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BlueApron, HelloFresh, Plated and other meal-kit delivery plans offer a convenient service to all home chefs..not sure what that service is though... Subscribe for more advertisements by Realistic Marketing, Inc.: ... Check out another ad from Realistic Marketing, Inc. : Follow me on Facebook page: Instagram: SnapChat: indieindian Or check out my Nature documentary series, Ashwin Enjoys Nature! Help me make more sketch(y) comedy on Patreon and get access to deleted scenes, previews, and audience participation!:


Ghilliedude3 : As a young professional, I totally understand the service of not providing a service.

Janni : welp that sponsorship sailed off before it even happened

schlupfmurke : not to mention the carbon footprint, ridiculous

Anon : I got a couple of these boxes for free back in the day (HelloFresh) and I never understood why anyone would pay for this Phenomenal video. Maybe people will realize how dumb these are now

chaosfire321 : Why do I need boring tasteless recipes when I can keep up the weekly tradi-swhin of Ashwins Hip Foods?

WALULIS : Nice to have you back!

Beef Ingot : More "Realistic Marketing, Inc." Please. Its a great series waiting to be made.

Jack : This needed to be said.

baywest : My wife’s gonna hate me for showing her this video.

Charter Jacobson : the "first, and we're all aware, only delivery" really hit home

Christopher Borelli : Me: I wanna try this once and see how I like it. Blue Apron: SIGN UP FOR A YEAR OR YOU GET NOTHING.

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : My refrigerator broke and I’m too lazy to buy a new one, so I’m subscribing to Blue Apron today. Thanks Ashwin !

AbeaversHHYDGTJ : I never really realized how dumb services like this are.

James : you're a pretty good writer, dude. Just watched your pumpkin spice kimchi video and this one, you're subtle and hilarious.

· E · C · : Yep.. That's some pro-level scamming right there. I'm really glad you brought up the excessive packaging waste too. Such a useless and wasteful "service."

GaryV83 : "Hey! This guy looks familiar! Wait, I think I know this guy.... Wait, I'm already subbed to this guy?? Wait, is this Ashwin!?! What the hell, Ashwin!?" What the hell, Ashwin?! Great video, man!

ShadowWhelp : I tried it once on a whim. As others have said, SO much packaging waste. I also didn't care for 2 of the meals. And so much work goes into making the dish with zero leftovers. At least when I take the time and effort to make a full meal myself sans meal kit, I have leftovers for lunch.

NiK3O3 : I like your style 😃 Greatings from Germany ✌️

squttnbear : Did BlueApron turn down being a sponsor? Show us where they hurt you, Ashwin. Joking aside, this is exactly what I think every time I see an ad for them. Why not just pay the same amount and have the work done for me?

Easasera : Kinda want to post this under every video that's sponsored by Blue Apron

john : thank god i discovered your channel. great content

Mike McDermott : Yeah especially when a delicious Digiorno pizza only costs 6 or 7 dollars.

FailureToReport : This is 100% accurate. 😂😂😂

Rachel Silvers : Hah. I always call them Dinner: Some Assembly Required.

specimanYak : Order more ping pong tables!

Vidya Menon : wtf they didn't even give you a blue apron

Im not that guy : Should I lift 10lbs for 25 reps or 1000lbs for 1 rep? Tell me Ash!

mintmartini100 : Damn this video blew up on Reddit good job my dude !!

Khoza : lol I love you, so funny

Richard Blocher : This is a great way to attract advertisers to your content. Keep it up!

Eric Spangenberg : Easy one of my favorite bits. I could use some more hip foods though 😉

Internet Shaquille : Slay the heretics king

Victor Rivera : This is great you gotta make more of these

mmmpisghetti : Damn. Nicely done.

Berk Özcan : Is it just me or the Blue Apron logo looks like a level 3 armour from Pubg?

Qasim Raza : Congrats on going Viral bro

xsandaz : you're hilarious bro!

Mac Sauce Reviews : Great video Ashwin!

Teknics : sub'd I think you really hit the nail on the head from 1:01-1:19 awesome!

Daniel Ramirez : lol this is great, thanks!

Jeff Bond : This video brought to you by Blue Apron.

nowake : Ever had their blue waffles? Talk about sloppy.

bliglum : Blue apron burn is real. Done got burnt up, DAMN!

chan4est : Where'd you get those postcards @ 0:38

The Cosmic Consortium of Curiosity : Are you wearing eyeliner or some othere eye make up? I'm pretty sure you are.

Jay M : Who does the voice over?

Forty and Life To Go : Guy (family?) below me has 2 bix ass blue apron boxes at his front door as we type/read. The 2nd one arrived yesterday. The first one arrived a week ago.

kingx101 : More of these videos please. Love the creativity

Mitch K : Meals take 25min to cook lmao