving us full and realized games that are worth the 60$ (and thanks to games like Persona, HZD, Nier Automata, etc)

PandaBoo 22 : The last of us multiplayer was trash you couldn't even unlock some weapons that came with instant kill animations when opponent health is low, the only way you could unlock it was pay and boy there was so much yet no one talked about it just praise after praise

Jo King : Never quite understood why people sucked Overwatch's dick so much; it was clear for me to see that that game's diminishing returns was exploitative. Yet everybody turns a blind eye for Activision's shiny puppet, Blizzard.

Painted Pontiff : Just don't buy any game that includes these moneygrabs, even if the game itself is actually good and you want to play it. A consistent drop in sales is the only thing that will make these companies switch up their business model.

Brad Martin : Gaming has always been a money-hungry industry but it’s truly at a breaking point. I honestly hope the industry crashes a little so publishers get what they deserve.

CLICK to RELOAD : Witcher 3 did it right, with two practically full games as add on storys with session pass and all cosmetics ect free to all.

Nathaniel Bytwerk : The first time I saw loot crates in a "paid" game was COD advanced warfare

2Dtardeds : How did we get here? 1. Pre Orders 2. After being fucked raw all we did was ask the game companies to put a strawberry flavoured condom on 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 4. Repeat Vicious cycle

vileguy : Some corrections boogie... TF2's boxes may only have cosmetics, but you can buy guns from the marketplace. Those guns are unlockable for free, but since you find them randomly on a timer and can get duplicates, there is a semblance of P2W even though the default guns are usually the strongest. LoL came out in 2009 and didn't have lootboxes until a year or 2 ago. It had purchasable skins from the start, but double IP or double EXP would have no effect on player strength. The only time it might matter is when leveling up to 30 and buying low level runes, but you should just wait until 30 to buy runes anyway.

maximaldinotrap : DLC has been going on since forever. Especially for MMO games like Warcraft. Yes, I count expansions as DLC.

BloodRider 14 : In my opinion we should just have demos for priemium mobile games to make people just try it at first

isturbo1984 : Great history lesson, boggie. It was an enjoyable video. I do want to say however that it is pretty ironic that companies like Bethesda and Blizzard were among the first offenders of these disgusting business practices.

friedchicken : I'm going through the worst time of my life (mom died, dad almost died twice, I'm alone, anxiety, panick attacks and more) but you're a great inspiration for me. I love your videos and how strong you strive and manage to be, so, thank you (quote) I love you very much :) (quote)

Nick Clarke : You look so much healthier and happier, even though talking about a stupid awful subject. I am happy for you!

WiiSwitch : It's a monopoly age for gaming essentially.

Roadstar1602 : Very nice. This is my favorite video of yours. I would argue that home computers are what kept games relevant, though. Not arcade machines. Most notably, the Commodore 64, but also the Atari 8 Bit, the TI-99, the Apple II, the Color Computer and also the PC. I lived through this and had no idea there was anything called a video game crash until I read about it years later. I had switched from Atari 2600 and was playing games on my Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit computers and had no idea anything happened. Neither did any of my friends. Consoles were just considered outdated at that time, kind of like now. Computers offered better graphics and better sound and just a better overall experience. Also kind of like now. There was a constant supply of great games on those home computers. Anyway, this is a minor point and really doesn't affect the conclusion you've drawn.

Mark Hoffman : I'm playing Eternal Sonata. Came out in 2007, has no dlc, no microtransactions. :)

Ryan Grear : i use to play games 5 hours a day when i was working full time, i am now not employed and maybe clock in 5 hours a week. the market is so shit, even starcraft is going f2p now. at 28, i feel like i am being alienated as a consumer. i want to pay for quality.

K M : We're here because of Halo DLC maps. The most popular online multiplayer game for its time, it started to sell maps AFTER you had owned the game for full price. Without those maps, you couldn't compete in the regular multiplayer rankings and had to play on special servers for people who couldn't convince their parents to spend 15 bucks. Imagine today if League of Legends only allowed players who spent money buying a certain map to be able to participate in getting ranked. That's what Halo was like. It's a big one that should have been mentioned.