Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors
Making 35000 Bonsai Scissors

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When it comes to Japanese craftsmanship, knives often get all the glory. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one man who has built his legacy on something a little different. Master blacksmith Yasuhiro Hirakawa is the only traditional scissor maker left in Japan. Using ancient methods, Hirakawa’s legendary scissors can take four times longer to forge than a traditional knife. To buy one of his creations can set you back a hefty amount—his most expensive pair of scissors cost $35,000. For bonsai craftsmen like Masakazu Yoshikawa, however, it’s a small price to pay for the chance to work with the highest quality tools. This Great Big Story video was inspired by Genesis. SUBSCRIBE: #Japan #SmallBusiness #Bonsai Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly:


Gio nevadead : You know something is gonna be made good in Japan when they put a bandana on

fueline : "I need a set of scissors" "wait a year, I'll get one to you"

Michelle Fonnette : So this is where Sasuke went after leaving Konoha.

Arsyad Idris : 3:31 “after 50 years i finally think i am starting to reach my peak”. Respecting this craftman’s humbleness

Saran Kannan : When he was putting that bandana on I thought he was about to pull off some crazy shit blindfolded

BananaAndSoySauce : Winning a $32,000 lottery ticket: Me:

doyoulikejazz : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Kurenai tried using Genjutsu on Itachi.

PADSKIE GT : Classmate:Look i have Gucci sciccors worth $800 Me:Hold my Pencil

littlegoobie : Me "Hirakawa, what do you do for a living?" Hirakawa "I make scissors. I've made 20 pairs in my life so i'm retired"

Annie : 3:41 The way he said “It's never-ending” literally translates to "There's no CUT”

I_haz_no_comments : I bet the scissors can't cut the price Ha

Reddytheteddy Reddytheteddy : lovely how in Japan every Craftsmanship is treated as an art, which of course it is.

Dominique Diaddigo-Cash : "I'm the last traditional scissor-maker in Japan" "oh cool so how much for a pair?" "..."

Triangulum : If the scissors had the supreme logo on them they would probably cost around a million

PineApple Giraffe : At 3:10 if u listen closely you can hear the name naruto

HiImErebos : Someday I'll buy these to trim my weed

Randy Marsh : "The most expensive one is $32,420" Title of the video : MAKING $35,000 BONSAI SCISSORS

stvmcr : They're worth it, I bought a few for the kids' crafts and such

Komodo Productions : Then how much is the bonsai tree? 🤔

Jolina Palad : Hi! Im left-handed and i HATE scissors:">

sKyRyu : All over the world people: see myyyyy supreme shirt Japanese: buttt can it cut? Like my Sasuke kun?

Modern Plays Games : Most expensive one is 32,000. So lets make the title 35,000 seems legit

I_haz_no_comments : Gucci: our items are expensive A|X: ours too Bonsai scissors: hold my beer~

DuRp_Reflex : 0:16 Naruto: SASUKEEEEEE!! Sasuke: NARUTOOOOOOO!!

poktya : I bought this scissor and trund my big tree into bonsai works 😝😝🤗

APE X : Japanese are Masters of Hype They will sell you a Sea Slug for $5,000

Alexander Makhno : “ Kid: Mom, I need scissors for business. Can I borrow money for them? Mom: Take money from dad. Dad: I know what you're up to ... “

xJGB // Gaming : Ha. Nothing compared to my crayola safety scissors!

Lethal core : Episode 30 of Naruto "Sasuke!" "Bonsai!" "SASUKE!" "BONSAI!" "Attack eachother with scissors

Пан Пропан : Did you have to beat him to get that interview?

Eric Leigh : Yea ill stick with my $5 scissors thank you

Keyboard Twin : 0:17 It says Sasuke? Okay where are my Naruto fans!

Mayannk Sharma : Bruhhh that's my college you're talking about.

Plow : They have Sasuke but where is Naruto.

E.L meowmeow : Theres always that one kid at school flexing his scissors

Nufigen : What the flook? 😅 I sometimes call my friend sasuke. (Real name: Sasu)

Talks And Toons : When you don't know how to pronounce someone's name Sasuke: NARUTOOOO Naruto: 0:32

Demon Joker : of course it's japan how could i forget?

Vaga 42 : The true skill here is not the making of the scissors but convincing someone your scissors are worth the price.

Faiz Xፀ : you must realize when tools become more valuable than the work that tool suppose to do then 'DON't BUY IT'.

One Love : i can make you the perfect butter knife ... for $1000 bucks.

Chronicle Zombie : Man I didn't know sasuke from Naruto will make bonzai scissors one day

SauRabh SuMan : Me: won 32000$ lottery ticket YouTube: 35000$ japanese scissors Me: 😕

not gab : Me and this guy are friends but i work at naruto not sasuke

im memes : Stores name: sasuke Naruto: im coming!!!

قناة ماهر maher channel : 2:24 "I stay for an hour on the phone to buy scissors" Bonsai guy: Hello! I would like a pair of scissors. Scissor guy: Ok. Bonsai guy: Yes, so as I was saying, I want a pair of scissors. The scissors guy: Ok. The bonsai guy: Did you understand what I want? Scissors guy: Ok. ... And so on.

DRK_V1RO : everyone:your scisors are bad me:hold my bonsai tree

Jonathan Woollett-Light : One of the best things about Japanese culture, is to take pride in how well you can do your profession not simply to take pride in the profession itself.

kimchi : Nobody: Naruto Fans: *bro sasuke!!!!!*