Boiling Rice Field Crab with Coconut Water / Crab Cooking

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dora pito : good job young man

SAK- SOON : This video heals my soul 😌❇

mey naza : wow

Daily Creative : Wow So nice

Myrtle Syd : Just delicious. Well done

Real ass Niggas : Feast my young boy

Real ass Niggas : That’s my son y’all

Ashley Lea : How about you guys send them some clothes since you’re so concerned about his shirt. Worried about the wrong things 🤦🏾‍♀️

Ali Fikri Mubarok : SOCTLAND

Slick Rick : Young Kdeb plz let us know if someone is using your exceptional skills for profit, we are here to help you.

damn671 : I wanna go to Soctland

carpii : why do the crabs always look dead before he even starts cooking them?

Slick Rick : I hope this young man isn't being exploited, maybe it's just me but I don't know another YouTuber who drops a video every single day.

Jeffrey Salvador : Is this channel ran by the kid who's actually cooking?

Damien Lu : I don't eat Any type of crabs, but I've been to plenty of down south seafood cookouts in the states. This is one of the most reasonable meals I've seen you cook.

Fruitarian : Oh god why did he put that in his mouth?

JWill Entertainment : your living better than most americans

iridium . : we gotta watch out for the whitest white in this comment section that has never heard of culture

Voughn Sawyer : Great way of cooking imma try it out later on

theopreker JKT : too much worm at that type crabs

actual : SOCTLAND hahaha

Abhishek Dusane : Where is your brother

Sergio Franco : Don't they taste better if they're alive?

இயற்கை மருத்துவம் - Natural Medicine : nice

HappyHalloween : Very healthy.

Lewis Alexander : Salt or sugar u used in the bowl??????????

Talha Ansari : Is he eating the shell too?

Marco Lagahit : Imagine him shitting out the shells. SOCTLAND!!!

Carly _Dam3 : The crab lungs is not eatables dude it will cause you sick

MPR DRE : This is so entertaining for some reason like the food network

flyingbutthole : son, you really ate your friend. where he be at? why ain't he around lately? tell us

Xiate26 : No rice?

Nigga In Paris : Stop chewing with your mouth open boi.

Jonathan Macaw : with flies on the side

ymararma : Your dip looks like it’s spicy!!

Garret Rumbo : Do they not know that the gills that there eating is very Toxic?

Mafiakuski : Good job making these videos, keep it up! Respect from finland👌

uwhusky01a : This kid is gonna get sick he just ate the crab lungs which are called dead men's fingers

Igloo king : Dude straight feastin

Tholi Taylor : Nice look!!

PrudishSkatee PrudishSkatee : Looks good!

Joe W : Anyone knows where is this boy from? I am so curious.

Juke : Enjoy your diarrhea.

Jolly : How come he doesn't bother removing the gills?

C Yang : can i buy you a croatia soccer jersey? lol...

JaYbULLy310 : I see my boy gotta hair cut. Looks good

Dylan collins : Get that kid some Gucci fo real!

dabbing710 : Great job!

nurullah emun : ananzskm :) bok yiyin amk çocuklarıı <3 :))

Cezar : Best life