ISHITANI - Making a Walnut Trestle Table
This guy is by far the best woodworker Ive come across on YouTube

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[Order No.1809-2 / Walnut Trestle Table ] wood : black walnut This order was a dining table, three chairs, a bench and counter chairs. Shiro's work was to carry seeds. 今回のご注文は、ダイニングテーブルと曲木の椅子とベンチとカウンターチェア(別動画)の製作でした。そしてシロくんのお仕事は種運びでした。 furniture maker / Natsuki Ishitani video make & posting / Chie -- ISHITANI FURNITURE -- Music 「日差し」by MAKOOTO


Teguh Liswanto : a hundred years from now this table will be in Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

Givulinovich : In my dreams, my home would be fully Ishitani furnished. Your joinery always makes me smile. By the way, your saw horses are impressive. No wiggle at all.

tigahshark : I ALWAYS like before I watch cause I KNOW it’s good...

shawn harris : is the purpose of the biscuits used in the tabletop glue up for alignment such that the table is very flat when the glue dries, resulting in less sanding at the end and issues flattening?

daniel dan : always glad to see Shiro making an appearance

Patrick Depoix : I loved your video without noise, calm and quiet....and a beautiful music! A real paradise's time. Congratulation for your wonderful work from France. PS: your workshop is old, I feel a lot of story there....

Edgar Salgado : Parabéns! Ficou muito lindo! O teu serviço é excelente!!!

Gregory Peterson : Where carpentry , Artistry and meditation meets. Beautiful

Wood By Wright : So beautiful! I love the wedged tenon touch!

Robert Emerson : I would LOVE to make quality furniture like this and have been planning on doing that for years. You and your work is very inspiring!

William Lial : I really like the work of Ishitani Furniture. Clean, elegant, light and soft. A minimalism that is not cold, which brings the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Artem Plaksin : Нет ребята, это вам не просто столярка - это ФИЛОСОФИЯ ЖИЗНИ ... ГАРМОНИЯ...

The Art of Craftsmanship : Beautiful work again. It never gets old watching you make these pieces of art. You’re an inspiration.

anvil studio : Elegant, beautiful, and masterful! Thank you for creating a moment of peace in our world.

shawn harris : why does he use the pins through his glued joint? is this just a failsafe in case the glue fails, the pins can hold it in place or does this add something im missing?

squallxgamer : Absolutely mesmerizing to watch you work as always.

diverhose : Beautiful, thank you for sharing. By the way, your TinTin doggie, Snowy is very cute.

Michelle Schry : Chie thank you for telling the story of each piece so beautifully. Your art is a perfect complement to the art of the craftsman.

Tony Miller : This may be my favorite piece that you've posted. Walnut is a rich and warm wood so the thick top with a square edge profile has a simple beauty and a commanding presence. The trestle style is inherently a bit rustic, but the sharp lines and tapers are quite modern in feel. The contrasting wedges in the cross-member's tenons are a perfect touch - subtlety decorative without being ornamental. I love everything about the design and execution of this piece. Thank you for sharing.

Sergio Soares : Belo trabalho. Congratulações

Ronaldo Neves : Parabéns! Muito legal seu trabalho.

me aul jazzer : I always get a kick out of watching your builds man. Japanese carpentry is so much more exciting & peaceful. As my carpentry teacher told me the other day: Japanese carpentry has being way a head of the world for hundreds of years.

greigo tee : Beautiful cinematography Chie

rileycastro : That’s a beautiful table. Wow. Really good craftsmanship

benzracer : Shiro is the best quality inspector anyone could ask for! Thanks for the beautiful videos, love watching you work.

Ivo Rosati : you are a great! your works are amazing! COMPLIMENTS!!!!

Jack Chapman : Outstanding woodwork,beautiful piece

B Z : Really nice work. The double wedged tenons and the base profiles look modern yet warm.

livinlos1 : Beautiful table and wonderful watching a true craftsman. What is the machine being used at 7.40? Thanks

vincent7520 : Once again Shiro fulfilled his duties as the best quality inspector can. Congratulations.

0311yash : 美しい家具と映像。いつ見ても良いですね。

Nicolas Nyari : El mejor..amo tus vídeos.saludos de Argentina..!

juan daniel francovig : Hello Thank you for your work I wanted to ask what is the product you use to finish the wood for

Gino Asci : Donyah love walnut wid cleeah satin finish. S'beeutifool !!!

jehissonC : Beautiful. Everything you make is a masterpiece.

Rob Hardie : I love your simple designs, they are so elegant. Great videos as well.

bill tzanetis : Ομορφη και λεπτομερής δουλειά με πολύ καλές τεχνικές .

W F L : Parabéns pelos resultados!!! Excelente!!!

M M : Absolutely the best woodworking videos ever. Thank you

Matt Cochrane : Was there a specific reason for you to plane diagonally? I really love your joinery and products! Very inspiring.

WB Fine Woodworking : That table is outstanding and the joinery used to assemble it is exceptional, Then when I saw that you also made the bench and chairs I was amazed. Extremely well done project. Thank you for sharing.

Andrew Morris : Hey look kids!. Not an overpriced Festool to be found. That's refreshing in and of itself.

Eugene Cooper Jr : Another masterpiece. Great quality and built like a Lexus automobile. Awesome 👀🙏✌

Robert Smith : You sir are a master craftsman

John Buerger : Your table is beautiful. Nice balance. Thank you for a splendid video.

Moondyne .Joe : Amazing craftsmanship Natsuki you are always a pleasure to watch creating your artwork Tony from Western Australia

Gottfried S : Realy great colloring. I like the traditional and the modern style!

Brian Lee : I'm always excited when I get a notification that you have a new video posted. Your work is very inspiring and relaxing to watch. Keep the great content coming.

mholt76 : Starting at about 6:30 in the video you were cutting out the relief for the key/wedge for the tendon. What sort saw was that you were using?