ISHITANI - Making a Walnut Trestle Table

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Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland : Seriously man, I've had a horrible day, but seeing your notification pop up just made my day. I'm always so inspired and at peace watching you work.

Wood By Wright : So beautiful! I love the wedged tenon touch!

Teguh Liswanto : a hundred years from now this table will be in Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

Givulinovich : In my dreams, my home would be fully Ishitani furnished. Your joinery always makes me smile. By the way, your saw horses are impressive. No wiggle at all.

tigahshark : I ALWAYS like before I watch cause I KNOW it’s good...

daniel dan : always glad to see Shiro making an appearance

Artem Plaksin : Нет ребята, это вам не просто столярка - это ФИЛОСОФИЯ ЖИЗНИ ... ГАРМОНИЯ...

The Art of Craftsmanship : Beautiful work again. It never gets old watching you make these pieces of art. You’re an inspiration.

Burton's Attic : Great material selection and matching. Awesome camera work and the trestle joint 👍!

Gregory Peterson : Where carpentry , Artistry and meditation meets. Beautiful

Tony Miller : This may be my favorite piece that you've posted. Walnut is a rich and warm wood so the thick top with a square edge profile has a simple beauty and a commanding presence. The trestle style is inherently a bit rustic, but the sharp lines and tapers are quite modern in feel. The contrasting wedges in the cross-member's tenons are a perfect touch - subtlety decorative without being ornamental. I love everything about the design and execution of this piece. Thank you for sharing.

William Lial : I really like the work of Ishitani Furniture. Clean, elegant, light and soft. A minimalism that is not cold, which brings the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Michelle Schry : Chie thank you for telling the story of each piece so beautifully. Your art is a perfect complement to the art of the craftsman.

Jb B : Absolutely beautiful!  Chie your video was exceptional on this project.  Really enjoyed how your added a subtle bit of color (orange mushroom & the green on Shiro's nose).  Added another dimension to this video, Outstanding!

greigo tee : Beautiful cinematography Chie

diverhose : Beautiful, thank you for sharing. By the way, your TinTin doggie, Snowy is very cute.

me aul jazzer : I always get a kick out of watching your builds man. Japanese carpentry is so much more exciting & peaceful. As my carpentry teacher told me the other day: Japanese carpentry has being way a head of the world for hundreds of years.

squallxgamer : Absolutely mesmerizing to watch you work as always.

B Z : Really nice work. The double wedged tenons and the base profiles look modern yet warm.

Andrew Morris : Hey look kids!. Not an overpriced Festool to be found. That's refreshing in and of itself.

Arquidomos Medellin : siempre he estado ligado al trabajo de la madera, las formas de cepillar difieren mucho la oriental es hacia adentro la occidental es hacia afuera sacar la viruta,. me gusta mas la de hacia adentro pero el trabajo con madera es maravilloso felicitaciones

Juguetero Arlequin : Hermoso, creo que cada pieza que creas es mas una escultura que un objeto funcional, pero eso es lo que los hace perfectos que ademas de bellos son de uso diario.

Ben Tyreman : 1:26 you can never have too many clamps

Efrain Enrique Arcaya Avila : Shiro is a poodle? Nice job, very very nice job

Александр Агеев : Ты очень крутой, успехов!

Gilson Antunes Pereira : Muito bom! Móvel de excepcional beleza. Parabéns!

Baba G : Beautiful as always. My hope is people watch this and get inspired, to want to be meticulous and pay attention to the detail.That they get to absorb the work ethic & desire to bring precision to their work. The society we live in seems to celebrate mediocrity more and more and there is less and less desire to deliver quality product and service in any field. Thank you for sharing so generously. Always serene, calming and inspiring.

Sean Simpson : That. Is. Beautiful. Wonderful work from a great craftsman. And completely without ego. Big respect to you.

David BS : MalTorres. Tremendo maquena estas hecho.

0311yash : 美しい家具と映像。いつ見ても良いですね。

Bart Brouwer : What a fine peace of furniture again! I love to watch your skills and I am impressed by the ease you do accomplish all this. Thanks to Chie for bringing the atmosphere of creating to live this way. The combination of filming, editing and music is great (and very relaxing).

Seth's Project Woodworking : Just incredible! I am obsessed with your work

Are Baloni : This is incredibly beautiful! I literally had goosebumps watching those pictures at the end.

asura Queen : こんな家具に囲まれて暮らしたい…(*゚ー゚)

Christopher Ng : Chie、ナツキの技能を捕らえてくれてありがとう。あなたは、このような壮大な芸術作品を作ることにつながる愛と献身を真に私たちに示してくれる素晴らしい目を持っています。私は繰り返しあなたのビデオを見て、それはストレスの多い日に私を落ち着かせるのに役立ちます。私は困難な時を過ごしてくれてありがとう。 <3クリス

theo theophanous : What glue do you use? Looks thick. Amazing build as always

The Tokyo Craftsman : Timeless!

Haze : Thank God there is 🌷Japan🌷in this world

mametaro note : 素晴らしいの一言、、。

João Manoel Santos : Meu caro, estou falando do Brasil, América do Sul. Quero dizer a você que é um renovado prazer estético ver suas obras de arte. Sou professor de Belas Artes e estou convicto de que a beleza é o que nos motiva na vida. Fico aguardando com ansiedade suas obras de arte. Gosto muito da sua busca pela precisão e pelo equilíbrio, na arte isso é muito importante e você faz isso muito bem. Assim, receba nossos calorosos parabéns e os votos de que continue firme no seu destino de produzir sempre coisas belas e que nos dão prazer. Grande abraço!

DaRa RinCho : いつも見とれてしまうぐらい丁寧な仕事ですねぇ(*´ω`*)

axelmoises : desde el primer momento que ví este tipo de madera, sé que ibas a hacer un trabajo magnifico e impecable.

PSD Cowboy : First

Ronaldo Teixeira : Maravilhoso e ainda acalmou o meu dia que está por vir. Obrigado

Pancho Soto : Es genial como trabajas la madera, soy un gran admirador de tu trabajo.. vivo en Chile , en Sub america... saludos desde aca...✌

Helmuth Baumeister : Muito bom! Lindo trabalho!

minivader : Wow always amazing to watch and learn! Ishitani's video are always so calming. 😊

Jean Loreaud : Impressionnant très joli travail bravo salut Jeannot 😉🛠

MARDAK WORKSHOP : nice job man 👍🏻👍🏻

giantred : I was very unhappy before starting this video, now I feel more at peace. Thank you :) p.s. Good job Shiro, the quality looks high as ever ^_^