Tales from the Crypt The Secret S02E18 Full Length

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Romando Wallace : Who still watching in 2017

Kimberley Dawn : I remember this when I was little!

Andrew Diaz : the butler is the killer santa from episode s1e1

omniXenderman : ughh being adopted by vampires woul be bad, but all the damned sweets. I HATE SWEETS!!!!!!! i need a big juicy piece of meat or at least some savory vegetables

outre : hahaha..cool episode..God I miss shows like these

Jan King : The Crypt Keeper should have appeared in a few episodes.

09kfactor : R.I.P. Larry Drake

ChrisC11291980 : I think this was my favorite episode. What a twist!

Johnlindsey289 : One of my fave episodes since i was 8 when i saw this episode when it came out. Nice twist in the end and RIP Tobey the butler!

latasha turner : that was a little nasty when he was eating all that cake

Deirdre Bodrick : They need to put these on Netflix

Matthew Jay Evans : At the 10:09 mark when he says "I think im gonna like it here", it reminded me of the musical Annie lol

Jazzy Williams : the lady that runs the orphanage reminds me of Hilary Clinton

MAZEROTHofSuramar : Welcome to Clinton manor,

Michael D. Durham : This was a great episode.

Zulma Zelaya : Its ...Dr. Giggles! lol

Jaigar : (10:37 - 11:19) WOW, there is enough sugar in all of that food to not only give one type 2 diabetes but also make one sterile.

Vladimir Shmelev : Oh, this is a wonderful, wonderful episode!

Penguins Of Love : Best twist ever kept you on edge of your coffin

honeybun33 : Tobias didn't deserve what he got. he was a nice guy.

Eric Dufresne : when you thought things couldn't get better the kid turns into a werewolf. i hope you didn't read this before watching...

Jermaine Martinez Perez : Mrs. Colebert was MILF.

MARCUS : "And I think some things are going to change around here."

honeybun33 : those vampires picked the wrong boy.

Breion Bethel : the greatest television show ever!!...ahhh childhood.

rainy month : This was so dumb. I still have no idea why the food was a big issue and why he couldn't leave the room.

Fossil hunter : well that was sweet justice(get what i done there ;D)

Destiny Røyal : poor Tobias they both should've live together 😢😢😢😢and that would be his dad instead

Jamie Yantha : Hillary Clinton is ms. Hackston

David Mills : Still a better love story then Twilight...

The Joker : "I'm a werewolf and I have a apitite for vampire", lmao

Rohan Srivastava : What happened to his parents?

BillyJack85 : even more creepy considering theres a lot of rich & powerful people who eat kids and use their blood for anti-aging benefits, occult rituals and other weird shit. this seemed a lot more like a documentary for these sick fucks for the first 90% of the episode. the last 2 minutes turned it into a vampire/werewolf episode, but the first 20 minutes was nothing but a story about how rich people get their hands on unwanted kids who fall through the cracks of society and then use them for their own enjoyment.

Ronald Hawkins : I can't front the mature rich lady is sexy as fuck real classy

hardware20x : I remember watching this when I was a little kid about 25+ years ago, and thought it was one of the best TOTC episodes ever. Thanks for uploading this gem!

K Lalramhluni : im gonna watch this tonight i miss my childhood days

Adam Brizendine : Love werewolf stories, sure this is for kids and I saw them being vampires from a mile away, but him being a werewolf was somewhat harder to figure out. That and him eating them and taming their dog was pretty cool.

Belinda McDaniel : this show brings back so many memories, can't believe this use to scare me shitless lol

Big Daddy Kane : This ass hole use to scare the shit out of me when I was young

itsoliviarose : Omfg I remember this from when I was like 7

Skyla Arruda : like goosebumps 😂 like fearnet

seanpatrickcain2 : 22:40 What a twist

seanpatrickcain2 : 23:48 And I think some things are going to change around here...

sha11235 : Nice joke: Gaines Orphanage!

sweetiepie1959 : Directed to anyone who complains of the quality. Please be grateful & count your blessings that you have eyes that can see, etc. You're all spoiled. Enjoy! :) ....just sayin' ;)

Egon Jensen : Hillary??? 2.17 =)

BootManBill : “Scared the DICKIns out of you “ weird chose of words but here goes nothing

Prentice Bizzell : Why didn't they give hem any food food..? Like meat

Desi Nelson : SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I love how subliminal the Keeper's intro was. Reading a tale about an orphan and then complaining about there being no TWIST - which was delivered at the end by the kid being a werewolf AND an orphan! A twist much like this one was featured in the horror movie Trick r' Treat.

Messiah Chavez : This is latterly my whole child hood😿❤