A Dessert Fit For The Washingtons
A Dessert Fit For The Washingtons

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New Instagram - @18thcenturycooking This is our final cooking episode at George Washington's Mount Vernon. For this last recipe, Deb Colburn joins us and makes us "Orange Fool". A perfect dessert to end your meal. Enjoy! Mount Vernon's YouTube Channel ▶ https://www.youtube.com/HistoricMountVernon ▶▶ Help support the channel with Patreon ▶ https://www.patreon.com/townsend ▶▶ Check Out Our Brand New Website! ▶ http://www.townsends.us/ ▶▶ Twitter ▶ @Jas_Townsend Facebook ▶ facebook.com/jas.townsend Instagram ▶ townsends_official


Ian Sayers : your friends care about you, John, please go to nutmeg rehab

P F : Much credit to Jas Townsend and his people for not removing this video or disabling comments! It takes a strong tree to resist the hurricane.

Billy : Nutmeg is to John what olive oil is to Gordon Ramsey

Carlo Rufio : "Hi, I'm John Townsend and this is the final episode..." that long pause scared me for a moment

The Reverend Jim Jones : Omg its a 300 year old Orange Julius :)

Natalie Ferguson : Made the orange fool yesterday...and it made a fool out of me. Life lesson: never stop stirring while the custard is cooking or it will go from velvety to curdled and you'll have orange scrambled eggs. Stay at your post and stir, stir, stir! All was not lost, however: I took the scrambled mess, added more nutmeg (!), beat it to break up the pieces into what resembled wet cornmeal, made up a pie crust, poured it in, and baked it. The result was tasty and all the eggs, oranges and cream were not wasted.

Dustin Smith : "Juice from 6 oranges" *pours in tang*

Rubu Tani : So im not the only one who came to see this video to find the 'political' controversy' part.😅

Jan CW : I went there and was confronted by a turkey that was nearly as tall as I am.  I'm never going back.

Fab🎃 : People in the comments are overreacting. There wasn’t *THAT* much nutmeg used in this recipe

CCJJ160Channels : Her: “This is our last episode . . . “ Me: ‘Wait, WHAT?!’ Her: “. . . to do a dessert.” Me: ‘WHEW!’

Cool Cookie : This guy is so geeked to share his passion for history and food and y'all just can't help yourselves but mock the dish, which is historically accurate, and turn it into something that it isn't. Can we just not hijack one thing into current politics just once?

gmscurto : I put on my tin foil beanie with antenna to pickup the hidden messages within this video and nothing! No hidden messages. I did receive a very sincere video that brings history to life in a very relatable way. 🖖

Broadfall Productions : watched ur frustrated video. you already wasted enough time on these trolls. only a fool walks a way from a cooking show offended. keep up the good work. dont let the few spoil it for the rest who enjoy ur videos

Bryan Liang : Gordon Ramsey: Just add a little butter Martha Washington: hold my ladle

Twinkie : The "scandal" brought me here- and I am so grateful. What a relaxing escape.

Jerry Oven : What kind of idiot interpreted a political message in this wonderful video. Grow up!

matthew hill : John, I have used your videos to help the homeless! They suffer from many different reasons for their state. Some of them have enjoyed your cooking video, the soldier cooking is very close to some, of how they live every day. Hope is something that they are lacking , a full stomach and a warm bed is everything to them. So thank You for your great videos and cooking ideas it does make a difference in the poor and homeless person that I try to help! God bless you and your family and your workers, they are helping others! Best Regards. Matthew Hill from Virginia.

Renee Lacewell : John, I am commenting under my spouses name as I do not face book, my preference. Anyways, I am a middle 18th century reenactor and have purchased items over the years from your online store and catalog to help fill out my kit. While surfing on you tube this morning, 2-3-18, I stumbled upon your videos on 18th century cooking. I had no idea you were doing these, what a jewel and so informative, both in techniques and historical content. I have watched a number of vids on other subjects too, and have learned so much already in just a short time. Only a few people have the gift to teach and instruct without letting ego get the better and you my friend are certainly one of the few. Mark Baker, Dave Canterbury too name two that have that rabbi mentality such as you do. I like the way you choose do this in time period clothing, it helps to put it in perspective. Keep up your good works and don't let these poop heads interfere . YMHS, campdog

WackyT08 : Only a true fool would construe this as anything political!

Dan Cole : To paraphrase Sigmund Freud: Sometimes an Orange Fool is just an Orange Fool.

Laeeq Ahmed : Came from your video where you are frustrated. You don't need to. You have such a unique channel for food and history lovers. Keep up the good work and don't care about political comments.

shax nom : I came here for political message, found none

Daniel Dunn : Ingredients: 6 eggs, heavy cream (unspecified amount ~2 cups), juice from 6 oranges (from Seville, Spain), 1/4 lb of sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter.

babydollgoddess : fool noun British Plural: fools A cold dessert made of puréed fruit mixed or served with cream or custard. Origin: ENGLISH late 16th century

My : Came for the scandal, stayed for the recipe and the wholesomeness.

Iris Trismegistus : Nutmeg is to James what Cayenne is to Chef John of Foodwishes

Alexander Bibbs : This drink is the great great grandpapi of the orange julius

Jenn Cavallari : Stumbled here over political fracas. Stayed for the delicious custard!

rs 4h5 : Found your channel via a New Yorker post about people getting upset over the title of this dish. I just wanted you to know that even though this caused you some grief something good came out of it. I really love your channel and how you highlight cooking techniques that can be used today and also how you showcase slave cooking which contributed a great deal to southern cuisine. As a black, muslim woman there is almost no way for me to escape the current political sphere except when I watch things like this. So I want to thank you for providing a fun escape.

Spooby : This is the best show, it reminds me of the PBS shows back in the 80s and 90s

spigotsandcogs : "Lists ingredients". Hmm maybe I could make this at home. "Stir for 45 minutes." Nope

Patience Corfman : I know these videos are a year old, but I really just would like to say I love how you addressed it. I just recently found your channel a few months ago. I just had surgery about a week ago and these videos are keeping me in good spirits to just lay here and learn, save recipes I want to try for myself, see the beautiful scenery, and the wonderful reenacting. On a very wholesome channel, with so much to offer and such a gracious host. The video you posted about the modern politics coming into play was quite remarkably spoken, I love how it was addressed calmly, that the audience could see the true frustration on your face to fully understand that this simply isn't what your channel is about, and there politely stated of course is no place on this channel for that kind of commenting and speculation. I enjoy a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but there is a time and place for that speculation. This channel, this incredible HISTORICAL and educational channel, is not meant to be anything but an inspiration and an educational tool for those who want to soak up the information and learn from it. I appreciate how you took care of the problem, and that you even managed to end the video with a genuine smile and thanks for watching, just like always. It shows the true character of the host and the channel. I really wish you guys were more well known, and I hope for nothing but positive channel growth and sales in the future, that you can reach more people to teach. ❤️

trkoby : Came to read political comments. Found them all deleted. Forever alone. 😢

On the Lamb : “Hey do you mind stirring this Orange Fool while I quickly go do something?” *”Sure, but hurry back now.”* “Thank You!” *”Hey! Why are you running? Why are you running? Come back! Nooooooo!”*

John Sabp : I honestly could figure out what was political about this episode. Once I figured out what it was, it made me sad people think like this .

Zach Crawford : John's got a fever, the only prescription is more NUTMEG!

hm mahoney : I think a little rum would be good in this recipe

Oliver Terrell : Came for the political outrage. I'm now leaving confused and craving a Orange Julius.

mike williams : I just saw the frustrated video. Only the those ignorant of history would find the title political.

Álvaro : I'm glad I live in Seville then! I'm gonna try this asap! Thanks for showing us!

glitchTF : Her smile is so beautiful, makes me happy!

John Hicks : I'm just waiting on the episode when he tastes the food or drink and says "geez this is awful" 😆

ethel newberry : The Orange Fool was made on TV years ago in the early 90's by "The Two Fat Ladies," on their British cooking show by the same name. The pudding came from early England in the 1800's, and served to a couple of British kings. It was a very special dish, as oranges were hard to come by in those days, and were very expensive, but the King's could easily cover the expense of importing the oranges from Spain. I have their recipe book, in which the English recipe was published, and I made the dish several times. It was very good.

Jennifer Holbrook : I seen your other video and i really don't know what happened im lost lmbo i suppose some people find hate in everything it crazy keep up the good videos

Leo Hendon : Glad to see this one still up. Was torture to see him have to take the heat for something he did not intend. Just remember, this is a HISTORY channel, not one for political commentary.

Asdf Zxcv : Random Gentleman: What is this dessert? Townsend: A fool. Random Gentleman: Now see here sir, are you looking for a fight?!?!! Townsend: It's an _orange_ fool. Random Gentleman: YOU NUTMEG POWDERED BOOTLICKER! IT SHALL BE PISTOLS AT DAWN

Melissa .Garrett : The sad part? If this fool had been made with any other fruit (gooseberry is another traditional one, for instance), no-one would have thought twice.

Matt C : "I'm ready for something fancy!" I just wanna give him the biggest hug.