FedEx guy stops to make shot

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Kelly Finnamore : Something about this seems incredibly set up.

ARBORICAL : He hopped off like oh yeah lemme see that real quick 😂

Sam's luvin : that's just good marketing

JWitt30 : Right on my FedEx brother, together we ride stop to stop, box by box!

Fran G : Party pooper Fedex HR department in 3...2...

Dayta : thats what i call great advertisement

Mansplaining : Hes used to throwing stuff.

HappyFriday! : This guys is awesome!

Jimbonius Maximus : What a legend.

kioko : what dash camera brand is that. ? nice video lol!

Ghost : Give him a raise.

Pingel : There's an arrow in the FedEx logo.

TabascoSauceBoss : and just like that... he's gone

Doomerang : Fired!

Brandon Hernadi : So what?

Robert Brunello : It's sad that he was fired for this.

Fylakio - Sequence 59:A - 2:1:33 : advertisement.