Obi-Wan has PTSD

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Sam Moore : Previously I have said on here that my laptop was stolen this summer when my house was robbed here’s the update: I’m currently a student at Ball State University but have to take the semester off due to financial reasons but hopefully since I won’t have to make huge payments I can purchase a new computer soon so I can continue to make new videos. I love video editing and I have some more ideas I’m wanting to experiment with in the near future. I have about 1000 subs now and I want to deliver for them. I’m also planning on possibly starting a podcast. I have two pretty decent cameras but I still need a microphone and obviously a computer lol let me know in the comments if this would be something you’d want to see. I’ll obviously still be doing edits as well since that is my passion.

RebelBeamMaster X84 : That was beautiful.

RowlWool : Wow, I loved the creativity. So many feels. I loved the Clone Wars Era

Straightoutta SWEDEN : *I came here to laugh... not to feel* Btw this video was great and sad :'(

Jack Rusio : " From a certain POINT OF VIEW"😉

Oscar Lopera : Kuleshov effect.

Blak : WHOLLY BALLS that was amazing!

Jake Grene : I came expecting memes. I left with feels.

St Ob : Mace fell out a Windu

Captain Woosh : "How did my father die?" "Because he had the low ground"

Dr T : I haven't talked to my brother in six months... The way obi wan said "and a good friend" With all the flash backs. I hope he picks up the phone today.

CaptinHavoc1 : This speaks volumes about Alec's acting talent. He probably didn't even know the backstory when he spoke these lines, and yet you can feel the pain so well.

TadRaunch : We owe George Lucas an apology.

Jacemachine Gaming : Wow...

TendoGamer101 : The person who made this video should have made The Last Jedi.

Louis Fyfe : i expected this to be a meme but it turned out to be pretty epic! and it even makes the prequels look pretty sick

Chandan Bhowal : It's funny how OT fans hate the prequels so much but don't realise how the same make the OT better. As a person who was introduced to Star Wars by the prequels, you see the originals from a whole different and beautiful perspective.

Catter Peener : Wow, this is actually sad. This just reminds me how much the new movies subvert the original atmosphere and lore. Talk as much shit as you want about the prequel trilogy, they gave us unprecedented expansion of what the Star Wars universe has to offer. We got to see the Jedi counsel, we got to see Obi-wan in training, we got to see Vader before he turned, we saw the fall of the republic and the rise of the empire. There was so much magic in the prequels, and now we're left with unoriginal sand-planet orphans with apparently no backstory or explanation for how they are so adept with the force and a lightsaber. Say what you want about the Disney trilogy, but I think they are beautiful to look at empty shells. They overwrite more than they create, and I am heartbroken by the amount of betrayal performed by Darth Disney. They could have been the chosen one, but instead, all we get is them disregarding so many of the facets we've come to understand about Star Wars and the force.

Danny AP : The beginning gave me chills, especially with the music

bored-asf : That scene is so much worse after watching the Clone Wars. It really showed their relationship and showed Anakin falling to the darkness regardless of what Obi-Wan did.

Harley Rider : This video is better then anything Disney could ever knock up

JaxBlade : 2:07 Idk why but out of everything in this great video that HIT me the hardest

JustinCage : I came here to cleanse myself from The Last Jedi


Ajunta Pall : Remake A New Hope (yes, again) with these flashbacks edited in.

Brian Ng : "how did my father die" he didn't have the high ground

Shishkin Max : After horrible VIII episode this video like cure for true fans of star wars. Thank you for this

Axeman232 : Good editing mate

DREDDEDB : When StarWars was pure

Franz Lomibao : came for the memes left with the feels

Reid Norman : I find that one line so sad, especially the way Obi-Wan said it: "Now the Jedi are all but extinct......." I loved this video and I was expecting more of a funny parody or something of that nature.

88and6 : Dammit man I’m crying. Beautiful edit.

Captain Adobo : I thought It was obiwan on LSD. I was expecting some dank shit then it hit me hard

Colson Thomas : i never knew the prequels could turn episode IV so dark so fast. great editing btw.

Wownerd1265 : And at 1:30 the shit starts to get real. Such a good edit; this wrings far more emotion and intensity out of the scene than it ever contained before. Brilliant work.

Edoronin : stop making me cry

Rickard Zingmark : If they do the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" movie, they must think of the things this video touches -Obi-Wan is a damaged person who basicly have lost everything and now he only have one reason to live -to keep watch over a boy (who's foster father hate his guts) who maybe one day becomes the heir of the Jedi order.

JaagupKu : Came in expecting to find funny dank video, left in tears...

Ibrahim Chacín Figueroa : Fuck, never noticed they mentioned The Clone Wars in the OT.

Ross Allaire : I should not be feeling this many feels this early in the morning!

Nario Esel : This video is incredible. In my opinion it looks, like George has Obi-Wan's and Anakin's Backstory in his head the whole time.

KickenItOldSchool : Luke did I ever tell you about Dexter Jettster? He owned a 50's style restaurant on Coruscant, the 50's is a term the people of earth use to refer to the 1950's a period in their history where diners were quite popular the planet earth resides in a galaxy far far away, hell the 50's haven't even happened for those earthlings yet, they were good friends.

Jango Jebo : This is an awesome video

Robert Bean : Sir Alec Guiness did a really good job with that haunted, 1000-yard stare.  This video is kinda sad and really makes you see that Obi-Wan went through some shit

No-thing/Your Gods Favorite God : GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! THE FEELS!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I am looking for a video if anyone knows it, where Luke is being force lightning by the emperor and Vader is looking back and forth and while he does Obi wan at the end of his and Anakins fight is in the back ground "you were the chosen one, you were suppose to destroy the sith not join them" I haven't seen it in forever but it is amazing!!! if anyone could remake it or find it let me know please!!!

Drummer : After seeing all of your friends, everyone you knew and talked with your entire life fall and you can't do anything about it. Even the strongest will-powered Jedi wouldn't be able to help but break down..

Hamza Bahrawi : “I do not remember owning a droid” R2-D2: Motherfucker....

Matthew Williams : I'd have PTSD too if I had to watch my master die in front of me, fight some 4 armed 12 foot tall cyborg, duel to the death against my best friend on a lava planet, and then later realize he survived and became the emperor's enforcer.

Vicente Rodrigo : Dud, this one is just EPIC, beautiful montage!

PSoysauce : 66 thousand likes for order 66 :D