Obi-Wan has PTSD

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Reid Norman : I find that one line so sad, especially the way Obi-Wan said it: "Now the Jedi are all but extinct......." I loved this video and I was expecting more of a funny parody or something of that nature.

Uriah Siner : Dude that was powerful. Great freakin edit.

Young Gloom : “... And he was a good friend...”

Sam Moore : Previously I have said on here that my laptop was stolen this summer when my house was robbed here’s the update: I’m currently a student at Ball State University but have to take the semester off due to financial reasons but hopefully since I won’t have to make huge payments I can purchase a new computer soon so I can continue to make new videos. I love video editing and I have some more ideas I’m wanting to experiment with in the near future. I have about 1000 subs now and I want to deliver for them. I’m also planning on possibly starting a podcast. I have two pretty decent cameras but I still need a microphone and obviously a computer lol let me know in the comments if this would be something you’d want to see. I’ll obviously still be doing edits as well since that is my passion.

Sam Moore : UPDATE: I’ve previously posted about my current situation and why I haven’t posted any videos in so long. Basically I live in a crappy part of Muncie, IN as a Ball State student and my house got broken into and robbed and my laptop was among the things stolen. Many of you have suggested I make a patreon to try to get the funds for a new computer to make videos on and I finally gave in and made one. I don’t really expect anyone to actually use it but by the slight chance you do, I want to make sure I keep creating the best quality edits possible. Also I have posted a survey that has ideas for one of my next vids of when I finally can get a new laptop. We’re quickly approaching 2 million views on this video which is something I never imagined would happen when I created this and even tho I can’t monetize the video I just love that so many people get to see what I can do! Thanks 🙏 like and subscribe!

JaxBlade : 2:07 Idk why but out of everything in this great video that HIT me the hardest

Uriah Siner : I tried to watch this again while at dinner and had to turn it off because I started to cry lol

ECKohns : Luke: You fought in The Clone Wars? Obi-wan: Yes, I was once a cartoon character along with your father.

Danny AP : The beginning gave me chills, especially with the music

ZybakTV : This is what Star Wars should be. I swear the fans come up with way better plots and tell the Star Wars story in much cooler ways than the actual people in charge.

Facu Pudenti : 3:11 that exact moment. Obi-Wan's face says it all.

Cameron Bleecker : hate the prequels all you want, but you must realize the emotional depth that they brought to the story as a whole. star wars wouldn’t be nearly as amazing as it is without the prequels. it’s heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time, with a good ending!

Infinite Sheldon : This video was very respectful to Alec Guinness, Obi-Wan, the Prequels, and PTSD. Thank you.

Matthew Williams : I'd have PTSD too if I had to watch my master die in front of me, fight some 4 armed 12 foot tall cyborg, duel to the death against my best friend on a lava planet, and then later realize he survived and became the emperor's enforcer.

FABULOUS DOLPHIN : The real Star Wars. Before the dark times. Before the DISNEY.

Straightoutta SWEDEN : *I came here to laugh... not to feel* Btw this video was great and sad :'(

Sam Moore : Shoutout to fellow Ball State students! Chirp Chirp!

Riy99 Bl : *Wow.... did u get a call from george lucas yet? Haha.. the editing is sooooo gud... its really as though obi wan was recollecting those exact scenes! U really r talented. My fav is when old obi wan recollects seein anakin burn.. and he has tears in his eyes. Editing was just too gud!*

wienerwiener1 : Like Skywalker: "how did my father die?" Obi Wan: "that's enough time for today"

M Gamble : 3:06 Me watching this

Tom Evans : One of the best Star Wars vids I've seen, the prequels did a better job of explaining and expanding on the original story then people give them credit. This scene is so much more impactful after actually seeing it all happen.

Tyler Neal : I've been studying film for years. and I'm not just saying this. This video was put together better than anything in the actual movies.

P Merandi : Alex Guinness: "George, I don't really get this dialogue. How do I play this character if I don't know his backstory, or his motivations?" George Lucas: "Just act like a nostalgic old man. I'll figure out the backstory 20 years from now." Pure movie gold. The thousand yard stares, the long pauses, the seeming reluctance to talk about how Anakin died, which all seemed somewhat disjointed when I watched the movie before the prequels, all took on new meaning in watches of A New Hope since Episode III. And you, my friend, have captured it perfectly. How amazing was Alec's performance 40 years ago, knowing what we know now. And Alec himself said none of the dialogue made his character any clearer to him. Acting to its highest degree.

Oyasumi Ukiyo : From the title, I was expecting a parody. But, this was sad and beautiful, it really shows how Disney has no chance to conjure up any of these feelings ever again for us. You my man, are an artist, and long live George.

Jack Rusio : " From a certain POINT OF VIEW"😉

ltwargssf R : How bad the prequels were with the dialogue and love story, they connect and complete the originals so well and something like the new disney movie will never be able to do.

TheAtomicBeanz : Before the dark times... Before DISNEY

Chris Cruise : You understand the importance of story telling and nastalgia. You're incredibly talented. The score was brilliantly matched with the clips you chose. Timing was perfect. Awesome video man.

RebelBeamMaster X84 : That was beautiful.

Hannibal the Cannibal : This makes me hate even more where they went with Luke as a character in Episode 8.

Reid Norman : I don't feel like Obi-Wan wouldn't have had as much PTSD about The Clone Wars. I feel like that he would've had PTSD about Qui-Gon's death, the execution of Order 66, and the events on Mustafar. I say "wouldn't have had as much PTSD about The Clone Wars" as in the battles during The Clone Wars with fighting alongside Anakin and Cody. But, I don't have PTSD so I can't say what happens to someone when they have it and Obi-Wan obviously had it. I want to see an Obi-Wan anthology film and how he copes with his PTSD.

Chunky's World : This just validated the entire prequel trilogy. If the prequel trilogy was never made, we wouldn’t have this video. Haha but in all seriousness, marvellous work here, hit me right in the feels 😭

Davin Walker : this is actualy better than the whole of the last jedi xD

Mr.Mc Muffin : epic...

Stokie09123 : Testament to Alec Guinness’ acting that he can put a lot of emotion an weight into Kenobi’s recollection of events that were esoteric to even George Lucas at this point.

PyroFierceDeity : and people say the prequels were useless...

Brian Fernandez Nigga : "And he was a good friend..." the feels man :'(

Nitsej : 3:53 Seeing Ki Adi Mundi killed hits me in the feels everytime.

RenegadeRouser : Seriously, I did not sign the permission slip for this feels trip.

Sanguiluna : "How did you know about the parts you weren't there for?"

Beto Briseño : I don’t know if George Lucas already had in mind the backstory of it, but god Alec’s acting makes it feel like it this is amazing.

Generic Asian : Well, Disney basically shit on this legacy.

Alexandre Beaudry : Apparently a lot a lot of PTSD

RowlWool : Wow, I loved the creativity. So many feels. I loved the Clone Wars Era

imfromtambunan : "How did my father die?" "He didn't have the higher ground"

Uraneum : This actually makes me want to rewatch the prequels... Obi Wan has seen some shit dude

Central Jersey Conrail in N Scale : I love this Star Wars fan video. Awesome concept, outstanding editing and use of music!! You should be proud. I continue to watch your video over and over!

Collin Oscopy : I used to have PTSD and honestly I’m not offended or anything lmao and this is exactly what it was like for me except PTSD is just one specific moment that plays over and over in your head (perhaps the scene where Anakin is cut in half and says “I HATE YOU”) but otherwise this was great and so accurate

Jacemachine Gaming : Wow...