12 Levels of Violin Playing

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Seventeen's Emo Kid : level13: sacrilegious playing flight of the bumblebee

Lydia Trout : You forgot level zero Viola

Kiostroyer : The faces are so funny ;-; bretts always surprised and eddy is always angrily falling asleep xD

my penis is unbelievable small, but : *1 2 L E V E L S O F A S I A N*

Fuego Cataclysm : Level 13 ( often called as level ling ling) is when you play Flight of Bumblebee on violin *Without violin*


SVAFnemesis : Your bow control has completely given you away. You should listen to how I play. I sounded like Im trying to shovel a chicken into a duck.

Violin Strings Aidan Vlogs : 9 (almost 10 years) of violin and I’m on level 4/5 Edit: guys I’m only 12 and starting at 3 years old is quite a rough start so it took me a few years just to get to level 1

TheEpongeMan : Of course lvl 12 was going to be paganini

megan chen : You forgot level 0 Non- musicians

Sheaden Quah : brett's double stops are AMAZING. that is all.

FredTheWreck : Almost forgot Brett and Eddy are actually talented.

your captain in this ship : i'm in the level where i can find an oopsie because of binge watching twoset violin

Ratri Hapsari : I'm in "Twinkle twinkle Little Star" Level 😁

Dio Drando : we go from not ling ling to barely scratching the surface ling ling

Funda Taşer : When you notice you can't bow as good as even level 1

Nuriz Ni : It's refreshing to see them being serious once in a while, than just being a roaster. Lol

Riley Freeman : You make level 2 sound wayyyy more difficult than its supposed to be

Ang Giac : Remember, whatever, WHATEVER, you are gonna do in your life there will always be at least one Asian better than you.

Sheet Music Boss : It might start at level 1, but playing in tune is another difficulty scale of its own ;)

Iris Creeper : I just learned that I've been on the 5th level straight for 6 years during going to music school. I even played Vivaldi's Concerto in G Major on my graduate examination.

Issac Oh : You forgot two levels: Level 0: Viola Level Infinity: *LING LING*

Jay L : I can't even get to level 1, since don't even own a violin.

Potato Wants A Hug : Almost 7 years of playing and I'm lucky if I'm even level 3 😭😭

Uni Unicorn : Ling ling can play all these levels while he’s dead asleep 💤😴 Oh wait Ling ling *doesn’t* sleep

kelcing : What level would Suzuki’s humoresque be on, TwoSet?

Angela Kim : Level 67: If you can play easy, you can play hard.

kyaaa : i...i...would give them all my money if they released recordings of their playing jsyk

Chris K : You guys are GOOD! You can actually play! Who knew??? Most impressively was that you both have a really excellent sound AND even more than that, wonderful vibratos! Thanks, do that more often, please!

20 best : *watching this at 3am* Me to my last brain cell: "We need to talk"

angie Mariana : Que sa' bro, yo me quedo en el nivel 5 :''v

Creepy Betty : I am at level 8 and have been playing for seven years…

amina : When you’ve been playing violin for 4 years and you learn you’re merely a level 2.5

bitchan : Well I’m in Suzuki book 4, on the Vivaldi but I’m also on level 7 according to this? and I also play Lindsey Stirling pieces? I’m confused 😂

Sgt. Oh Yeah Yeah : I was playing the cello part of saint saëns in my head... Oh man did we practice that one a lot...

J3ronimo : I think you forgot lvl. 13, all of Vivaldi’s “Summer” pieces... cause damn...

Jada Knight : level one is already too hard, what is this.

Choy Gabriel : Ling Ling can do all levels at the same time

It'sOkayToHaveGood GradesButBeStupid : Can you pleas do "12 levels of Viola" ? Oh sorry I forgot there is just one.

Kelly Ramos : Yo llego al 1 :'v Alguien habla español? No? Nadie? Toy sholita :'v

Zzzzzz : that sounds like my progress in 20y, 20y1m, 20y2m, ...... lol

ᴖᴥᴖChocolateChim Kookieᴖᴥᴖ : honestly i'm a level 7 barely a level 8 and i've been playing for almost 6 years

Megan Goldberg : I'm like level 5/6 at most?? Ive been playing violin for like 5 years lmao

Wafflette Titan : Oh yeah! After years of playing I’m finally at level 1! Kill me

Grasay : I'm actually working on song number 4!

D : I don’t know anything about violins, so I guess it makes sense it started sounding difficult to me at level 2🤣

Sabri na : You can clearly hear Brett at lvl 11 breathing so loud 😂

Ola Hashemi : What about Twinkle twinkle!!!!!

TheBeaTle : Oh, great. I'm on level -2