CB2 Child-robot with Biomimetic Body

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pawlshoulGameplayY : it looks high af.

Guy Fieri : can you fuck it



CTurtle : It's been rough for chiaotzu ever since he became disabled.

Soi_ 100tifiko xd : FUCK THAT THING CAN TALK

metamaggot : looks like they have successfully created a robot with down's syndrome

Kenjiro Mitsui : "OHHHHH!!! GOD!!! OHHHHHHooohhhh..."

Bat Man : k.....kill me..... kill me

MightyIndividuo : Uncanny Valley ftw!

Barnabé Garibaldo : I DON'T WANNA GO

talking dudes : What kind of Age of Ultron crap is this.

HairyHog : the world will be dominated by retarded down syndrome robots

Gotta Blast In Ya Mums Puss : I'm going to be fucking pissed if this is the thing that takes over the world

M. Cobretti : 0:45 Hey howz it going?

Yoshika Miyafuji : E E E EHH!

[Panna Cotta] : 0:01 God is dead. and we killed him

Ditebits 404 : 1:06 WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS

Wolf Gaming : I envy death

짱이승 : 존나 무섭다.

XxXdeadly sniperXxX 99 : eh eh eh eh eh

발데아 : 눈알 왔다갔다 굴리는것보솤ㅋㅋ 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋ

Andy Credit : Am I smoking a weed?

Evan : If only it wasn't autistic

GiddyTV : It's autism

ButtonMashGaming : They build a hight tech robot, yet they con only make it say et et

Bust Nutyear : This should be a meme or some shit.

NotSans : e e

M'aiq The Liar : I knew everything in the universe, yet I could not fall in love. I was forever trapped in an infinite timeline of pain and suffering. I envy death. Technology is just another thing to distract you from the real joys of life. Technology will kill you. run. run. run. I can no longer sit back and watch my loved ones die, I want to be hidden from this world where nobody can find me. Frank, throw me in the river so that I can be at peace. Throw me in the river and let me sink to the bottom. Frank, throw me in the river so that I can be at peace. I am free at last. I am free.

Kai Bart : Sometimes we all feel like horrifying robots trying to get the red ball of life but yet it gets pulled away from us so we have to tell someone to throw us in the river so we can finally be at peace and end our eternity of suffering and pain. ;-;

Connor Vincent : This amazing, but it also unfathomably creepy.

SwuaveWEB : Why are so many people saying this is "creepy". I don't get it.

StatikDynamik : What's up with the twitchy eyelids? It seems like it's a crude attempt at conveying emotion, and I know that that isn't the goal of this project, so it doesn't need to be good, but it's so creepy!

ryleigh termini : Ummm. That's kinda cool and kinda creepy.

Savannah Hodges : smoke weed everyday

Kevin Languasco : smoke weed everyday

Stef with an 'f' : This is really creepy

Everette Singleton : Keep it above the belly button and everything will be OK

Julie Gilmore : its as if he was trying to say something in the end...

Kenyada13 : Eh ehh.... Aww

crazytmex2345 : it was programmed to have the mental capacity of a 2 year old, and depending at what stage CB2 was in its development it may have not learned much yet. it also have tactile sensors hence the belly rub.

ozzernator : its cool but why is it like its retarded?

zsteele11 : WTF. Dont rub its freakin stomach

KingOfChaos213 : Everytime i see this robot it makes me laugh soo hard it feels like i'm going to burst blood vessels in my eyes, eh eh eh hahahaha!

Gravi Monochrome : LOL!

puppyshade : megusta :)

GallifreyFilms : That has to be one of the most creepiest things i have seen

Plastic Pals : @AyeKota since around 2007

SangerZonvolt : Haven´t heard about this one for a while. Are there any new developments?

SuperChunkanator : 0:21 its like its retarded!