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MrjubbleTv : We have to liberate North Korea for that girl in the middle 0:35

Barry Allen : And we wonder why korea hates us

Shimaqan : I don't understand the swastika at the beginning though...

MaGonzo : When ever I'm feeling down, bored or simply want to start a good day I put on this video. It never fails to crack me up. It's definitely a fav, one of YouTubes own prototypes, that fills my heart and guts with joy each and every time.

Gandalf White : North Korea Best Korea

RustyDoorknobs2 : tfw no qt 3.14 north korean gf

Ryan Whitaker : As far as I'm concerned, this is the music video.

Marcio Fadel : is a shit when you discover that you born in the wrong side of the fence

NyksWyldMynd : The girl laughing at 42 seconds in is so beautiful :')

Jori N-S : So wrong....yet so good

Toby Clarke : Whoever made this song obviously thinks The Democratic Republic of Korea is a joke, but I don't, this kind of authoritarian government really does make my dreams come true.

basically trash : maybe one day, true korea will sweep through the south an spread communism across the world, then we can all have qt 3.14 government assigned waifu's

Sam Worrall : Not gonna lie , I love this song!!

flexor212000 : Yoo makah my dream comah truhhhhhhhh!

Tampaterry54 : this video is so good

Gaming Waffle : 1:17

Argentinian Cuntslap : this is really great propaganda

OneManArmy : 0:40 I'd want to liberate her.

Roderick Jones : Yawning man, "Ugh....! shit, this song again!!!!"

Andy P. Hoffman : This would be a cool idea for a parody film.

Hjalmar Nyman : Thanks for this great video. You've done your part, and now we(reddit) will do our part in making this video viral. If you have any questions, just ask. (I'm a reddit moderator.)

themindkiller : They say the man that yawned at 1:20 was executed in front of his family and then fed to his family so they would have something to eat. 

1üP : New North Korean Sitcom

Tonite : Are these Russian weapons and vehicles?

john royal : I just love this video I play it over and over sometimes to get me going in the morning im so happy that you shared this!! Thank you sooo much!!

Rizz Rustbolt : Hall and Oates makes everything better.

Pizza-Man : How are they a threat if they can only march in a formation? I mean we can go wherever, but they always move the same

wetnoodlex : what is that qt3.14 korean chick laughing at

Michael Sickenger : So this is why they want us dead

Will M : why do Communists march like nazi's

rannierunsfast : That army girl though. <3

zyxwvutsrqponmlkh : Duck Tails WHOOOHOOO

Acidpond : When we invade North Korea this we'll be playing lol

Roderick Jones : OMG! *jaw dropped*

James Thöne : You get a +1 sub just for this video.

James Thöne : 10/10

Gas Mac : Wow great idea...Like it.

The Critical Jesus : <3

460cc : Barely noticed the swastika....

CyGuy : This is so my thing!

Maximalian Kaiser : This music video is even sillier then most of weebl's. It still makes me a little bit scared though. 

john royal : Yes I want all three!!!!! Do you think its common to have orgies in a communist country like north Korea???

john royal : Yes I want all three!!!!! Do you think its common to have orgies in a communist country like north Korea???

CoffeeSmack : Oh God I hope there are more of these.

Julius Fawcett : Shiny happy people =)

Temple Thomas : So so ronery

Jonotr0n : Did anyone else notice the swastika at the start?

Andrei Florean : Now I gotta fap to some korean porn 

TOOVOOT : that was incredible