Learn to Read Korean in 5 Minutes (seriously)

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Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sgellman The Korean alphabet is surprisingly easy learn. I can't speak a word but can read most symbols. This video will teach you 90% of what you need to know.


Rake : Korean : Hey what's up Me : banana rattle snake champion door hole part II ski mountain nothing gun nose bucket yaaa over under ay as in play tree after before Korean : Sorry for asking..

leo sky : "Learn to Read Korean in 5 Minutes" *naah* _speed x1.5_

BEDIR zockt : I felt how my IQ increased while watching this

Jevil CAN DO ANYTHING! : Nobody: Youtube algorithm: Do you want to learn Korean?

Quiche Lorraine : The pictures of bananas on the thumbnail make it look like a meme video.

kanoethecanoe : Souljia Boy after watching this: ㅠ


꧁Slay Queen꧂ : I studied Korean for 18 years, while I could have learned it in 5 minutes. 😑

Briant Ly : Wow, it's 5 minutes and 1 second. *I want my money back*

Tempox : Normally the first word you learn is mom but in Korean it's banana

malik kemp : Instructions not clear. Im now fluent in Russian

Jade Rock : This comment section 1% wow this helpful 1% i thought this was joke and now I accidentally know korean 98% *BANANA*

Cassandra : I can read, but I can't understand what I'm reading 😂

Santiago VEGA BENZAQUEN : People: Learning a language takes years to perfect and you may not eve learn it to perfec- Me: **After watching 5 minutes of youtube** BaNahNah

cup of coffee that's a little too hot : For anyone still wondering: 애 - The vowel sound when you say "man" 에 - The vowel sound when you say "men"

Devyani Account : *Scrolling down the comment section to find someone with a Korean name so I could test my new powers quickly*

Kim Jong-un : I learned English instead

HL N. : Everybody came in expecting nothing and came out possible to read korean WOAH

Astro Bear : And then i forget it in 5 minutes as well.

Keni HD : koreaboos: **heavy breathing**

Ellie Lamphier : I speak korean...and this wasn't a bad explanation. It takes awhile to remember the sounds, but this...this is good.

Hei BK-201 : Someone: So like, you can learn Mandarin this fast too, right? Me: *Laughs anxiously*

NotACriminal Definitely : It's crazy how even after watching this video 3 times I still have learned nothing.

Ollie Liu : I walked into the toilet constipated and walked out Korean

krista blackburn : Me: “Yeah I can read Korean!” Them: “Perfect! Please explain to me these directions, I am lost.” Me: “I said I can read it...I don’t understand it...You’re on your own buddy.” Them: “...”

Luigi's Hat : 1:05 "Here is a gun" Top 10 school shooters of 2019.

Surprised Pikachu : Youtube: "I think this guy(me) would like to learn Korean at 1:37am." Me: "ok"

Easy • : The fact that you added “seriously” in the title got you millions of views...

AuggieEdits : "I'm gonna go to bed early tonight." Me at 3am:

R. H : *5 minutes video 5M views which was uploaded 5 years ago waah* 👏👏

Thomas Kang : *cringy white girl kpop fans start storming video at full speed as I cower in terror behind a Kevlar riot shield*

SkaiXMask : I did my daily routine staying awake till 4am and watching random videos. Came across this video. Next day I started talking Korean to my dog.

Cadence Padgett : person speaking in korean: i haven’t seen you in so long, how are you! me: banana

optimist : who else got this recomended without any reason?

BetaFury : Learn to pronounce* Korean words in 5 minutes. A whole other step is actually knowing what those words mean

Harvester Of Tone : Instructions weren't clear. I started speaking ancient Greek instead.

Cristian Vuttion : Instructions not clear I speak German now

Conner Murphy : *clicks on video* wait wtf this isnt clickbait?

MysticalOcelot : I've been trying to learn how to read Japanese for so long... And I just learned how to read Korean without even trying.

Πάρης Συλ : *Glad to kill the duolingo birb before clicking this video. Man it wouldn't let me.*

Ochell Vasquez : yep learned in 5mins 😀..forgot in a second 😅

random Kpop : I don´t need it I don´t need it I don´t need it ...... okay maybe I´ll need it for kpop....

L Lawliet : How to get free views Put Bananas on the thumbnail

bobohu : this actually helped a lot, holy shit thank you!

abac yolo : Have to do my Italian homework Came for the banana Going to school tomorrow and speaking Korean

GOAT : I walked into McDonald's ordering chicken nuggets and came out making peace talks with Kim Jong-un... and chicken nuggets.

A Weirdo : I watched this only to learn how to read the korean version of true beauty oof.

The British Bean : Instructions unclear. Now able to read minds, please help.

zgameoverz : reading korean is easy but.... the only problem is to translate it to english... XD