Drunk 8th Graders

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Greg Albrecht : The one 8th grader has a full on goatee lol

Nellog Mo : "I know sublime"

Ralph Waldo Picklechips : yo whats this fresh ass tune??

Ilya Bernstein : that sublime reference is on point

Nightpool : I'm so glad they're all working for SNL now.

Don Williams : I knew I wasn't the only one whose clothes fall off and catch on fire when I get drunk.

Nicholas Meharg : My first time drinking with friends was actually a lot like this, booze in a water bottle and then rolling around in a 10 by 10 foot room singing and yelling at each other

poooop83 : Congratulations to Kyle and Beck for overcoming their crippling addiction to alcohol and making it to Saturday Night Live. And to Nick, the beauty of your poetry was only outshone by the beauty of your soul, RIP.

Rolf Hunt : it's drunk o'clock. such simple humor gets me

bobby51500 : wow the music in this is perfect

Umang Mehta : RIP nick 2008- drunk o clock

Adam West : I love it when I find a video by these guys that I have never seen before. -West

Sara Criado : is this dazed and confused

Matthew5to8 : The funniest word in this video is subtle: "Laser Tag."

supercoolg1 : 8th graders with beards alright

Kristen Chaffee : That telltale water bottle with the label ripped off... You know whats in THAT bottle

mariobeans : i want that beat!! WHAT IS IT!?

RC Grid : What is that soundtrack?

Brendon Silver : they are on SNL now... if you want more GoodNeighborStuff.. they do shorts like every week

FAYMprod : it's like my mom always told me if you're going to drive drunk drive well she would say that a lot because she was a drunk with lots of places to be


Scott H : dayum, i just learned about Kyle / good neighbor until now... so sad. TY youtube for recommending.

Ben Dover : Here we are, back again. I miss these guys

Purple Pine : What is the name of that song??

Koda Robertson : I need to find the background song from while they are drinking and singing Santeria.

Charlie Martin : THEY'RE AT THE NINE O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PzY CHO : That clerks poster

Christina : This video came out when I was in 8th grade and I'm going to be 24 in a month, time flies! :) Will check back when I'm dead x)

sunlightblessing : this reminds me of when my car was teleported by Barack "Obi wan" OBama and Ashtar Sheran in an ice storm conjuring up the apocalypse at the tulsa edge christmass concertion. i was like alllll hellz no biatches, and i was right, but damned if i didn't need protection, weren't even turnt up while driving, but shicky wicky i were al like asking them to protect me from the hail storm and i got teleporteded. ps dxm is the "balm , diggity"

Trixxie Thunderpussy : you can like this comment. which is more than i can say for the others.

SideShow A : so did anyone ever find out the song?

MojoFlojo : lol spotted a Bio-Dome and Clerks poster there. The song is Santeria by Slublime btw

rvvel ravel : lol beck still has his goatee in 8th grade

Hippo : They act like Hedwig from Split

Justin Why? : Wot?

Fede Aragon : haahahahah

Einveru : the music

Joe Tango : Duuuude whats the effect they use for the keyboard music called?

Ryan H : This wasnt funny.

php storm : sipping vodka from the bottle + first time + 8th grade = terrible shots poured into a plastic cup or something would've been more realistic

kyle butler : They deserve all their success

brokenupbeat : that goatee is heinous. 

i1ov3Ram3n : whats the song called? 

clicking on rocks : As a 23 year old I look back on the days I used to make that face after drinking straight vodka from water bottles with the label ripped off. Now I just tag a swig to wake up ;(

MrNuts70 : These guys were totally ahead of their time! This was released in 2008!

Justice Claggett : "You do not have to be on dxm to be flying"

Anastasia Bananastasia : Epic soundtrack

Bagelstorm : "Cmon kyle, we're going to highschool next year!" LOL oh man i feel so bad using that line on my grade 8 friends, i salute the ones who did well in life after.

Geniecus : This was a lot like my first time except instead of vodka it was whiskey,we were singing bowling for soup, and we actually made it to laser tag

The King Rap Collection : 1st time I got drunk was a 60 white rum and a 40 of sambuca just me and my homie we probably made it 1/4 way on both bottles before shit started spinning. Lol good ol days