Obi-Wan has PTSD

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Harrison McKinney : Thought this was gonna be funny. Now I'm on the verge of tears. Thanks a lot asshole.

Samurai Sans : I too have ptsd in third person

RenegadeRouser : Seriously, I did not sign the permission slip for this feels trip.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : is not died . . . not yet.

Ultimate Hope : This was actually really serious and emotional... not what I was expecting.

Jack Rusio : " From a certain POINT OF VIEW"😉

Otakamerd : "What was my father like?" "He didn't like sand"

GPARC : I came here expecting YTP for some reason Instead I got feels Well done, sir.

ZerXceS : holy fuck this got to me.

Sam Moore : Hey thanks for all the support from everyone. Sorry I haven’t made any new edits for awhile my laptop was actually stolen... hopefully I can get a new one soon and make some new content!

Sivart3 : I was watching memes and this popped up on the side, I wasn't ready to have my happiness ripped out by feels!

DrummerBB : I came here thought it would be something funny, and winded up finding out that it was powerful; and left feeling depressed.

Squidward Tortellini : The lavas red, the rocks are brown, it's over Anakin I have the high ground.

Bryce Anaya : Thought this would be a joke, but it gave me goosebumps through the whole vid. The combination of Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor's acting fits together so well even though the movies were made 25 years apart.

Ewie B : You sir made me cry. That's a rare moment. You have a new sub. Now excuse me while I find some tissues and a pillow to hug.

Two Tailed Warrior : Dang, that got emotional...from a certain point of view.

Reid Norman : I find that one line so sad, especially the way Obi-Wan said it: "Now the Jedi are all but extinct......." I loved this video and just like Wistbacka said, I was expecting more of a funny parody or something of that nature.

Titus Fielder : I thought it was just a meme post. This is amazing.

motorsported : "Best Star Pilot in the galaxy." ... Anakin banks ship lazily from side-to-side. #TopGunGrad

Nuori Mooses : im gonna show this to my kids instead of the actual preguels

GBuster : The news that Ewan McGregor would love to comeback to the franchise for two Obi Wan films brought me here. Great edit!

Fats McGroggly : I was expecting some dumb memes. But damn, that had me tearing up.

An Hour of Power : I was expecting a meme video... Instead I got feels... Nice.

xxxtentacions father : This is what obi went through god knows the horrors the clones had to go through. Its sad that a single jedi would have a full funeral but no one gave a dam about the clones. I remember what fives said before he died "the mission, the nightmares there...finally over".

Marcos Cronander : This video has more emotional impact than all of the prequels put together.

Reymund Avila : This, was fuckking dope. Bravo. Totally fits the mood and matches obiwans expressions.. So good. I like the music too. Well done.

Alex Roberts : Came for XD Left with ;u;

Malgrey T : "You can't condense six movies into five minutes" "Bitch, hold my beer..."

Nebel Werfer : The feels man...the damn feels..

No-thing/Your Gods Favorite God : GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! THE FEELS!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I am looking for a video if anyone knows it, where Luke is being force lightning by the emperor and Vader is looking back and forth and while he does Obi wan at the end of his and Anakins fight is in the back ground "you were the chosen one, you were suppose to destroy the sith not join them" I haven't seen it in forever but it is amazing!!! if anyone could remake it or find it let me know please!!!

Ross Allaire : I should not be feeling this many feels this early in the morning!

Rule E : Whoever made this needs to be hired for star wars editing immediately.

Kaiju2296 : Proof that the prequels elevated the OT exponentially

Anibus : I thought this is like a YTP or some meme shit. Turns out this is the most beautiful and sad video I've seen. 10/10 I cri evritiem.

SmartMead : This almost makes the prequels look good! Almost!

Joseph Gadardy : It's that song from FURY?

renthicya : Wow, a whole new layer to all those old Obi-wan scenes! Thank you!

Holly Moos : Glad it wasn't funny, ptsd ain't funny. So tragic. Beautifully done


Donny Lurch : I want to feel feelings, but all the clips with the CG troopers and the like just remind me of how bad those movies were. Good editing though, you did the best you could with what was provided.

Abram Little : poor obi

Michael Johnston : I was expecting something ridiculous, but instead I got a really great star wars video. Awesome work to whoever made it

King Kable : this was really well done.

Wistbacka : I came, expected a comedy/mock-up video, received and watched amazing edit-work and storytelling, left touched in my heart and soul. Amazing job, dude!

Lana Beniko : Its sad but beautiful so emotonal

ryebread 07 : This is so fucking sad holy shit

Cameron Hardin : Hey, that's pretty good!

bun4bun : Beautifully done :-)

suemorphplus2009 : Speaking of PTSD, I think that was the reason why Obi-Wan sliced off the guy's arm in the Mos Eisley Cantina. He was reacting out of traumatic memories.

Watashi wa Javier Betancourt desu : You really set the mood dude nice work