making my WAHy downtown

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The Derp Chaos : You missed the chance to replace the piano notes with “Wah”.

ZanraiKid : But HOW is he going to fit thirty eggs?

StickMaster500 : So this is what Waluigi has been doing after finding out he’s not in Smash

COOKIE WOKE : I need a full waluigi cover

Daniel Sambar : _”Wahs” in Wah._


Bryce McKenzie : My Friend, let me play you the song of my People. Can we please have a Full Version?

Elliot Duby : 5/10 needs more WAH

Cobalt Moon : I love how he keeps singingly faintly in the back

SmüchYa : I just wasn't prepared for the strength and force of your "WAH".


Kofta VR gaming : Boobs are temporary. But the WAH is eternal

jexami : You know I’d *WAH* a thousand *WAHS* If I could just see you In Smash *PIANO* *PIANO* *PIANO*

Waluigi : Ima wahk as fast, as I ever wahked before! WAH!

Hoo Hah : AND I _WAH_ YOU

Elzeta : Is this the new Beatles cover?

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Full version when

Brian Kaslewicz : and now i WAHnder

Demented Cat : Video is private

Fade : waluigi walking home to mario tennis from super smash bros tryouts 😢 f for respects

Tomoshi Noshinori : So why does the person in question need 30 eggs???

Drum Gamer : Full version?

Marcos Lettieri : Clicked so fast it was private

Jason Darkflame : Got here when the video was private. How y’all doing today.

Potatoes : *wah wah wah wah wah wah wah* And i need you *wah wah wah wah wah wah wah*

Lonely Shpee : *I cannot unhear that one mashup with Back in Black*

Josuke Ruins Everything. : How do you feel about the upcoming One Piece Live Action news?

James Lawman : Finally.

Dylan Norman : Can you add this to Spotify please?

Rafay Noman : I began laughing the moment i saw the thumbnail.

Waa_ Luigi : Did you like my voice?

TheMightyPancake : *_And now I WAHnder..._*

Newby ton : In Russia, the road wahs down you

Lucas M : He’s speaking Wahpanese

cnsln : volksWAHgen


Spooky Spookleton : I WAHk faster.

MrAuthor3DS : {in the distance} _...WALUIGI LIVES FOREVER...!_

Arsenal_Ftw : Ok thanks for suggesting this YouTube. I've watched it now.

Woof Woof : *and I need you, and I miss you*

ALEXANDER CROOK : Waluigi should be in s.s.b. #letwaluigismash

elFacho : Waluigi WAHks right into Smash!!

Pokéfan 744 : And I need Wah. And I miss Wah. And now I Wah-nder. If I could Wah, into the sky. Do you think time, Wah-ld pass me by? 'Cause you know I’d Wah-lk 1000 miles, If I could just see you...tonight.

Micheal Bay : This is why Waluigi is the greatest character of our generation

WateverWatever04 : Tag yourself I'm the kid pointing incredulously

ThePremiumSucc : Looks at title: what does that mean? Looks at picture: Oooohhh YEEESSSS

Unknown Girl : I love how Waluigi entered through my left ear and exited through the right one.

Ender Girl : When me and my friends at school are like walking somewhere together sometimes we just randomly break out and sing *”MaKiNg My WAy DoWnTowN WAlKinG fAsT, kIsS mY aSs”*

All Locked Up Yo : Full version, right now, I must hear waluigi sing the entirety of a thousand miles

Former Government Human #4937 : Oregon, most likely Portland. Why am I not surprised....