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BatSnacks24 : Coming in the year 2468, is Lil' Sorrows groundbreaking new single *_That's the Point of the Joke_*

Frederik Schmelzer : Normal people: Joey Me, an intellectual: *Njoey*

William Shakespeare : I am not dead people!

joshua maxam : I'm so glad you can add audio tapes to your comment now! ▶ 🔘──────── 00:10

carson shane : I would tell you a dad joke but I forgot it.... Just like he forgot me. ;( #Dadjokes

Nook : Wooshed a Woosh *Wooshception*

HelloThere : 2:14 I like how there is a middle finger in there...

Sankofa Legend : 7:04 MY COMMENT! OH MY GAH O_O

Hannah Goldfinch : I'd like to point out that the guy at 1:44 is bragging about working 18 - 22 hours a week like that's a LOT; if he worked a 5 day week at art school, that's only like 3.6 - 4.4 hours a day!

Z0mbieLantern : B O Y S W E F O U N D A F A K E G A M E R !

morges : _B E C A U S E T H E T A T T O O S A R N T E N O U G H_

Stroopwafel : Have these people never laughed before

The Bread Man : Genius, you forgot to edit out the other takes at the end. It’s the ignorance of people like this that lead to Donald Trump being elected president .

Ethan : The amount of people who tried to make it political killed me

lizard cute : "on second thought let's not go to Tumblr! Tis a silly place..." Annnnnnd subscribed.

The Spades : Little Sisters: Reloaded

Plague Doctor Yami : *You can't be wooshed if you woosh their woosh. This is something a true intellectual knows.*

HelloThere : 7:22 WHOOSHCEPTION

Plague Doctor Yami : *No, Frankenstein is the name of a cereal.*

nooneloh : 10:18 Reply to *@Daddy*

Girly Nerd : Is there a subreddit for people correcting people who they think missed the joke but they themselves actually missed the joke?


Randy Randomson : 08:59 was the line he sang at 11:05 if you're wondering

Arisaema : This video actually helps mea little: I communication problems, which give me a lot of difficulty with things that ppl do easily. Like have a conversation, understanding situations, or noticing sarcasm. And one of those is not getting jokes... so now I kinda know a little more if someone is making a joke... A LITTLE...

Spotastic : The new sound that plays when you like a comment is lit af

The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry : 2:14 *_ASMR_*

Daydreemur : 5:25 is it sad I actually would’ve

Fourth World : r/cringe for this video, as I can't handle how cringy the video maker is :o

Bluecave Gaming : Who made this video?

Ghoulish Gamer : Thhaaaaaatttsss the point of the jooooookkkkkeeee.

Television Tracker : So uh, when are you releasing a mixtape?

Bat Wolf : “J pig” always gets me 😂

Nixasony : damn son you can sing

Dj Doggo : I don’t get it

Bosszilla 270 : Can someone explain the joke at 0:31 to me please?

Pangglet Buttcheek : Never thought I'd find Moosetits in a SorrowTV video. Huh.

Hakikomori : 4:48 We all know where that comment section is from 😩💦😤👉🏼👌🏼👅🍆💪🏼

ThePokeKnight : Ya know, it took me a while in the first place to realise that woooosh was referring to things going over your head.

IsaacBever : What does wooosh mean?

Elime48 : Where's Draxx when u need him?

Sophie Sneddon : Sasageyo

Master Procrastinator : I was playing Skyrim during this. 4:45 made me die inside.

Originality Squared : This hurts me

B is for gaming : 5:48 who got the reference?

ESIDJI : Wait the Dun messed up guy didnt do anything wrong. Watch it back

A YouTuber : I think the whole concept of r/woooosh is to make fun of these kids let free in the internet.. considering that the Internet is taking by probably 20% of 13 year Olds and younger since now days no one can tell who you are and what your age is in the Internet once you have an account to post unnecessary comments I understand why it's a comedic thing to make fun of people who can't understand sarcasm or the humor involved in the joke that one has made, but it really does make me think like the people that are making fun of this people is even sadder since they are making fun of an obviously very idiotic 13 year old who can't take a silly joke. The internet will have idiots and r/woooosh is filled by probably these type of 13 year Olds that make it into the show

Conor Winterburn : Wow Sorrow has a good voice he should make youtube videos

Byple : 8:45 420 comments

codydoesthings : Cory in the house is the best alphabet

My name is Joey : This might be my favourite subreddit