12 Levels of Violin Playing

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Sheet Music Boss : It might start at level 1, but playing in tune is another difficulty scale of its own ;)

20 best : *watching this at 3am* Me to my last brain cell: "We need to talk"

Gracie Hayes : Level 1 is playing Despacito for views

Jon H : Actually if you watch the progression it makes sense. 1. Relatively Slow - Single note Bowing. 2. Relatively Slow - Single note Vibrato. 3. Normal Pace - Notes in Quicker Succession, Vibrato. 4. Consistently Normal Pace - Constant bowing - Swift Finger Movements. 5. All of the above. 6. Different style of playing notes - All of the Above. 7. Diminuendo / Crescendo , Glissando and Portamento All of the Above. 8. Relatively Quick Pace - Lots of hand movements (memory, practice), Diminuendo / Crescendo 9. Bow control, Notes, Consistent Vibrato / Holding Vibrato 10. Hand control. 11. 2 Strings at the same time, cleanly, elegantly switching to the next closest string cleanly, repeatedly. 12. Chords and some crazy ass shit. Summary: Fatality - Ling Ling Wins!

Anonym Anonym : Level 24 :you have one violin for each hand, level 87 : you play violin without violon, level 193 : you play violin while sleeping.

Dio Drando : we go from not ling ling to barely scratching the surface ling ling

megan chen : You forgot level 0 Non- musicians

kimchiyeoja : One of those rare videos where these two actually look serious 😂

Gghj 363 : Level 20: 15 notes per second

Kacchan is beautiful : anyone else regretting the decision of giving up on the violin/any other istrument you had to play a few years ago because of laziness? :(

LRZ Zhi : 12 levels..... then there’s my level. -1

Lunaeau : Level 2 with no private lessons... not bad *sits in the corner and starts to question the meaning of life*

Wafflette Titan : Oh yeah! After years of playing I’m finally at level 1! Kill me

Liv Miano : i've been playing violin for 7 years and counting and i have to say that i am at about level 7. i think i could maybe play level 8 but i would need a lot of practice and better technique to master it. violin is a really difficult instrument to master, but if you practice and put your heart to it, it's possible. good luck to all my fellow violinists.

Robby Is A Human Being : 7 years of violin, and I’m roughly a low level 3

Uni Unicorn : Ling ling can play all these levels while he’s dead asleep 💤😴 Oh wait Ling ling *doesn’t* sleep

Oh Sarie : i'm in twinkle twinkle little star level

Anthony Bell : Nah, not fast enough. I can hear every note! Thats not good (i hope people see the sarcasm

autumn. : sorry it took me half the video to realize it was two different guys

Karina M. : throwback to when i was like 8 and butchered andantino in a little recital. it was brilliantly dreadful in every way

TheBeaTle : Oh, great. I'm on level -2

Edward Kim : Bruh. Mendelssohn’s so freaking hard for me. Hard to play well. Intonation and tone need to be very precise. Not as easy as you may think.

Monika Mirek : *almost dies in euphoria hearing well played Mendelssohn*

Jonathan : Ziyu He played level 12 at 2x speed before he reached the legal age to drink.

Poopy John : Any viola players ( ◠‿◠ ) ?


Tyler Sobolewski : Haha, ok. playing for 12 years and at lvl 5-6 is not a *terrible* place to be. I definitely could be better.

Kaethen Vciot : Hey Paganini, we had only 12 levels!

MrsSaxophonegirl : They have never been as attractive as when they were playing levels 11 and 12.

elsis : after this video i’ve realised that after 12 of playing i’m at level 2

Sefa Emre İlikli : What level is DESPACITO? Level: "You don't need to practice today, you did 20 minutes, it's more than enough. I am so proud to have you as my son."

Mythic Cobalt : *_The DeVIl wENT dowN tO GeoRGia_*

Δανάη Δάμπα : That last piece is from the 'Hardest cadenza ever' ! Brett actually learned how to play that! Now he belongs in anime as well ;)

asian yeetness : Ive been playing for 6 years now and im playing the kabalevsky from level 8 atm, i didnt know i was already at level 8 yay. The sad thing is that i played it yesterday for people and IT WAS SO BAD WTFFFFF

Yugan Dali : It must be wonderful to be able to play like that. And I know it took a LOT of work. Good for you guys!

DerSibbe : I didn't know there were that many steps between 2nd and 1st Violin...

Tribdinosaur : Is Ling Ling actually two guys?? Dun dun dunnnnn Can we get a video where these two react to themselves playing in these videos? (I dunno; it impressed me)

Lekha Pratap : The Cadenza is 😮

Vivian K : Can u make the part 2 plz, really love ur video

Fish Animations : I mean I can play them, just not in tune or in time and might miss out a few notes here and there

Ellis Arimitsu : I made a Ling Ling joke and I got a lot of likes which impressed my friends.

ANIME AMV'S : 5 months of playing going to nyssma on level 2 :)

Divided By Truth : What am I doing here I am a piano student lol

leothefox : I'm not kidding, that escalated quickly.

James Yang : I'm pretty proud that I hit level 5 or 6. And then there's guys out there as old as me on level 15 ((( _Ziyu_ )))

Erik Wingerter : He was playing better than me at difficultly 2 😂

i’ll have tae with suga and a kookie please : i’m at level 5 👀

Roberto Palmese : HEY! PAGANINI?!?!

Rodrigo Efrén : 4:06 the best part...

Malcolm Jerrick : 12 levels? hmm yeah I don't think I will reach the highest but I spose it is something to reach for, I'm at 11 months and at level 2, I cannot vibrato on little finger but getting there lols! Apparently I learn fast... but I'm dumber than a screen door on a submarine, I just practise. TBH this is a labour of love, I've wanted to learn since I was 5-6 years old but never had the time and my family were poor so no money to learn, then my mother got sick and I became the parent... you want to learn the violin? get a teacher, one that loves the violin and not just teaches it for a living, their passion will help yours along but most of it is you and many hours.