A Dessert Fit For The Washingtons

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George Washington's Mount Vernon : Thank you Townsends for stopping by George Washington's home! We enjoyed making these videos with you, and hope to see you again soon. The General would be proud.

Laeeq Ahmed : Came from your video where you are frustrated. You don't need to. You have such a unique channel for food and history lovers. Keep up the good work and don't care about political comments.

Jeremy Larsen : Came back to peep all the political and controversial comments but all I see is a lot of spicy nutmeg talk. Nutmeg: It goes well with controversy....and absolutely everything else.

Dustin Smith : "Juice from 6 oranges" *pours in tang*

edward harding : Watched this video and came away with nothing more than a desire to recreate the dessert myself. I then started your latest video showing your frustration and dismay, so I rushed back here to just say; don't let a few bad "oranges" spoil your orange fool ! Keep up the good work !

Worm Boi : this man's innocent love of colonial times gives me faith in humanity

Jive Turkey : This guy needs to get his show on pbs. a definite lazy day weekend watcher.

Lyndon Lucier : how could anyone see this vid as political ??????

NOn Playable character : Omg its a 300 year old Orange Julius :)

Jan CW : I went there and was confronted by a turkey that was nearly as tall as I am.  I'm never going back.

Scott Hannan : A fool is an English dessert. Traditionally, fruit fool is made by folding pureed stewed fruit (classically gooseberries) into sweet custard. Modern fool recipes often skip the traditional custard and use whipped cream. Additionally, a flavouring agent like rose water may be added. Foole is first mentioned as a dessert in 1598 (together with trifle), although the origins of gooseberry fool may date back to the 15th century. The earliest recipe for fruit fool dates to the mid 17th century. Why the word "fool" is used as the name of this fruit dessert is not clear. Several authors derive it from the French verb fouler meaning "to crush" or "to press" (in the context of pressing grapes for wine), but this derivation is dismissed by the Oxford English Dictionary as baseless and inconsistent with the early use of the word.

Jerry Oven : What kind of idiot interpreted a political message in this wonderful video. Grow up!

The Ancient Gamer : I can see no reason why this video was taken as a modern political statement. Five seconds of research proves the drink name is centuries old. :/

XxeroxXed : This guy needs a intervention on his nutmeg addiction lol

spigotsandcogs : "Lists ingredients". Hmm maybe I could make this at home. "Stir for 45 minutes." Nope

Michael Alford : it took me almost 20 minutes of contemplation before it dawned on me how the name of this episode could possibly be in anyway connected to modern politics. Then when it finally did hit me, I laughed for another 20 minutes, not straight through but little outbursts when I thought about it. He ya'll keep up all the good work on this YouTube channel and you got me as a subscriber for life.

Matthew Antonello : this is the most wholesome channel on youtube, i just cant believe anyone could find a beef with anything and am so curious as to how.

Uncle Rhea : Sad, pathetic trolls will always read too much into something. Keep at it. I've loved you channel for a long time. No politics at the dinner table.

tohopes : I'm gonna grow some Seville oranges and make myself some Orange Fool.

Carlo Rufio : "Hi, I'm John Townsend and this is the final episode..." that long pause scared me for a moment

animateclay : This reminds me of leche flan from the Philippines. My wife makes it often, but once it sets up - they put it in a shallow pan. From there it goes into another shallow tray with water - and it steams it into a more solid concoction. They eat it like a cake. The recipe is almost exactly the same, only they used condensed sweetened milk instead of the cream and sugar being separate.

Limicola1 : I came here to see the extent of the political comments but I was glad to see them removed. Thanks for the great channel! BTW, I grew up not far from Pierceton.

Broadfall Productions : watched ur frustrated video. you already wasted enough time on these trolls. only a fool walks a way from a cooking show offended. keep up the good work. dont let the few spoil it for the rest who enjoy ur videos

Nunya Biz : how did this trigger anybody? its historical and great,keep doing what you do townsends keep up the excellent work!

Zach Crawford : John's got a fever, the only prescription is more NUTMEG!

Twinkie : The "scandal" brought me here- and I am so grateful. What a relaxing escape.

George : He changed the name, it was "fit for a president" before, hence why the controversy. I'm not saying that justifies anything but I didn't hear him elaborate on that.

KingElrosTarMinyatur : Nice video Mister Townsend and lovely friend. I have a similar drink in Pakistan,with orange pakola, bread cake, and also nice cream like your drink. Hope to be visiting u 1 day

P F : Much credit to Jas Townsend and his people for not removing this video or disabling comments! It takes a strong tree to resist the hurricane.

Iris Trismegistus : Nutmeg is to James what Cayenne is to Chef John of Foodwishes

Jenn Cavallari : Stumbled here over political fracas. Stayed for the delicious custard!

71dembones : So people saw "Orange Fool" and flooded the comments with "muh Drumpf" memes? That is indeed quite sad.

CassieLino : if jon isn't careful, he may turn into a nutmeg :'D

John Sabp : I honestly could figure out what was political about this episode. Once I figured out what it was, it made me sad people think like this .

Gewgulkan Suhckitt : The big reveal many years from now will be that none of these recipes actually called for nutmeg. John just keeps adding it because he has a severe nutmeg addiction.

B Swins : Just watched your subsequent video. I understand your frustrations, but keep the faith Mr. T! The majority of your subs would be gobsmacked if you told us there was indeed a political message in the Orange Fool video. Everyone at Jas. Townsends & Son are class acts, and it makes sense that you are confused by those comments. Well, I and many others didn't get any political vibes, so just keep on doing what you do. We've appreciate all of y'alls hard work bringing us quality content. God bless! 🇺🇸👍🏻👏🏻😊

rs 4h5 : Found your channel via a New Yorker post about people getting upset over the title of this dish. I just wanted you to know that even though this caused you some grief something good came out of it. I really love your channel and how you highlight cooking techniques that can be used today and also how you showcase slave cooking which contributed a great deal to southern cuisine. As a black, muslim woman there is almost no way for me to escape the current political sphere except when I watch things like this. So I want to thank you for providing a fun escape.

Megan Hadden : Sorry if this was already asked, I don't feel like going through all 711 comments. Why was it called a fool? Was it meant to be an "imitation" of another sort of dessert?

Joseph Demetrio : Just came from the frustration video. While I am a ardent supporter of our president, I come here to escape modern politics and enjoy the food ways and ways of life of our ancestors. To my fellow Trump supporters. Stop being triggered, grow up, and act like the adults we claim to be, or else we are nothing but hypocrites. To John: keep up the good work and keep the videos coming. I wholeheartedly love them and watch them religiously. This channel is one of the few channels that I get notifications for when videos come out!

Michael Cristian : Why are people triggered? Oh I see...the Orange fool? No our current President is not an orange fool folks!

Grahf0 : Hannah Glasse's 310th birthday today. She is today's Google Doodle.

Gauge D : Look at the look on his face before and after she says “about 45 mins” lmfao

Chris Wilds : I've watched this video twice and have yet to discern any political views what so ever. I just don't understand people these days. I am not a subscriber but I watch them once in a while and I love them. I am just not seeing what I think others are.

CCJJ160Channels : Her: “This is our last episode . . . “ Me: ‘Wait, WHAT?!’ Her: “. . . to do a dessert.’ Me: ‘WHEW!’

Matt S : The orange fool is political because trump's face is orange? Not sure what else could be political, but if the Washingtons could figure that one out, that's quite a prophecy

Sky High : John, don't take these negative comment personally. I am a Historical Guide, I have been attacked or had negative comments more than once. I simply say "I am stating facts." keep up the great show and let the fool's comments roll off your back.

matthew hill : John, I have used your videos to help the homeless! They suffer from many different reasons for their state. Some of them have enjoyed your cooking video, the soldier cooking is very close to some, of how they live every day. Hope is something that they are lacking , a full stomach and a warm bed is everything to them. So thank You for your great videos and cooking ideas it does make a difference in the poor and homeless person that I try to help! God bless you and your family and your workers, they are helping others! Best Regards. Matthew Hill from Virginia.

Leo Hendon : Glad to see this one still up. Was torture to see him have to take the heat for something he did not intend. Just remember, this is a HISTORY channel, not one for political commentary.

Alexander Bibbs : This drink is the great great grandpapi of the orange julius

SuperSneakySteve : I came to read the spicy comments. Looks like I'm too late and they were all deleted.