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Evgeny Rozhkov : But does that knitting machine use fuzzy logiс?

simpletongeek : Title is clickbait. There is a big difference between hacked star map, and hacked knitting machine to knit a star map.

Mhmn : This is knit what I was expecting!

Simon Farrell : Even better clickbait title - since it's a look into the software behind a tapestry it's arguably all about "Warp Drivers".

Ass Möde : but can it knit Crysis?

6alecapristrudel : An oldschool knitting machine?! That's called a granny.

Richard Smith : How the hell did you get that on a plane? If I took homemade electronics on a plane full of mod wire, glue, and a dream I would be on the pavement with a knee in my face.

TiagoTiago : 3 colors? So can it do photos with dithering?

Eidetic Ex : She says made a machine to knit the huge wall tapestry star map so casually. That's pretty badass, don't think I would be able to stop myself from bouncing off the walls talking about it.

Daniel Jensen : I'm confused about what the electronic bits are for? She didn't really explain that. The stars light up or something? Do they light up in a certain pattern?

Jamie A : Impressive stuff, I'm envisioning a pretty decent market for novelty knitted items such as jumpers and blankets with pop culture images (memes, celebs etc.). You could have a warehouse full of these things churning them out 24/7.

Bryce Forsyth : how is the knitting machine 'really old school tech'?

mike johnston Bob : It's a FOS Sweater. She should put it on Knithub

Tradie Trev : OMG I so <3 this Aussie!

Bob Plested : Plz ask her to do a video on hacking the knitting machine.

Tina Abrahamson : Wow, thumbs down on this? You people need to move on! This tapestry is absolutely gorgeous. You did a great job with this! I love it

nowtronix : Really a great project!

RonJohn63 : 0:42 the 1980s 32 bit machines is old school? smh.

P A : Bravo! Please submit this video to the Hack-A-Day folks!

NotMarkKnopfler : Well what a ripping yarn that was :-)

nab 6215 : Your artwork is exquisite.

shookings : Help me out, Brady (or anyone else). Is that an Aus accent or Kiwi? And, yes, I AM American lol

BinaryDreamer : Awesome hack

TheEmil875 : This is so cool


RoGeorgeRoGeorge : Please make a new Makerphile channel, and keep Computerphile for computers.

Alex Rousseaux : Hey, I'm pretty sure I did AV for your presentation at Linux Conference Australia this year. Great work!

Stephen McPherson : Superb work

Joel Virolainen : Would five yarns (RGB, black,white for example) create a full-colour effect from a distance?

Scope Toast : Looking past the weak click bait title, hacking a knitting machine is badass! This raises so many possibilities for hacking other domestic machinations from the 80s! Off to grandma's basement!

Joe Marinello : Came here expecting some Star Wars reference Stayed because badass wifeable compsci sorceress

Le fyziks guise : Clever, but boring. At least show us more about how it's been implemented, how it works etc, instead of just saying "I did this and that". Nobody cares, and nobody learns anything from a 4 minute video.

Lethan Drimes : this is brilliant

Leberkas Semmel : Automate everything!

Portsmouth FC : Why is nearly every sentence a question??

Ass Möde : wow didn't even know they had knitting machines

Nick Donnelly : 32-bit isn't old skool.

anjan bora : Beautiful she+hacker

Craig Smith : Cool but, show me a 3D AR synaptic map of a mammalian brain so I can explore and hack and explore that universe.

GetAllTheInfo : That microcontroller lunchbox with cables sticking out is probably the hardest to get on a plane

Tolstoievsky : Knitting star paterns... this is deeply embarassing, i just really wanted you to know this

Ram Krishan : Can I make a sexist joke about it? Jk, I'm amazed by this project.

grassy climer : Impressive

Serge Leviticus : NavScarf from Broken Age 😍

Mara K : I want a knitwork printer...

Mrwebbob : why do you have doof doof in the background , i would not expect that on this channel

Floris Fiedeldij Dop : She is amazing, fantastic work.

Rob Mckennie : okay, but you still haven't answered the most important question, which projection was used?

neddy laddy : Yeah, perhaps this is very clever, but it is still far from interesting.

Марио Кукуцов : Haha uranus