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mehlissameh : My boy got a spons- wait...

WALULIS : Nice to have you back!

Christopher Borelli : Me: I wanna try this once and see how I like it. Blue Apron: SIGN UP FOR A YEAR OR YOU GET NOTHING.

Ghilliedude3 : As a young professional, I totally understand the service of not providing a service.

Janni : welp that sponsorship sailed off before it even happened

chaosfire321 : Why do I need boring tasteless recipes when I can keep up the weekly tradi-swhin of Ashwins Hip Foods?

· E · C · : Yep.. That's some pro-level scamming right there. I'm really glad you brought up the excessive packaging waste too. Such a useless and wasteful "service."

Anon : I got a couple of these boxes for free back in the day (HelloFresh) and I never understood why anyone would pay for this Phenomenal video. Maybe people will realize how dumb these are now

schlupfmurke : not to mention the carbon footprint, ridiculous

Charter Jacobson : the "first, and we're all aware, only delivery" really hit home

baywest : My wife’s gonna hate me for showing her this video.

Beef Ingot : More "Realistic Marketing, Inc." Please. Its a great series waiting to be made.

Jack : This needed to be said.

ShadowWhelp : I tried it once on a whim. As others have said, SO much packaging waste. I also didn't care for 2 of the meals. And so much work goes into making the dish with zero leftovers. At least when I take the time and effort to make a full meal myself sans meal kit, I have leftovers for lunch.

James : you're a pretty good writer, dude. Just watched your pumpkin spice kimchi video and this one, you're subtle and hilarious.

Whang! : Blue Apron more like Blue Crapron

squttnbear : Did BlueApron turn down being a sponsor? Show us where they hurt you, Ashwin. Joking aside, this is exactly what I think every time I see an ad for them. Why not just pay the same amount and have the work done for me?

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : My refrigerator broke and I’m too lazy to buy a new one, so I’m subscribing to Blue Apron today. Thanks Ashwin !

Not Michael Jordan : Yeah especially when a delicious Digiorno pizza only costs 6 or 7 dollars.

NiK3O3 : I like your style 😃 Greatings from Germany ✌️

Cosmic Space Goo : Are you wearing eyeliner or some othere eye make up? I'm pretty sure you are.

Vidya Menon : wtf they didn't even give you a blue apron

specimanYak : Order more ping pong tables!

moviemagic : Wait so this was a sponsor within a sponsor video?

Im not that guy : Should I lift 10lbs for 25 reps or 1000lbs for 1 rep? Tell me Ash!

Easasera : Kinda want to post this under every video that's sponsored by Blue Apron

Craig Crossley : Calling out that packaging waste - hell yeah!! All that plastic is going to hinder my ability 🤜🏽 to enjoy 👊🏽 nature 🤛🏽!

mintmartini100 : Damn this video blew up on Reddit good job my dude !!

AbeaversHHYDGTJ : I never really realized how dumb services like this are.

Kasey M : My god half these comments defending blue apron hurt my brain. Maybe they should start ordering bottles of air so they can learn how to keep breathing.

onee : We have similar services like this in my country. They just have a different name. At first I thought that they just delivered the meals. But then found out that you have to prepare your meal yourself. Which means, you might as well go to the local supermarket and find a recipe online, to basically do the same for cheaper.

GaryV83 : "Hey! This guy looks familiar! Wait, I think I know this guy.... Wait, I'm already subbed to this guy?? Wait, is this Ashwin!?! What the hell, Ashwin!?" What the hell, Ashwin?! Great video, man!

Forty and Life To Go : Guy (family?) below me has 2 bix ass blue apron boxes at his front door as we type/read. The 2nd one arrived yesterday. The first one arrived a week ago.

jonathan : thank god i discovered your channel. great content

matt noble : From Reddit!

FailureToReport : This is 100% accurate. 😂😂😂

SimplyStormie : who was the voice over person? she sound familiar

Amalien : that was a fresh one not like the products from blue apron

Cody Mott : Hey! This video is hilarious and I am a constant lover of the fun, but I must say something. My girlfriend and I rent a smaller, nice, 1 bedroom apartment at 900 feet. We aren't wealthy by any means. But aside from the alcohol That we buy. We actually love blue apron . We got a meal every other week and I'm not kidding when I tell you that if you cook it the right way its better than any restaurant you've ever eaten in your entire life. The recipes they have can be a majority of steak, and if you calculate the differences I can personally say if you don't eat out, it's still incredibly cheaper. I LOVE blue apron, because not only does it stripe me from going to my near by grocier store and grabbing stuff I can't quite mimic but it has taught me how to cook meat, fruit veggies and (the real kicker) condiments on my own. So I end up with I mean I would never get from a restaurant that cost 150 dollars, but I get a sincere admiration from the tender date that had no idea I could be a chef. I'm not kidding guys. 100% dont do blue apron if you can't afford it. But if you think you can, its soooooo worth it. They taught me how to cook meat, steaks, burgers, lamb chops, and even an easy shishacob on my community pool. These guys aren't trying to cheat you. And if you've read this far and think it's a bit of someone that is in on the company, fuck you. I'm serious, this is the best amount of money I've ever spent. They literally give you every ingredient to make a dinner that can get you TRIPLLY laid out otherwise numbered, all you need to make is this.... have salt, have pepper, and have a set of pans, otherwise you can chop that shit up anyway you, and that date will believe you're Guy Fiere's bane. Do it. Get the free trial. I cannot complain. Best of it all 8s they send you these hard copies of goe to make the meals, and you can cancel the subscription and say, "FUCK THEM" and keep all the recipes. Which means heyooo! Off to Walmart, and grab anything close to their recipes and make the same thing. Impress that date. Save some money. Become a chef. Hell yeah. Welcome to my life.

Jetstoanywhere : spray us with your truth juices Ashwin

unclegramps : Lmfaooo

Tycen : Hahaha wow

BlindRaven : Where the hell can you eat out at a non-fast food restaurant for only $10 a meal? That being said, the main thing that Blue Apron offers-- the recipes-- are available for free from their website/via email anyway. I tried it for a few months and the convenience is nice and some of the recipes are pretty good but ultimately not really worth it.

Bill Killernic : Well as a male 20 yo student I always wanted a service like this. I got sick of eating fastfood 24/7 an eating "home dinner" food outside was too expensive. I also had a busy life (playing video games or going to parties :P) and generally did not like the idea of "house keeping" besides the bare minimum so that I don't die because of an infection or a disease :P So I wanted someone to think for me what to buy and eat today. (believe it not when I did the rotisseries I either bought more staff that I needed which ended up becoming expired/bad because I did not have time to prepare/eat it.. or I bought too little) and send me the exact amount of food and nutrition I need to eat today. (Its very hard to plan your died in advance especially if you do not know much stuff about healthy nutrition and if you dont want to thing about when to eat stuff so that they wont expire) Its a challenge you have either to go everyday buying for groceries or go once a week but in that way (since you buy much stuff in advance) risking wasting money since stuff may go bad if you did not consume it in the right time within the week or month... So yeas a service like Blue Apron makes sense for some people but I dont know about their pricing since I am not from the US .. if the pricing is not so bad and it just a little more expensive than buying the same stuff yourself then its ok!

Remy : I live in the SF bay area and you cannot eat out anywhere for under $10. My fast food order is like $12 and that is slowly giving me colon cancer. With Blueapron, I'm having fun with my girlfriend getting stoned and cooking and actually developing a skill and appreciating something I put together even if I dont have the energy to decide my own things to make.

Jack Jedlicka : I like the concept of having exactly the amount of each ingredient you need so you don't have any waste or leftover obscure ingredients, but I feel like that could be a more affordable service on its own. If you're an entrepreneur, hit me up.

Louis Rovegno : We tried Hello Fresh and found it to be fun and the food was good. Interesting recipes don't just rain from the sky. It takes time to find them, put together a grocery list and do the shopping. The packaging waste was almost completely in the ice pack that keeps the food fresh. We were rural customers so there's no other way to get it to us in good shape.

sue she : Hahaha

xr4ti : Pajeet Scam

Tiny Dolphin : rekt