Smash Bros 4 : Dream Roster
In the wake of Super Smash Bros Ultimate announcements I think its worth revisiting Dunkeys roster suggestions

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stanthebossman : this video is basically every kid talking about smash brothers

chewble : Thinking about it..Mario bros is a really good idea tbh

Agiri : I'm fishing for a fight brother

Keaton Ramey : I'd love to be in the room with 2 dunkeys and just watch them talk to each other

Dillo64 : This is funnier now because the Tree from Animal Crossing actually did make it in (Villager's Down+B).

HoukouUkage : This is basically the smash ballot in a nutshell.

Spooneads : 76% of all fanmade ssb rosters.

macaron3141592653 : "Who ordered the fish n' chips?" -Ironman

I like fat chicks. : They should add Super Smash Bros. as a playable character.

AdADglgmutShevanel : Well he did predict the tree from Animal Crossing!

Gavyn Duvall : Dunkey's voice OMG he could talk about anything and it would be funny

Passaro : After Cloud's announcement, this video is starting to ring true. Hoping in December we get the "who's bus is it anyway" camel

the bombnoicam : this sums up every adobe flash fan version of smash brothers ever

Cody Roth : Honestly dunkey should be a playable character. His taunt is "not even close, babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy" after he barely kills someone.

ZionSype : Nah nah nah nah they gotta have Shrek in there, and um Papa John, ooohhh and what if they had the Big Ben tower riding a scooter, and the scooter has the head of the football player Big Ben, and Big Ben is like "Your time is up" Ooooohhh, and they need to have um the Burger King, um Wendy, definitely Dairy Queen, and um what if they had like Niko Belic with a bowling ball, and the bowling ball has Roman's head on it, and when you attack he's like "Causin, let's go bowling"

Ryland Carmichael : I really hope they put the Mario Bros in Smash 4

The Good Bee : What about The Rocks head on Macho Mans body, with Hulk Hogans arms and John Cena's legs. He would be like "Mmm, you can't smell what I'm cooking, brother."

Ruben Olguin : I lost it at " I'm fishing for a fight brotha!"

Arthur Mc : this is relevant again

Kara with gun : This video sounds like a basic M.U.G.E.N. roster.

Roland Jimenez : Can't forget about Barack O' Romney

Crazy Chocolate Monkey : So do you just record random stuff and send it to people to animate

GravePaladin : Seriously, i would flip if the mario brothers were there...

Snoos : But for reel thow knack is wood be awsom in sm4sh

Bungus Squad : I'm fish'in for a fight, brother!

Doom Man : You know, imagine if the next Mortal Kombat game would have Scorpion and Sub-Zero...

Crap Sanders : What about John Madden? HE MADE THE GAME

Kron Krian : Nono, OOOHHH, what if they had that time when dunkey beat sky in smash?

Airnan : All these ideas for the new Smash Bros Fighter Ballot feature

GusBus6Volt : Miiverse in a nutshell

Spacecuba : AKA The Smash Bros community on Miiverse in a nutshell.

Dr.Gumballin's lab : This sounds almost exact like the conversations back in elementary school when we talked about who should be in Smash.

Teague Hipkiss : To be fair, he did call the tree from Animal Crossing being in the game.

Jonathan : Gotta love all those great games like "Iron Man's Shamu Waiter Adventures," "Sun Fishing," "RoboRex," and "Who's Bus is This, Anyways?"


Super Hi-Fi : Or what if they put 600 Fire Emblem characters that all do the same thing?

Sam Mwak : That moment when you realize that dunkey called olimar being in the game before it was officially announced

gowgowOVER9000 : Gotta watch out for them dinosaurus-rexs

Ace : I'm surprised that most of these predictions came true

Isa1015 : Yo, they should definitely put Candy Crush. 


RotomRules64 : Miiverse in a nutshell.  Wait, has this joke been made already?

Heavy Chevy : You know, I really think Hitler would be a great final boss for Smash for Wii U

Pure : What if they had Urkel's shirt in there, lmao

Mills : Urkels Shirt confirmed

FishySmith37 : Let's hear it for the school bus riding a camel!

Babymario26PS3 : uhm Tyler perry.. will smith, will smiths grandma.... cant forget her.

BushBumper : This vid is the greatest. It makes fun of all the absolute dumbasses who want characters like Goku. Seriously, I wish they'd stop.

Sanic Hegehog : For my money, Nintendo should put King K. Rool in there..riding on Ridley...using lanky kong as a weapon,... with the super scope in ridley's mouth...Either that or the Mario Bros would be the best.