Obi-Wan has PTSD

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ZuperZac : Question is: Why didn't C3PO or R2D2 tell Luke about his father before Obi Wan did?

Malgrey T : "You can't condense six movies into five minutes" "Bitch, hold my beer..."

DrummerBB : I came here thought it would be something funny, and winded up finding out that it was powerful; and left feeling depressed.

Dom C : I was expecting a meme and got a video better then the prequels

Chase Hahn : I never really thought about the emotions he would be having in this scene

Spiderman Stunts : Better put together than the prequel trilogy!

FoulMouth Actual : Can someone please tell me the name of the song at 2:43... it is truly epic!

paxamericanafilms : If only the prequels were handled so artfully as this

Nerk : Very nice work! Very nice

Bob Robert : This was hella sad

phillip torrea : The playback of the prequel and the editing were spot on. The music added an emotional vibe to obi' s remembering of ani.

Watashi wa Javier Betancourt desu : You really set the mood dude nice work

PhelesDragon : Was awesome but got long in the tooth as soon as we see the Emperor's face. Great idea, video creator, until that moment. Take that and go forth.

Barticus Maximus : By 2:18 I had a lump in my throat. Brilliantly done. Thank you.

Josh G : "What was my father like?" "He didn't like sand"

An Hour of Power : I was expecting a meme video... Instead I got feels... Nice.

Death Think : The prequels and everything after suck. KOTOR should have been made into films instead.

ZMan1471 : That was amazing. I could feel the nostalgia in all of ben kenobi's facial expressions, they should make a version of episode iv like this

Leif Eriksson : Dude, this was brilliant. My hat's off to you.

Kasper van der Bent : 2:27 Turn the subtitles on:your father's life saver

Hunter Hunter : To who made this good job.....good fucking job...

Kimi Kenobi : Well. This was sad.

Robin Tanner : Amazing. Did not expect the video to turn out like this. Thank you for a master creation.

alittalien : This is so well put together!

Bop Bop Perono : the thing I find so fascinating about this is the way the clips from the prequels frame Alec Guiness' facial acting. He now seems to be reacting to his memories.

TheButters5000 : Saying he was a good friend and then turning away was such a huge emotional moment for me. I wish so much when they remastered the original they did something similar to this.

renthicya : Wow, a whole new layer to all those old Obi-wan scenes! Thank you!

Two Tailed Warrior : Dang, that got emotional...from a certain point of view.

Trogdor the Burninator : Slowing down the pace of that scene like this really helps to illuminate how great of an actor Alec Guinness was. The nuance in his expressions are phenomenally descriptive of his emotions. Especially when you realize almost nothing of the back story was established yet and he had little to go off. What a great actor.

Blobby : Fantastic work, the music, the edits and the emotion is amazing

PreposterousWorld : WHERE IS OUR OBI WAN MOVIE?!??!?!

Talyn : Amazing, really shows just how amazing Alec Guinness' performance really was.

NHS Stream : Luke: how did my father die? Obi-wan: (I cut of his limbs and left him to burn) A young jedi named Darth Vader..

Sketchy : I'd feel totally fine just inserting this into "A New Hope" in place of actually watching the prequels during a marathon. No hate; just saying.

xxxtentacions father : This is what obi went through god knows the horrors the clones had to go through. Its sad that a single jedi would have a full funeral but no one gave a dam about the clones. I remember what fives said before he died "the mission, the nightmares there...finally over".

JustSaiyanSteve : This obi wan movie is going to be glorious.

pescando : Wait a minute. Are the prequels redeemable? I can sense it.

fytsizzler : This is made brilliantly!

Charles VanDeweel III : Makes me think how the world is going to be forced into slavery by our own army forces. We put so much trust in our government for protection, then... "Order 66."

James Corl : I know its a goof, but this is closer to my imagination as a child than any of those prequel trilogies ever got.

1337million : Almost in tears, such great editing and the song fits so well. Damn. Really puts everything that happened into a different perspective

Xx3DG3 L0RDxX : *I HATE YOU!!!!* Oh and by the way, give my son my light saber when he's old enough.

I play guitar and want to die. : This made me feel depressed. It feels so real, that's why Star Wars is what it is today.


purpleanex : So where's the ptsd....

Comanche Viper : This has to be one of the best videos I have ever seen. I love the way to put the other. How you sit through the conversation with Luke and L. the use of scenes from past movies work well as memories. Just it opens together so well. At a three minute and 11 seconds more look on only ones face was just....

JudsonRadio : Honestly, this is a testament to how good Alec Guinness's acting is. Before the prequels (regardless of how you feel about them), most of our knowledge of the events that led to up to the story we were shown came from this scene right here. Alec's expressions really drive home the weight of everything that came before, giving the rest of the trilogy so much more depth than it otherwise might have had.

Sam Ferguson : From a certain point of view.

Jrod ProductionStudios : I expected a comedy. Got even better. This was really emotional. This was great!

EddieWordzTv : That's my new EXCUSE! " It wasn't ME... Lord Vader did it!!! "