making my WAHy downtown

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The Derp Chaos : You missed the chance to replace the piano notes with “Wah”.

ZanraiKid : But HOW is he going to fit thirty eggs?

Daniel Sambar : _”Wahs” in Wah._

COOKIE WOKE : I need a full waluigi cover

StickMaster500 : So this is what Waluigi has been doing after finding out he’s not in Smash


Bryce McKenzie : My Friend, let me play you the song of my People. Can we please have a Full Version?

Elliot Duby : 5/10 needs more WAH

Cobalt Moon : I love how he keeps singingly faintly in the back

SmüchYa : I just wasn't prepared for the strength and force of your "WAH".


jexami : You know I’d *WAH* a thousand *WAHS* If I could just see you In Smash *PIANO* *PIANO* *PIANO*

Kofta VR gaming : Boobs are temporary. But the WAH is eternal

Hoo Hah : AND I _WAH_ YOU

Brian Kaslewicz : and now i WAHnder

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Full version when

Waluigi : Ima wahk as fast, as I ever wahked before! WAH!

Fade : waluigi walking home to mario tennis from super smash bros tryouts 😢 f for respects

Demented Cat : Video is private

Elzeta : Is this the new Beatles cover?

Tomoshi Noshinori : So why does the person in question need 30 eggs???

Potatoes : *wah wah wah wah wah wah wah* And i need you *wah wah wah wah wah wah wah*

Send Mags : Clicked so fast it was private

Lonely Shpee : *I cannot unhear that one mashup with Back in Black*

Jason Darkflame : Got here when the video was private. How y’all doing today.

Josuke Ruins Everything. : How do you feel about the upcoming One Piece Live Action news?

Newby Ton : In Russia, the road wahs down you

James Lawman : Finally.

Rafay Noman : I began laughing the moment i saw the thumbnail.

Waa_ Luigi : Did you like my voice?

MrAuthor3DS : {in the distance} _...WALUIGI LIVES FOREVER...!_


Woof Woof : *and I need you, and I miss you*

Dylan Norman : Can you add this to Spotify please?

TheMightyPancake : *_And now I WAHnder..._*

Lucas M : He’s speaking Wahpanese

All because of ACS Entertainment : Wwwwaaaahhhhh I want waluigi as a playable character in smash bros was

Spooky Spookleton : I WAHk faster.

TheMusicalOtaku :P : I'm guessing the conversation is about how the egg doctor is trying to hide 30 of the egghundred eggs in some small location, like the spire of ice dragon's lair or something.

cnsln : volksWAHgen

Bryce McKenzie : *Wah* did you do this? Nevermind, this is *Wah* some!

Psychronia : I know people who'd pay money for that track.

Raziel 2499 : WAHt a WAHy to go

Former Government Human #4937 : Oregon, most likely Portland. Why am I not surprised....

William Shreckengost : WAH would you do this?

Kinoksis : How is he gonna fit all EGG-HUNDRED EGGS?

All Locked Up Yo : Full version, right now, I must hear waluigi sing the entirety of a thousand miles

Dan c : Private?! Nani!

Pokéfan 744 : And I need Wah. And I miss Wah. And now I Wah-nder. If I could Wah, into the sky. Do you think time, Wah-ld pass me by? 'Cause you know I’d Wah-lk 1000 miles, If I could just see you...tonight.

HeY sToHb iT! : He shows us da wahy!