How to do it in a hammock

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Bridget Sheehan : Clickbait I’m disappointed :(((


William Keough : Did he just say, "Hey Myspace?"

Bryan Zen : Life long fan 😢 you deserve more views

Matthias Kleinjan : LMAO this vid was gold

Super Tiger Road Trip : Lol just saw your other video on sleeping in a hammock and you make this video today

Always Uplifted : Your stuff is awesome! XD Where I go when I'm feeling down. You deserve more cred dude keep up the great content - @alwaysuplifted

P1tri0t : Make this man famous.

Match Ashes : Your tutorials save my life

David Scutti : Garret’s shoulder does not exist. 0..o

Alyxa : wowow so i was doing it wrong all along thx bro :)

Mirela : Ur too funny

J'zargo From Elsweyr : I just found this channel, and my god. It's grand.

beshjs : Everyone was talking shit on the other video but i can confirm that you are ten times more interesting than them all combined.

Billy Moore : This is to funny.

K Fichera : frickers

Tumeg : You need to name this how to make pie in a hammock and it would 100% go viral

Gineen Cooper : this is very funny

amir riddle : So am i ever going to be able to buy a garrets shoulder notebook?

Papa Bibo : How would one copulate within the confines of a hammok

ege özkan bölükbaşı : this guy looks like linguini from ratatouille lmao

Steve Lee : This video was a lot messier than I though it was going to be.

Cole Mitch : So thats how you do it in a hammock

luna : good content (((?))) good content.

pxige : this man is the future. quality content.

Kc Reed : Wait are you single

RRobob : you are amazing, definitely deserve more views.

Luke Macleran Jr. Tomlinson : hilarious. good wit.

Joshua B : God died when you said fr*ckers on cam

John Hurst : Outstanding lol

tom : whats your instagram

ticonderoga : am i in a fever dream

Marsable : Hahaha this is such a golden channel

Owen Madamba : The baked beans part 😂


sam corijn : yeeeeeaaaah!

awesomeguy : Sam ur cute

George Middleton : so this is what Americans do with free time

Kurimson Kitsune : Prove that God exists? Sounds fun. I have a question though. What do you mean by God? And since you are looking for proof of Gods existence what kind of evidence would you find acceptable?

SlayZ : What if your gay XD

03portal : not funny little boi

Parris island Blades : God does exist, you just have to have faith.