I bought a MYSTERY BOX off the DARK WEB?!

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PerkysEdits : You should show proof of you going on the deep web and actually buying this. For all we know you got a old box and threw stuff in it .

Pastel Unicorn : I think this video is fake. I believe his first one was genuine but this one feels half assed, didn’t wear gloves when opening package like he did the first time. Also something I noticed is that this video and the first one he posted were uploaded only 6 days away from each other - is that even enough time to get another “mystery box” off the dark web. He probably saw how successful his first one did and decided to fake another.

Booty GAwD : Plot twist : he sent himself his own stash of drugs.

Jonathan Hayes : SUCH A LIAR!!! 1st you said that you bought your last package between a week and two prior to this package. But the time between when these videos are posted is 6 days! So between 6 days you had time to realize your video was doing good, order another package, have it shipped, and upload the video, in 6 days? Lol yea right, but people will say he uploaded the first video late, so lets move on to this "box" of his. I sell multiple items on eBay, and i can tell you this was not a delivered package. Anything shipped in the mail requires it to be securely packed, meaning no space for anything to move around. This box was half full, also with a bottle of liquid (whiskey) which requires special shipping. The moment a postal worked picked this box up, they would have notice all the noise from the liquid and items moving inside, and they would have refused the package. Also there is a small opening on top of the box that allows you to see inside, this is not allowed. The box also inst taped correctly, there is two vertical pieces of tape holding this closed, one again not allowed. This is not a proper shipping box, so it would have not been accepted. And there is also no shipping labels on the box, the part he ripped off is there for a return label from major companies, not dark web sellers. I feel its fine to make content and it could be as misleading as you want. However I dont think you should ask for patron support, for misleading content. So kids if you read this, and believed this video, I just named multiple reasons of why this is fake. There's also the fact that he claimed to have data on an obviously restarted ipad that, "he will be throwing away, cause its no value to him, even tho I'm sure this is his ipad he uses iVideo on to edit his Youtube videos. And the last thing if you look at the few videos on his channel, about half of the maybe dozen videos are prank videos. So this is either a prankster who decided to incorporated new, true, and different content. Or hes still a prankster, and now hes pranking his audience with these videos, you decide.

Emma Black : The „drugs“ looked pretty much like salt to me

Memo : If you dropped that Nokia phone on the floor it'd cause the first earthquake in Great Britain

Jackson Bean : Literally this person just went and grabbed random crap from around their house, put it in a box, and sold it for $100 lol

Jay Bong : As many people said before... please Show us how you order from the dark Web because we don't believe you! Solche Leute wie du, die Fake Content für Klicks hochladen sind echt räudig. Solltest dich was schämen!

Bric Nation : Lmao last time he got black tar heroin and now he has coke😂😂

THERHYD1Z3L : *you should do more, but let me hire security for you, and also show you purchasing on the dark web....disclaimer at the beginning of the video would help you as well in your situation :) -rhydizel*

Jay Bong : You are so fake man. Thumbs down And jajajaja this time you instant grab the pseudo-drug-bag without being afraid of the dealers bacterias? Very weird It's just *FAKE*

Inhale : what a great idea to sell overpriced "mystery" boxes on the dark web - just throw in some random old stuff that you found in the trash and make some money - dont forget to add a pack of backing soda i mean real cocain would be way to expensive

Truth seeker : All of a sudden , these videos are all the rage it seems

Jaime Costa : My dude, you're worried if you should show the stuff inside the bag smh.. BUYING STUFF FROM DEEP WEB ALONE IS ILLEGAL LMAO

Kelly R : notice how in the last dark web package video he used gloves to take out the stuff inside but in this video he doesnt, almost as if he knows what hes gonna pull out the box and doesnt need gloves for. hmm suspect.

LIzzard 11011 : This is fake just like you're existence.

KEKISTAN UBER ALLES : all of the items are from the UK, the uploader is from the UK. nice coincidence

Bassment : Ill sell you a Mystery box!

Lana Del Rey is My QWEEN : I’m too Scared to Buy These boxes Lol.. What if you get an Human Body parts or something like that??🤮🤮🤮

Antonio Ponce : “Idk if I should show this”..... makes it the thumbnail

Sean Scott : I'm a whiskey drinker and that bells bottle looks like coca cola put init bells whiskey is a clears amber colour it's not black come on I've drank almost every type of whiskey including international whiskey and American ones and Canadian ones and every scottish one because I'm from Scotland and thats the only drink a true Scotsman drinks so yeah try harder to not just make believe a video that's clearly faked you say you are a gremaphobic and buy dark web stuff not really stop trying to steal money from your supporters and start being a proper content creator.

HumBog : If u wana get down down in the ground cocain dunuuunu dunuuu

The real Jason Vorhees : Yea that Nokia phone is real valuable it’s a junk ass house phone

Olivia Smith : The nokia phone is worth shit nothing

Strange Days : The whiskey is from your dad's liquor cabinet the handcuffs are from your moms Knicker drawer phone you found in the garage white powder your moms talc and by the way you can't act

wolf pack ghost : The creeking sounds like my bed

Carl Slater : Do a video of you going in the dweb, and ordering one of these boxes from the DWeb, ......

Fun TV : The phone is for dealing drugs. The police can not hear up

s o p h i x c l : Give it to da fliipppiiinn pooolliceeee

Atemisc : Seriously, if you keep doing these kinds of videos, you're going to end up in some sort of trouble. Either you wind up arrested for possession or some psycho tracks you down and then there's no telling what may happen, whether kidnapping, torture, or even murder. You're not doing business with sane people. If they were sane, they wouldn't be sending you what they're sending and they sure as hell wouldn't be doing their business in such an illegitimate way. You're putting yourself at serious risk every time you purchase one of these boxes or do one of these videos.

THE T : THE pouder is probably a real drug becose its only a little bit if it was like fake or flouwr it would be a lot

ginger faggot : LOL first video **im definitely gonna use gloves** seems legit

DEAD n WELL : The white powder is probably baby powder and dont open it wat ever u do the fumes w ik ll get u addicted if its wat i think it is

Marinko 3vakovic : That was drugs

breathe and squeeze : cuff yourself to the door, snort the powder, chase it with the whiskey, then phone for help. and use the spray on the rash on your wrist after being handcuffed to a door during a cocaine/whiskey episode.

GoBoyZ : 3:20 you can use this Nokia for a bomb

HIOK MUSIC : Trong video này có ma túy

lozgod : I bought cocaine off the deep web. Was the best cocaine I ever had in my life and I've done lots of cocaine. It was amazing.

coco lachance : Come on mate, ur not fooling anyone this is fake af. The handcuffs are probably from ur mom's kniker dawer. Also ur acting isn't very good. If it were real why aren't u wearing gloves?

Mike Up : Same bubble wrap as last time....hmmm convenient?

mike richardson : How big it's your letterbox? Full of shiet mate.

Benj : those handcuffs are childrens tot handcuffs incase you disnt know...

HIOK MUSIC : Ma túy kìa

Lee Roy Jones : F.

Dr Nathan House : 1:27 what a wonderful view lol

Dave Colvin : I have a mystery box for sell!

bike life 5strrydz : COCAIN😀😀😀😀😀

Lee Roy Jones : A.

Lee Roy Jones : K.

bailey norris : This video seems a lot faker than the first one . The first video he used gloves , and didn't open the black tar . And the " cocaine " like he knew we would think it's drugs , and his reaction was so unreal . We all know he woild of used gloves to even touch that . His reactions, the no gloves, all seem so fake