Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Scene

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bananian : No one makes one punch man bring tea!

Norby Gaming : Absolutely my favorite scene in this movie. The way the tone shifts immediately when she says his name, he knows she speaks Japanese fluently, he knows why she is there, such an amazing shift in the atmosphere that happened in less than a second. They both did amazing in this scene.

KC Luu : Most people miss this but back in the day, the only people who drink sake in the middle of the day were "masterless samurai". When Kido orders sake here its a play on that indicating that she is a warrior without a master. Quite a subtle but strong meaning in this scene from Tarantino.

In_Vas_Por : "Do you understaaaan?" LMFAO that part is so hilarious.

art deco : She was so goddamn cute in this scene.

StuUngar : Kill Bill is a perfect example as to why anti-female sentiment is not the reason for the Ghosbusters/Oceans 8 hate. Kill Bill is very praised and has an overwhelmingly large male audience. Men have no problem with strong female leads or movies that involve several strong female characters. Ghostbusters was simply a shit movie and you could tell from the trailer that it was going to be a shit movie. Rather Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Whig, and Kate McKinnon (who I think is the only funny one of the group) admitting the movie was shit, it was much easier to blame women-hating male fans as the reason why the movie did not perform up to expectations.

peter siri : Shad app! Getto ur assu outta here!

Sub:Genius : "Very Guuud"

JimKuback2009 : I always had a theory that the exchange between Hanzo and his assistant was a total act. They're already running a sushi shop in Okinawa, which is (I've heard) the worst place in Japan for sushi. But imagine you're some mob boss or assassin from out of town and you're looking for a quick bite to eat before you attend to your business, and you ask one of the locals where to grab some food. Are you going to eat at the place run by the irritable chef with his lazy, disrespectful assistant? Of course not, their yelp reviews are awful and tripadvisor has rated them like, one and a half stars. No, the hired killer on-the-go would maybe prefer something a little nicer. Hanzo probably has enough money squirreled away that he never needs an actual customer, so what does he care if nobody comes in? The fewer people in his shop, the less chance he'll be recognized by someone in a position to do so. It's an extra layer of insurance on an effective disguise.

Natalie Torres : I love how he speaks plain easy Japanese to her, thinking she was just another air headed American. he was practically toying with her. it was only after she mentioned the Hattori Hanzo he fully understood who he was dealing with and addressed her fully in Japanese...brilliant

user2814 : I like when the glass breaks after she says his name out loud

RellyAlexander : The gentleman that plays Hattori is a brilliant actor and this is hands down one of the best scenes of the entire movie

100,000,000 Million : In this scene the bride looks like a normal white lady on a holiday. She don't look dangerous at all

Eunbit Park : Haha! the server was me when I worked for my mother's sushi restaurant!!!

K.C. LeJeune : Japanese are the most intense people when they start yelling at each other.

Major Disarray : There's such a crazy difference between Tarantino's movies and the rest...

Randy Woodworth : I'd rather be around Hattori Hanzo than Pei Mei, he's more courteous and respectful to others, and he's got a sense of humor, and you wouldn't have to walk on egg shells around him.

Phil Williams : "I'm not bald OK... I shaved my head do you understaan"

El Bandito : 3:23 The full translation is: If you are a general, I am the Heavenly Emperor.

Eidolon : 1. Pause 0:08 2. Fall in love

The Dippin American : I love how kiddo starts out with the dumb American routine, down to the tone of voice she has. She sounds like a perfect dumb valley girl visiting Japan.

Phillip Santan Santana : The genius. of Tarantino to put a 70's Japanese action film star Sonny Chiba with the stunning Uma Thurman with a bilingual script in a movie that redefines the genre as we know it.

Chris Grab : I love how The Bride is trying not to laugh while they are arguing in Japanese.

Dario Wirtha : I like how that bald guy, I'm sorry, the guy with the shaved head asks Uma's character, "what you wanna drink" in an impolite way.

sir halifax : They didn't finish it in the subs, "Oh, so you'd be General, huh? Then I'd be Emperor!"

The Proud Sun Bro. : Am I the only whos fascinated by the way he places the knife? at 2:21?

Grizzely Gang : Una Thurman lookin mighty bangable. 😳

Celso Hernandez : if i could choose to learn a language it would most definitely Japanese!!!!

Dave Phillips : A wonderful scene. I'm always impressed by the lighting and colors in the shop, just lovely cinematography. First-rate acting and writing, I never get tired of this segment.

Daisuke Goya : You gotta love how he throws the knife on the wall at 2:22

lowerlowerhk : The chef knew that the bride was no ordinary tourist. He casually threw his knife to the magnet stand, something no ordinary chefs would do if they care about safety, yet the bride didn't care. In the deliberate act between the chef and the apprentice, the bride instinctively dodged their arms, exposing her martial skills. Finally, the chef threw a knife at the apprentice, and the bride still didn't care, even if someone close to her might get hurt. After these tests, the chef was sure that the bride came to him with a determined purpose in mind, but he was not sure what it was, until the bride spoke it out.

Noel Down : the way she says "not quite" is almost hypnotic. you just feel the goosebumps.

420GreyWorm2187 : I love when she says hattori hanzo you can hear a glass break in the background homeboy getting the saki nearly shit himself lol

811chelseafc : I love how Beatrice tries to his her laughter when Honzo and the waiter are yelling at each other.

Comsuon Daihiep : 0:06 that must be the cutest smile i have ever seen

blockmasterscott : Always good to see Sonny Chiba :)

methos 713 : Perfect example of Art of War.

Whoopity Doo : "YUGE."

nusproizvodjach : Sa čistom guščjom masti!

Comsuon Daihiep : the bald guy, I mean the shaved head guy was Kenji Ohba, a famous Tokusatsu actor who played the roles Denjin Blue, Battle Jaguar and Space Sheriff Gavan as an Tokusatsu fan, i really happy to see him appeared in shcuch an iconic film

Toby dog : It’s so funny how the girl is so cheerful at the beginning , it’s like you would have never guessed that she had a blood lust for battle. The final fight scene (of the movie) is the perfect example.

SingleTax : Think of when Luke Skywalker first met Master Yoda. A true grandmaster is so void of ego -- so deeply aware of the fact he has nothing to prove -- that he can come across as almost slightly buffoonish.

ChingolandiaX : You can tell the guy is a Hanzo main

steve gale : He aged well for a man born in the 16th century.

Arthur Saey : God I miss Uma Thurman

DUCREE12 : When she giggles and laughs she is so cute


townstar1 : "Do you understand!!!"

luster joker : The best aspect of this scene is it's really display authentic how a Japanese interact with foreigner (and between themselves) in entertainment/movie with their usual reactions of things. not the usual whitewashing "Japanese" on film that a Western(Hollywood America) is repetitively displayed.

Renaissance Nerd : This is actually a pretty good representation of how you should act when visiting Japan. She is respectful, she knows a little bit of the language and knows what is acceptable in public and what is not. and you can tell they had a ton of fun filming this scene.