Tobe Nwigwe | TABERNACLE. (The Originals) #getTWISTEDsundays

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Julian Butler : These lyrics got me in the dictionary...tobe raising my iq

Ceejay Films/Fanspine Pictures : God Himself literally rapping through you Tobe, continue in His ways and reap the benefits of his blessings

Smoove7254 : That Wendy's line was hard 🔥🔥🔥


bbbbBeaver : 'Word to Wendy's patties, never cutting corners' BRUHHHHH

Ej Lea-Scandrett : If they kill me it won't be like Scarface More like John the Baptist 🙏🔥

yohannesbulcho1 : Tobe can be the most chill or most aggressive rapper. That diversity in style is so dope to see! Def in my top 5 fav artist

Waba Waba : Halle Halle Halle U. No lie your music has brought me closer to God. I was going down an OK path. Now I'm heading down the right one.Thank you.

DJ JYung : "Ain't no to fear the devil baby when God show up" TABERNACLE!

Gabe Cyprian : Told her she can lean on me like Mr.Clark 🔥🔥

Talha Mojawalla : Another fire hit, every week on the week!!

Juan Mckee : That suit was clean!!!!

AB Got the Juice : I feel like I learn a new word every time I listen to a song. Makes me want to expand my vocabulary 🙏🏽

Cloak The Scribe : Maaaaann Tobe don’t let up bro. Do Not Let Up. Repping well and putting in every ounce of work that’s needed. Continued blessings to the whole squad bruh. Salute!

CarefreeBlkGirl84 : Looks up "Liturgical"

Oche Enokela : 'You'll blow up when you grow up'...line for the week! More grace to your ministry boss!!!

Cherell terri : I had to run this back to catch every bar. This what happens when real Gods touch the mic. Talk to them! Respect ✊🏾 #gettwistedsundays

Ky : Who are you? I am intrigued. *moves shoulders up and down*

Joe Palmer : 😲 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Definition of underrated

Shontell L : 🎤 🎤🎤🎤🎤 and thanks so much for the captioning! ❤️✊🏾 #LETSGO !!!

Andrew Peterson : The world be sleepin on Tobe. AHHHH TABERNACLE! Tobe the arsonist ;)

jermainerazor84 : 💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥🔥💯🔥💯🔥 This dude right here my God!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's go Tobe! My man bringing praying that fire from heaven like Elijah on the track!

chacherfro : Also, shout out to Tobe rapper hands. They emphasize every bar. Its one of those things you dont know is good until you see someone doing it right. Rappers, take note and work on your gestures...

BRENDAN SCHAUB FAN PAGE : I don't understand the internet. Why isn't TOBY one of the most famous rappers?

Nat Turner : I would love to see him Big krit and David Banner make a song. KIDS THIS IS REAL HIP HOP BARS

Zacahary Evans : I know his flow be going way over some people head #ouu

kalamalahala : Thanks, man. I look forward to these. You "made my playlist" months ago, and still got something fresh every week. Super impressive. Nice include with the @Wendy's lol think they'll RT?

Jackson Nichols : This man won't fly under the radar for long. He grabbed my attention a month ago and I haven't been able to look away since. If anyone deserves to blow up it's Tobe, and I'll tell everyone I know about his music until that happens.

Project ETO : Where the Nike slides at

Alex Bell : When in in my bag im as sharp as cactus..........Im kamakazi to my hood . i looked up wtf kamakazi OH MY GOODNESS......I SPIT TILL I HAVE SPACKE FORUM FROM THE SIDES OF MY MOUTH ........BRUUU I LOOKED UP SPACKLE ....THIS GUY MAN IS AMAZING

Shayna Farr : Why are you like this!?! I cant even concentrate at work! I keep listening and rewinding like yall ain't hear what he said!!!

royalblue19 : damn i keep passing out wth

Chris Andrews : Literally my new favorite artist!!!

David Chrysostom : "I get liturgical on haters!" Respect from the Orthodox !

MalcolmtheWriter : Yet again another LEVEL. Keep building, let em know. Soon everyone will know the Greatness GOD has put in you.

Zeth : I don't think Tobe ever had a bad verse!!!

Kinyua Kariithi : From Kenya with lots of love for you bruh ,spitting venom bruuuh

Patrick Albert : Hard as always Toby, keep up the good work. 👍😁

Dillon Belcher : Can’t get enough of #getTWISTEDsundays

DIVERZE. : AGggggh Tabernacle!

Snarfz : Amazing every time

Savage Stanley : Sauce🔥💯

Andre Sivels : Give this dude a freaking Grammy! Best rapper/ lyricist by far right now

J.LONG : Man this man said word to Wendy’s patties, im never cutting corners 🔥 this man a problem!

Panthers23 : "Ain't no need to fear the devil baby when God show up. Amen!" Tobe Nwigwe said that.

rabson senat : "E. done gave me some basic tips on how to stay away from them lays you basic chips"

Collin walli : Yes....

WhoisDarius_ : ITS THAT TIMEE

TheSlvrSurfer : Another masterpiece