Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak – record run, all angles

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NewMotoring : Please, the on-board alone, single-angle would be epic!

Chris Till : It’s a shame the onboard angle isn’t the best but it was really cool to watch Romain using the pedals. I was surprised he was right foot braking but I like it. I just want this car and Pikes Peak itself in GT Sport. I remember my favourite car growing up playing GT 1 and 2 was the Suzuki Pikes Peak car. Now hopefully a new generation of kids will grow up with the ID R Pikes Peak.

AMWULF GAMING : It really didn't need to take a month to release this....and it's still a bad onboard angle. I've never seen a car company care so little about a record they've broken with this lack of presentation. *BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS FFS.*

Muffin Racing : The electric motors sound like a haunted house. oooooOOOOOOooo-ooo-ooo

eternitynaut : Use a go pro attached to the windshield next year. I understand that the priority was to get the record but it''s 2018, a kid would have recorded this better than grown men paid to do it for a job.

Mochamad Syarief Maulana : You need to do something like Porche did in the 919 Nordscheife record video. Even the camera angles are bad.

Curtis B : Awesome. Wish they had included the speedometer reading throughout as you rarely get the sense of the incredible speeds and acceleration from the video.

Bryce : R.I.P. Gasoline cars, my next cars will be all electric

Aaron Greenhill : For those not so interested in the steering wheel and pedals.. can we get a good video?

TheGerm24 : The car looked like it was going to fly off the mountain on the straight away about 7 minutes through the run. Amazing stuff.

SpeedFlap : Wahnsinn. Gegen diese Dynamik ist die Formel-E ein langweiliger Schluck Wasser. Bitte VW, wann bringt ihr endlich einen kleinen knuffigen Serien-Roadster und tretet Tesla so richtig in den Hintern? WANN? HABEN-WILL!

Dory Sheldan : Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they verbally mentioned that this was a fully electric car once in the commentary. Just "Volkswagen IDR" and "Roman Dumas". Yeah, the noise kind of makes it obvious if you know what you are listening for, but a casual viewer could walk away from watching this without realizing that this was an electric car.

Mikee CZ : Right foot braking on a two pedal car, interesting. Thanks for the vid

Cheezy Cheese : What a hell of a ride... WOW and nice driving noise

V10PDTDI : I wish the speed was showed and RPM too it sounds like in the straits the sound of the drive trains kind of plateau I wonder if it was a perception or the car was still accelerating strong in the strait sections if it really plateau in the straight then they might need a 2 speed gear box next year if they want to go even faster and save some time in the high speed sections.

Personne : Peugeot 208 IS better

snake plissken : worst cockpit view ever

Thomas Ploner : Awesome! Where do I get mine?

Ivano Tomainu : Ari Vatanen...

Mamo : Where's the _real_ video without the commentary and on-board only?

Blame : dissapointed by this video, cockpit cam is absolutely atrocious.

El Pregonero de la Vagatella : The first advantage of electric engines over the normal engines. The altitude doesn't affect them!!

Marie MERCURY Curie : Roman next time you grace us with your presence we're gonna strap a wing kit on that thing and blow the whistle on these aeronautic chumps once and for all. Put blood on it n sail her in. Poseidon bemore you. On that holy grail isht, m.c. 🗝☠💓

NwkPrf : electric cars are so zzzzzzz borrrring

Peter Parker : na, auch von jp hierhin gekommen? :D

Remco Baan : porsche: you know what to do

Robert Rigler : It’s like watching a slow slot car!

tojiroh : Now waiting for the Porsche 919 Evo atempt... ;-)

Piteng : NICE!! I don't quite understand how this 2,500 lb & 680 hp electric car could beat Loeb's 1,929 lb 875 bhp T16 by a whooping 16 seconds. Incredible.

George Taylor : Rubbish camera angle!

Mathias Manzl : Vollkommen irre! Und der Ton ist auch geil! Im Auto vl. weniger, aber das Geräusch wenn das Auto vorbeifährt. Einfach nur klasse!!!

mattk04 : For all the frustrations that come about from owning VW's, this and other actions like it are why I respect the company and keep buying their cars.

Andrew Phillips : The constant helicopter noise ruins this otherwise awesome video. We get it, aerial footage was from a helicopter -- this seems amateur.

Daniel : Das Auto.

Scott S : Air cooled ;)

Jeffrey Leclerc : They cheated at this like they do the emissions tests. Fake news. Buy American.

scottyo64 : I am not a big fan of EVs but that sure was one heck of a run up the Peak!

Jaiv Villa : Héroes del silencio.

Beena Plumber : Fahrvergnügen.

OhItsThat : VW should put a real engine in it and enter it in LeMans.

Steffen Schumann : Nice record!!!!!! Aber hätten die das Ding nicht Audi und den Herrn Röhrl reinsetzen können?

Mixed Reality Sim Racing : Nice onboard...not

Wolfshark : As impressive as this is, Ari Vatanen's run in the T16 is still my favorite.

BartBart22 : Worst announcers ever. The second the quieter one starts to speak the loud mouth starts talking over him almost every time.

1badEK : Sounds like an approaching siren. A very fast approaching siren. 👍

Kinkgo : Glückwunsch

Anton Bender : Germans everywhere!!🤫😉

Lionel Vigier : car + 1000, pilote + 1001, vidéo -1000 !

Saved Set Free : Electric is the future.

Pierre Comtet : J'ai beau monter le son mais je ne n'entend toujours rien, que c'est triste sans moteur, sans bruit, sans odeur bref accélérer freiner et c'est tout. Pour moi ce n'est pas du pilotage je respecte énormément romain Dumas c'est un grand pilote mais pour le coup c'est triste. Certes c'est une grande performance de battre le record de Loeb et pour l'électrique mais je suis désolé le record va passer aux oubliettes rapidement.