Learn to Read Korean in 5 Minutes (seriously)

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TheGenicus : me: *reads title* nahh I don't wanna know that *sees bananas in the thumbnail* *clicks on the video* Edit: ok y'all can stop commenting same 😂

ONCEuponaTWICE : Congratulations now u can read Korean. Which means u can read all the BTS lyrics. All u need to do more is little bit of searching for the meanings lol. (I'm ONCE by the way)

lu W. : Who here isn't here because of a K-pop group?

달님Moon : ㅓ : pronounciation: more similar to "uh" of "sung" of "samsung(삼성)", not "ao" of "before". ㅡ : standard pronounciation: "eu" of "eun" of "Kim jung eun(김정은)", or "uh" of "block chain(블럭 채인->it is not writing form but sounding form)", not "uh" of "brook"; actually brook sounds "bruk", not "bruhk" + 블록 체인[블럭 채인] block chain. If you want to sound it in Korean, you should sound it as 2 syllable like [bl/uk], sound "bl" longer as you are used to emphasize sth. Who the heck made of that file? ㅕ: yao(X), yuh, same as yummy.

Parker & Adam : **international kpop fans crying**

Real-life lies : I don't need it I don't need it I definitely don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I NEED IT!

I got YES jams! : That moment when u can read Korean but can't understand the meaning....😢

Pure Melanie : CLICKBAIT. It is *5:01* minutes

mistress muse : I thought this was clickbait but hoLy shit I now know Korean

EyesLikeStardust : Now maybe if I watch this once everyday I'll actually remember any of it

Namjoonie Oppa : I put off watching this video for so long, now I'm glad I finally watched it. wait for me Namjoon, in coming to ya city (get it?) 😂

rinchu9 : I bet 90% of the people who clicked on this video are kpop fans who are tired of using google translate XD

Kiem Sock Jin : **stil cannot speak or read korean**

Emma Parkinson : I love how you have so many ARMYs here (that only listen to BTS), then you have me here, multi fandom af, trying to learn Korean for all my favourite bands.

gourav m : *BEFORE* . -- OHHH. CLICKBAIT how can someone learn korean in just some minutes . . *AFTER* . -- hmmmmmmmm. Can i learn russion this simple

SYRO xTeaz : OMG! at first i tought this was meme but now i learned korean!

butter toast : for anybody that doesn’t know the difference between ㅔ and ㅐthey are actually very different but many non native speakers usually pronounce them the same(as ay) which idk why lmfao they’re very different. ㅔ is pronounced eh. just like a canadian lmfao “eh?” and ㅐ is ae just like play or tae. when the two lines are added they become ㅖ(yeh) ㅒ(yae) i’m self taught in hangul and it took me about 20 minutes to learn. i’m also self taught in hiragana/katakana which have taken me three days to learn. i also grew up bilingual and speak native english and fluent levantine arabic, though i cant read arabic which is funny and kind of an irony. the way i made it easy to understand pronunciation and grammar i usually watch kpop lyric videos and read the hangul and listen to how it’s pronounced in the song, or watch korean shows and listen to them speak when captions are added(because we all know koreans love to add captions to their shows). if the pronunciation isn’t clear enough i usually put it into google translate and listen to the audio. hangul is very easy good luck to everybody still learning! 화이팅! PS i realized other characters he’s forgotten to add to the video is ㅌ t (looks like an E but pronounced as T so think of ET) ㅍ p (he’s added this in the video but an easier way to remember it is that it looks like the symbol for Pi) ㅋ k (looks like a Key 🗝) other characters include ㅃ bb (pronounced like a P) ㅉ jj (its like ㅈ but more emphasized) ㄲ gg (pronounced like a K) ㅆ ss (its like ㅅ but more emphasized) extra tip for grammar lesson, when ㅅ(s) is next to the vowels ㅣㅕㅑㅒㅖㅛㅠ it’s pronounced with an sh 시/씨 shi 샤 sha 셔 sheo (pronounced shuh) 섀 shae 셰 she (pronounced sheh) 쇼 sho 슈 shoo

`•twicemamoo : Now i can read korean... but idk what im saying .-.

q u a c k : I thought it was a joke, now I accidentally know Korean. But MIN YOONGI OPPA I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU NOW

wolfwarren : Srry but i gotta say this, aa , aaa , AAAAAAAAAH

emma \\ : Strong power thank you!

Pixel : It's cute how some of us wanna learn korean just because of kpop. I wanted to learn because of bts If I were them I'd feel so proud or like in power or idk If you get what I mean?!..

wthrosie : bts army has taken over the comments omgg

Tremendous Kim : what brought me here.. anyway, this guy is great, lmao! I dare add some information as well as that written by someone below, [ㄴ,ㄹ>ㄷ> ㅌ] = [ n,l>d>t] - lingual(& alveolar) : before making sounds, your tongue touches the back of teeth. [Now, Loud, Down, Town] [ㅅ>ㅈ>ㅊ] = [s>j>ch] - dental : compress air behind teeth/in mouth and release. [Slam, Jazz, CHarcoal] [ㄱ>ㅋ] = [g>k] - velar : make sounds after tongue touches the deep roof of your mouth. [Green, Cream] [ㅁ>ㅂ>ㅍ] = [m>b>p] - labial~plosive sounds : before making sounds, you close the lips and open to make sounds. [Mom, Bob, Papa] [ㅎ] = [h] - fricative : "omitted, you know...lol" [He, Her, Hamburger] [ㅇ] = [.] - no sound as consonant, backup role to form a letter. in most languages, it's the same, nasal sounds (n, m) etc.. there're more detailed sorts by sounds. So.. those korean consonants are categorized according to the shape or position of tongue touching what.. or lips open/shut to make sound. That's why those in same category look similar with each other. I hope this is informative to those who try to read korean.

doggone28 : you forgot the double consonants like ㄲ, ㄸ, ㅉ, ㅃ, ㅆ, as well as the two double vowels ㅒ and ㅖ. But oh well, good job.

Loxi : THIS WORKS LIKE MAGIC i should've watched this when i was in korea

ungyum : You can think of dead & dad for ㅔ&ㅐ

Destiny Vang : Nani?

inferno : bewarned koreaboos ahead

Cutecup7 : YO... I was struck on the first one when he taught us 'banana' dude, thank you so much. I wanted to go to K-con in Seoul, but I couldn't cause I could hardly say 'hello' in Korean XD Thanks dude, 10/10 video.

Ayman : I clicked thinking it's a meme, now I accidentally know Korean

0 Subscribers : I actually achived something for once...

hetaliacountrieshere : Am i the only one who wants to learn korean to learn about the culture and i already know japanese and spanish and english??? No?......okay

찍 찍 : The difference between 'ㅔ' and 'ㅐ' is almost like 'read' and 'read'. So if it was '네' then it will be 'yes' or 'okay'. But if it was '내' then it will be 'me' or ' my'. (but mostly 'my')

audrey. : now i accidently learnt how to read korean

idonotmakevidsyet : The hard part is knowing wtf you are reading

You can’t see me! Future wife. : This is still hard for me

로블록스충 : The hard answer. How to speak '쀿' hehehehehhehe

bangtanist : Tysm more making this because I’m learning it now and it turns out it’s not as complicated as I thought it was! Thx ❤️

Rafaela Prates : Finally, i can talk with my babies

Astro Bear : And then i forget it in 5 minutes as well.


smoljimin *_* : I feel like I'm in preschool again lmao

MaskedMildew : This is such an awesome and helpful video! I'm not even learning Korean, but I found this super interesting and it will certainly be helpful for... something! Thank you.

Tobi Cipher : When you get click baited into thinking it was a joke.

Echonox : Initial impression: mmm hmmm, suuurree.... After: WOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Imogen Maguire : BTS you just wait, just one day (see what i did hehehe) i will know korean ahh

slime ASMR : NO WORDS . It freaking worked!!

Cyphrum ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ : As someone who was inspired to learn Korean by videos like this among other things, let me warn you that this guy is hilariously misleading. What he essentially just presented are the very very very basic pronunciation rules which only serve to give you an absolute beginner-understanding of Korean. There are a decent amount of specific pronunciation rules you have to follow to correctly speak Korean. If you actually spoke and read Korean solely based on the information given here, you'd at least slightly mispronounce almost every word, and BADLY mispronounce at least 40%. No Korean on earth would understand any sentence you're saying. I'm not saying this to discourage you; after all, 한글 ( the Korean alphabet) follows an extremely logical system, and once you know all the rules, you can correctly say everything. However, the language is far more complex than erroneously claimed here, so if you actually want to learn it, you better start learning. A lot.

C-Rok : Idk why im watching this but I could read samsung by myself and I feel Korean right now