How to Pronounce Ephebophile
How to Pronounce Ephebophile

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This video shows you how to pronounce ephebophile.


Twerk Clan : this is trolling evolved 10/10


Odd Fred : Sure are a lot of paedophiles in the comments here.....

Hugh : Hint hint: If you're actuallly using "uh nuh i'm a ehpebophile" as a defense, you've already lost. Like seriously, of course there are 15-17 year olds who look like adults. No one can argue with that. But the issue is that an ephehehoehbeohbhile is someone who is attracted *specifically* to adolescents. And that's not normal.

Andrew Miller : Libertarians HATE him for this one weird trick!


Eetu Palo : This is gold. Bravo!

Loupe : bless you for making this lmao

kokoinmars : MY UNCLE ALEX AaaaaaAAAAghAAuyuwdujw

InnerPartisan : I imagine this is getting a lot of hits lately.

Mate network for lads : I guess we'll have to come up with a new word for it, kinda like how the word "literally" has been completely butchered. There's something wrong with you if you're not an ephebophile while a teen.

paleocon1971 : I agree that someone with such a strict age range of attraction (i.e. pubescent or post-pubescent children) is not going to lead a fulfilling life because they would stop being attracted to someone simply because of their age and would never stay with the same partner for more than a few years. There are however homosexuals and heterosexuals that start dating pubescent preteen boys and girls and stay with them for decades. Those aren't hebephiles or ephebophiles. They're the "all bets off" men.

s b : hahahahahahaha

williamthebrit : 'People who are against pedophilia, hebephilia & ephebophilia are brainwashed, I wouldn't care if my pubescent son or daughter wanted to have sex with a older man or woman.' - Shaun Gawler, pedo extraordinaire.

williamthebrit : Legal yes, but being unable to have sexual relations with girls or boys older than 16 is an unhealthy fetish. A normal person will, over the course of their life, be attracted to and seek relationships with a variety of people of varying ages. More often than not however people seek out similarly aged partners usually slightly younger for men and slightly older for women. Your obsession with fucking pubescent preteens isn't normal, I'm not gonna just be cool with it and neither is society.

paleocon1971 : Because it's not at all slanderous to call someone a pedophile when they are not a pedophile at all? Do you not understand the damning nature of the term "pedophile"? Teachers simply accused of being pedophiles are immediately fired despite never having molested a student. The media seems to think ephebophilia is a psychiatric illness and the same as pedophilia, even though having sex with post-pubescent "children" is legal in most countries, including much of the United States.

Yeti : Paedophile is pronounced 'peedofile' anyway

DDDowney : You can't be this dumb to not see the obvious joke here, you even just said it yourself. Think of his name, realllly carefully. try not to hurt yourself doing it.

DDDowney : says the guy who feels the need to censor his swears

DDDowney : Only thing worse than us dumb americans are dumb UKers who see a joke staring right at them

paleocon1971 : The owner of the channel is obviously trolling. I can't imagine someone being this stupid.

paleocon1971 : In reality, less than 1% of adult men are actual pedophiles. Most are hebephiles, ephebophiles, or just plain heterosexuals with a wide range of sexual attractions.

paleocon1971 : That's the sick joke.

paleocon1971 : Really mature, assh*le.

Nice Guy : A pedophile? I don't think I'm valid to be a pedophile, I just hate people like "Reddit Circlejerk".

williamthebrit : My sexual attraction to underage girls is COMPLETELY different to a pedo's sexual attraction to underage girls! It's spelled different for one!

polttavakulta : and another one outs himself, good job

Nice Guy : I fucking hate you.

theblankportrait : Wow, Americans are so ignorant. Don't you know that it's completely normal to be attracted to sexually mature teenage girls? They have bodies of women. I hate it when people lump these two terms together. They are not the same thing. If you think ephebophilia is wrong, you are seriously retarded.

theblankportrait : *pronouces pedophile* Word "ephebophile" pops up.

MercuryClock : >American courts are jailing 18 year olds for having sex with their 17 year old girlfriends >no links K.

jfdhgds : Well, yes and no. According to psychologists there is a distinct difference between pedophilia and ephebophilia. One is the attraction to prepubescent children, and the other is the attraction to pubescent people under the age of majority.

Derick Burton : Cluck off.

Angela Merkel : SRS please go

SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS : Nice video loser that's not the correct pronounciation pedophiles only fuck 1-13 hebaphiles fuck 13-15 ephebophiles only fuck 15-19

Stevie2Kewl : fortunately, i haven't seen this term used in a while now.

Drew Gehringer : ...You do realize most american states have laws on the books that loosen AoC when there's only a few years of age difference, right? oh wait, of coruse you don't, that clashes with your "america sucks because restrictions on sex have GONE TOO FAR!!11!!" WORLDVIEW.

devonmac95 : pokemin pls

cat alunya : i didn't realize that having sex with someone at their age of consent is dangerous. thanks for opening my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Derick Burton : Unless, of course, it's a women molesting a boy. Then it's 'relationship'. Y'all enjoy ya circle, jerks!

bumberschluf : so perfect

MercuryClock : >In the meantime, American courts are jailing 18 year olds for having sex with their 17 year old girlfriends [citation needed]

Goldenhand The Just : Great logic m8 In the meantime, American courts are jailing 18 year olds for having sex with their 17 year old girlfriends Real "liberal" country you have there.

Goldenhand The Just : "If I repeat something wrong enough times it will eventually become true" Americans pls go

clancym1 : it can't really get simpler than putting a word on the screen and pronouncing it wrong.

Braleven : I understand. But I figured if the goal was to just piss people off it could have been done simpler. It seems like there is effort involved in circlejerk picking on certain groups of people or certain trends on the internet.

clancym1 : the age of consent is not defined as 16 in the US, it's done state by state. for example, in NJ, 18 year olds are legal, 16 is legal as long as the other person isn't their superior (teacher, etc.), and 13-15 is legal for people at most 4 years older. so basically, americans are more liberal about it than your country if anything.

clancym1 : they're not saying anything to make a point, they're saying it to piss off people like you. they know ephebophiles get butthurt (poetic justice, eh?) when they are equated to pedophiles, so they made this video to piss you off.

Braleven : What is dangerous about an attraction? Don't confuse the terms with child-molestation and rape.